How to Install SPTarkov | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Install SPTarkov

In the world of gaming mods, SPTarkov stands out as a remarkable modification for the popular tactical first-person shooter, Escape from Tarkov (EFT). This mod offers an enhanced gaming experience with new features and tweaks, making it a must-try for EFT enthusiasts. I craft this guide to assist you in installing SPTarkov, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

How to Install SPTarkov?

For those in a hurry, I have created a brief overview of the installation process:

  • Own an Official Copy of EFT: SPTarkov requires the base game, Escape from Tarkov.
  • Create Essential Folders: Set up ‘SPTARKOV’, ‘DowngradePatchers’, and ‘SPT-AKI-Versions’ folders on your PC.
  • Copy EFT Files: Transfer all files from the Official EFT folder to ‘SPTARKOV’.
  • Download and Apply Downgrade Patcher: Match the patcher with your EFT version and integrate it into ‘SPTARKOV’.
  • Install SPT-AKI: Download the latest SPT-AKI and extract it into ‘SPTARKOV’.
  • Run the Game: Execute ‘Server.exe’ and ‘AKI.Launcher.exe’ from the ‘SPTARKOV’ folder.

Detailed Installation Guide


Before embarking on the installation journey, ensure you have a legitimate copy of Escape from Tarkov. This is crucial as SPTarkov is a mod built upon the original game. Additionally, having file extraction tools like 7zip or WinRAR is essential for handling the downloaded files.

Creating Necessary Folders

Organizing your files is key to a smooth installation. Here’s how to create the required folders:

  • SPTARKOV Folder: This is where your modded game will reside. It’s a separate entity from your original EFT game, ensuring that your modded play does not interfere with the official game.
  • DowngradePatchers Folder: Some versions of SPTarkov require your EFT to be on a specific version. This folder will store the patchers needed to downgrade EFT to the required version.
  • SPT-AKI-Versions Folder: Different versions of SPTarkov might be released over time. This folder is for storing these versions, allowing you to switch between them if needed.
How to Install SPTarkov

Copying Official EFT Files

This step is about preparing the base for SPTarkov. You need to:

  • Locate your EFT installation directory.
  • Copy all the files from this directory.
  • Paste them into the ‘SPTARKOV’ folder.

This process creates a duplicate of your EFT game, which will be modified to run SPTarkov.

Downloading and Applying the Downgrade Patcher

SPTarkov might not always be compatible with the latest version of EFT. Here’s how to align them:

  • Check your EFT version and download the corresponding Downgrade Patcher.
  • Extract the contents of the patcher into the ‘SPTARKOV’ folder.
  • Run the patcher to align your EFT version with the SPTarkov requirements.

Installing SPT-AKI

Now, it’s time to install the core of SPTarkov, the SPT-AKI:

  • Visit the official SPTarkov website and download the latest SPT-AKI version.
  • Extract these files into the ‘SPTARKOV’ folder.
  • If prompted, allow the replacement of existing files to ensure the mod is properly integrated.

Finalizing the Installation

The final steps involve initializing and launching the modded game:

  • Run ‘Server.exe’ from the ‘SPTARKOV’ folder. This sets up the server environment for SPTarkov.
  • Launch ‘AKI.Launcher.exe’. Here, you can select your game edition and create your in-game credentials.
How to Install SPTarkov
How to Install SPTarkov

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

Even with a detailed guide, you might encounter some issues. Here are solutions to common problems:

  • Incorrect Game Path: Ensure the SPT Game Path in the launcher settings points to your ‘SPTARKOV’ folder.
  • Game Not Launching: Reinstall both EFT and SPT-AKI. This often resolves any conflicting issues.
  • Patcher Problems: Make sure you have the correct Downgrade Patcher version that matches your EFT.


Can I play SPTarkov without owning Escape from Tarkov?

A1: No, you need an official copy of Escape from Tarkov to install and play SPTarkov.

Will installing SPTarkov affect my original EFT game?

No, SPTarkov is installed in a separate folder, ensuring that your original game files remain untouched.

What should I do if the latest SPT-AKI version doesn’t match my EFT version?

You’ll need to use the Downgrade Patcher to align your EFT version with the SPT-AKI version.

Is it safe to download and install SPTarkov?

Yes, as long as you download SPTarkov from its official website and follow the installation guide carefully.

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