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Watching our favourite movies on YouTube during leisure time is an exciting activity, but sometimes we encounter specific errors that spoil our enjoyment; like sorry there was an error licensing this video, which is one of them, and commonly happens with every youtube user. 

There are various reasons for every error, but some common reasons for this error are known. In this blog, we will provide you with all the details regarding the youtube tv error licensing video, along with some tips to resolve it. Make the best use of your time by reading this article and gaining knowledge.

Details Of Sorry There Was an Error Licensing this Video” on YouTube TV

Details Of Sorry There Was an Error Licensing this Video On YouTube TV TECHBULLETIN

Do you face an error while watching videos on youtube, and want to know why this happens and want to get rid of this error, so here I’m telling you about youtube tv; and interruptions that you face while licensing videos with some easy tips to resolve this issue.

As many users face this error; then let’s talk about the basic and main reason behind this. Data shows that this error occurs precisely when you indirectly use YouTube, such as accessing it through Chrome. If you open YouTube on Chrome, you will likely encounter this error.

5 Reasons of YouTube TV Video Errors

youtube tv error licensing video TECHBULLETIN

Many people face errors licensing videos on youtube tv but don’t know why this happens to them. Therefore, I’ve written most of the points, which are the leading cause of facing, ‘sorry there was an error licensing this video on youtube.’ Let’s read the facts and get to know more about this error.

  1. Using Outdated Youtube TV App

The main reason for having error licensing videos on youtube tv is expected with outdated browsers. And we always take it for granted, but the reasoning makes us in trouble while watching our favourite videos. Yes, the error occurs, because of the browser, as sometimes we don’t notice that browser is outdated; in which we are watching the youtube TV app and get the youtube tv error licensing video because of this. 

If you want to avoid this error, make sure that you are using an updated browser.

Pro Tip 

  • Always Use an Updated YouTube App

As we read above, the reason behind sorry there was an error licensing this video, which also occurs because of an outdated app. So always use the updated youtube tv app, which doesn’t disturb you. 

  1. Operating System: Reason For the error licensing video youtube tv

Sometimes, we consider the error licensing video youtube tv because of the outdated app, but after updating the youtube tv app, we find the same error; in this situation, we get stuck and can’t think of any other solution. 

So here I’m telling you the other error type; yes, the Operating system we’ve used on our streaming device has also gone outdated and needs to be updated. When you’ll find the error while licensing the video, check the operating system too; if it needs to be updated, do it timely.

  1. Error Licensing video Youtube Tv Because Of Google Account
Error Licensing Video Youtube Tv Tech Meteors

After reading the heading, you may wonder if such an error licensing video is possible? Yes, it is possible to hear; sorry there was an error licensing this video, because of google accounts. It happens when the Google account info is not updated and will be outdated soon. 

So make sure your Google account info is updated before enjoying videos on Youtube TV.

  1. Having Cache In the Youtube App Is Also A main Reason

If you are facing, there was an error licensing to this video, look to the Cache on youtube because this is also a result of its occurrence. So, if you aren’t able to resolve this error, clear all cache files for watching your videos without any interruption of error licensing youtube tv video.

  1. Error licensing Video Youtube Tv and Internet Connection

Sometimes, a matter is actually simple, but we perceive it as a big issue and stress ourselves over it. Yes, The error I am about to tell you is very minor, but it still causes us to face this youtube tv licensing video error.

Yes, a poor connection is one of the main reasons for errors in licensing videos on youtube tv, so make sure your connection is good while watching youtube tv.

Crux of Solutions to Resolve the Error

However, there are many ways to avoid this error. For your ease, mentioned points are the easiest ways to fix the issues. 

  • Always check your youtube tv app; if the app needs to be updated, update it; it will help you to avoid an error licensing this video.
  • The reason for an error licensing the video is that your browser is outdated, so if you’ve seen this error, check the browser and update it.
  • Log out and Log in to the YouTube Tv app is the best possible way to avoid the ‘there was an error licensing’ because there is corrupted account data available in the youtube tv app, which causes the YouTube TV licensing error. So if you sign out from the youtube tv app and sign in again, you’ll not find the error again.
  • If you still receive Sorry there was an error licensing this video, gradually delete the youtube tv app and download it again; it is the best way to prevent this issue.
  • As we learned, a poor connection is also the reason for youtube tv; sorry, there was an error licensing, so checking the internet, and restarting the Internet Router, is also one of the best ways to prevent an error licensing the video.
  • Refreshing the page is a way of getting rid of Sorry, there was an error licensing this video error.


We have many solutions available to us, but we need to know them before we can understand them. That is why I have written this entire article so that you can have complete and excellent information about sorry there was an error licensing this video. 

Errors are a part of daily life, but fixing those errors showcases our smartness. This article aims to help us understand the excellent solution to this problem and handle it in our own way. I have written about various issues regarding youtube tv error licensing video and their solutions for your convenience.

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