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Are you becoming upset by an unwanted notice from the network’s services that display “Message not sent service not activated”? An identical message will appear on your screen each time you send an MMS text. Or a lengthy SMS message that includes emojis.

Android users frequently encounter this problem as a result of a built-in setting that disables MMS. MMS may be blocked on particular SIM cards or mobile contracts. Let’s examine why this occurs and how to solve it so that you don’t experience any issues.

What does service not activated on network mean?

The term “Service Not Activated on Network” is a common error message. Users may encounter this when trying to use their mobile devices. It indicates that the device is unable to access the network, despite being within range of a signal. 

It indicates that your MMS message was not transmitted across the network. Because the messaging service is not turned on for your network. 

When you send an SMS that contains various formats, such as emojis, links, and contact information. Or other material that may cause this problem, you may also receive this error notice. Long SMS may also be to blame for this problem.

In this article, we will explore the technical causes of this issue and discuss possible solutions.

Why MMS service not activated on network error appears?

It happened as a result of your network’s MMS service becoming inactive and unavailable. It can be the case because the MMS fees in your nation were excessive.

You may have sent an MMS with a bigger image. In which case you have been immediately stopped from forwarding any MMS messages. Now see all the possible causes behind this issue;

  • Texted the wrong number

You will get this message to let you know that the recipient does not have the capability of texting. If you send a message to an incorrect number, such as one that has no signal in service. 

You will be alerted if the erroneous number to whom you sent a text message lacks a text messaging plan.

  • Switched carriers

The old number won’t work if the individual who you’re messaging has switched mobile providers. This message will be sent to you if it happens. Since the previous number is no longer in use and cannot access text messaging services.

  • The Sim Card Is Faulty

When you try to text someone, the “Message Not Sent Service Not Activated” message will show up. If their SIM card isn’t working correctly. The SIM is in charge of certifying a person’s phone service so that they may send SMS.

The person’s cellphone can be recognized as one that is not presently in operation if the SIM is not functioning correctly. This message will then show up as a result.

  • Incorrect APN configuration

One of the common causes of the MMS service not being activated on network error is an incorrect APN configuration. APN is a network setting that defines how the device connects to the internet and enables MMS messaging. 

If the APN settings are incorrect or missing. The device may not be able to establish a connection to the MMS server, resulting in an error message.

  • They neglected to pay their bill

When you SMS someone who has had their cell phone service terminated because they haven’t paid their bill, the error message will show up.

Your SMS will not be properly handled. As the individual to whom you are attempting to contact does not have current phone service. To fully exchange phone messages with the user, you are going to have to wait until they have restored phone service.

I hope now you are aware of why the error message not sent service not activated on the network appeared.

How to fix the service not activated on network error?

The time has come that you have all been eagerly anticipating. Here are a few simple ways you can quickly solve your issue.

  • Update SMSC
  • Turn off all settings
  • Remove Cache
  • Lookup your SMSC code
  • Recharge
  • Reboot your device
  • Ask your network provider for assistance

Update SMSC

In this scenario, you can try refreshing or upgrading SMSC. Your sim SMS Centre Number could be incorrect. Keep in mind that you should utilize the local SMSC. You should select SMSC based on your region, which you may find on Google.

Methods for updating or revising SMSC:

  • Put *#*#4636#*#* onto the keypad.
  • The ‘Testing’ settings will immediately open.
  • Now, if your device with Android has two SIM cards, choose your choice wisely. I did this by clicking “Phone information1.”
  • Try to locate the ‘SMSC’ option by scrolling down; you will find the Refresh button here. Click it.
  • If it failed for you, enter the local SMSC code for the network provider and hit Update.

So, try to fix it by using this method if you see a message not sent service not activated error.

Turn off all settings

If HDR has been turned on in the camera’s settings, visit the application’s stock camera and turn it off. The settings on different cell phones vary. Yet, the camera application’s top corner almost certainly has an HDR option. 

Disabling HDR will guarantee that your picture’s size stays tiny, thus this procedure is required. Because the file that you are attaching with the text is so huge, the error notice may occasionally appear on your screen. Try to send the MMS another time after deactivation.

Remove Cache

If you followed the suggestions we provided above correctly but are still unable to send a message. Then see the next section for remedies.

A cache is just a short file that can be readily removed. And contains items that make subsequent operations go more quickly. Clearing the cache in the built-in Message app is a wise move in this situation because it might occasionally cause issues while using it.

To remove the data cache of the basic Messaging app, follow the instructions provided:

  • Launch the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Click App details under Apps & Alerts, and View every app.
  • Click Message.
  • Click on Storage then Remove Cache.

Lookup your SMSC code

Without a correct SMSC number, you aren’t going to be able to send out an MMS or perhaps a text message. SMSC refers to the short message service center. Therefore, ensure that the code in your standard messaging application is appropriate.

Verify the code on the web window if you don’t have code written in that region. Each service provider has a unique code based on the various states and areas. To get your MMS working again, you must provide the proper code.


You may require a recharge with a special plan before sending an MMS because the majority of recharge packages don’t support MMS sending.

 To determine whether your sim has an operational MMS transmitting service, verify the app your sim has been authorized to use or visit their website. For further information, you may also call customer support.

Reboot your device

Restarting your device might fix software setup issues that occasionally occur. Therefore, restarting your phone may assist in quickly and simply addressing any troubles you are having with it.

Ask your network provider for assistance

We advise getting in touch with your network provider’s hotline if you’ve still been unable to resolve this problem permanently. They may be able to assist you further.

So, this article has told you all about what does message not sent service not activated on network means above. Also, the causes and fixes of this error message are described above.


In summary, the most frequent issue individuals run into while sending texts is a pop-up notification. That reads “Message not sent service not activated.” You may rapidly remedy this issue with the aid of the aforementioned techniques. 

We’ve looked into and listed the best fixes for the Message Not Sent Service not Activated on Network issue. I hope this article aids you in resolving this issue. Make sure you have previously signed up for a subscription that includes MMS services first.

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