Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go

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Several messages may be sent and received. Some individuals simply speak rather than others. If you have pals like that, they often send more voice messages than text ones. This is due to their preference for speaking over typing.  You must wonder where do saved audio messages go.

You’re interested in learning how to find an audio message that has been sent on your device. Your significant audio communications should be saved or backed up. You may then access it at a later time as needed in this manner.

So this article will help you to find the saved audio messages on your cell phone!

Where does saved audio messages go?

It turns out that accessing audio messages that have been received by you and kept on your smartphone is simple. When you launch the Voice Memos application, a list of all the audio messages you’ve received will be there.

However, you must save them for them to display here. Otherwise, they’ll remain in your Messaging app and end when they’re supposed to.

Where you can find saved audio messages?

The Save option is shown when you hold down the presses key on an audio message that you sent or received. As I said before, if you choose this option, your conversation will be kept in Voice Memos.

There is no indication or message stating that the data has been saved after pressing the Save icon. Even if your message gets preserved, you will never know for sure. 

But don’t worry your communication has been preserved. A recorded message will be kept in the Voice Memos application after being saved. Click Voice Memos and then All Recordings to access your message. It will include your message.

Your stored audio recordings will sync between all of the devices you use. If you utilize iCloud for Voice Memos and have your account logged in. 

Voice Memos may be activated or disabled by going to Settings, your username, the iCloud, Show All, and choosing Voice Memos. You may switch off or on iCloud for Voice Memos.

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 Where do audio messages save to?

Due to their practicality and use, audio communications have grown in popularity. However, it can be frustrating when you receive an important audio message that you want to save for future reference. But you are unsure of how. 

After learning where do saved audio messages go?  This article will walk you through the process of saving audio messages in detail.

  • Open the Messaging App

The first step is to open the messaging app where the audio message is located. This could be any messaging app that allows for audio messages, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, or Facebook Messenger.

  • Search down the audio message

Once the messaging app is launched, look for the audio message that you wish to keep. This could be a message in a conversation thread. Or it could be a standalone audio message that someone has sent you.

  •  Tap and Hold the Audio Message

Next, in order to access a menu, press and hold on the audio message. A few choices, including the ability to store the voice message, ought to be included on this menu. 

  • Record the audio message

The audio message can be stored on your device if you select the “save” option. 

Depending on the messaging app you’re using, the audio message may be saved to your device’s internal storage. or to a memory card or other external storage device. 

  • Get the saved audio message

You may listen to the audio message at any point by accessing the audio files on your device after saving it. Depending on the messaging app you’re using, the audio message may be saved in a specific folder within your audio files.

As you are aware, where do kept audio messages? Now I will tell you how to keep your audio messages in the messaging app.

How can an audio message be stored in the messaging app? 

The standard setting for audio messages is for them to be removed after two minutes of listening. After hearing the message, you will notice a Keep message. The message is going to be preserved in the discussion under Messages if you want to hit Keep.

Additionally, you may set the Messages app to always preserve audio messages. If you wish to do this, take these actions:

  • Click Expire in Settings > Messages.
  • There are two options available: Never or after 2 Minutes. 
  • Pick Never. 
  • If you choose this option, audio messages won’t ever be removed. 
  • You can always access your audio conversations in the Messaging app.

Where do saved voice messages go on the iPhone?

There are various ways that iMessage varies from standard text communications. First of all, iMessage on Apple smartphones is blue. Additionally, rather than your cell or network transporter, they are transferred via the Internet. Only owners of Apple products, including Macs, iPhones, iPads, etc., are eligible to utilize it.

You may transmit audio messages with end-to-end encryption using iMessage. The advantage is that you can be confident the data is secure. Apple, on the other hand, views audio communications as crucial information.

Saving iPhone Audio Messages

Consider receiving a message with audio on your iPhone. How about you? You must, of course, pay attention, but use caution. As was previously said, it will be removed for two minutes once you finish listening to it. As a result, there are strategies for avoiding this. Follow these instructions to store audio messages:

  • Open the iMessage application.
  • Click the chat or group where the audio message appears.
  • To play the audio message, simply tap it.
  • Once you’ve finished listening, click the Save button next to the audio message clip.
  • The precise audio message will be saved in that thread after it is pressed.  As a result, you may play it anytime you choose.

I hope now you have a clear sight of Where do saved audio messages go? And how you can preserve these messages in your device? Now we will see in case you have an android phone.

How to duplicate a message on audio and insert it in the Files app?

Additionally, you may save the audio messages on your iPad or iPhone in another location. For instance, you may save them to iCloud Drive or the Files app.

  • Activate the Messages app.
  • To access the Options menu, press down the audio message.
  • Pick Copy.
  • Choose a folder, such as On the iPhone, iCloud Drive, or Downloads, in the Files application for pasting this into.
  • Additionally, if you’d like, you can make a new folder. Next, scroll down until you find a blank place, press and hold it, and then choose Paste. The recorded message will then be put in the chosen folder.

Where do saved voice notes go in Android?

Of course, the internal storage of your phone stores voicemails. The audio messages, however, could be kept on your SD card’s external memory if the device allows an SD card or contains an active SD card. The audio message’s placement can be changed at any time.

Where do my voicemails that I’ve stored go if an audio message was received on a WhatsApp-compatible app? The communications in this case are saved in the file system for that particular app.

How to Access and Listen to Audio Messages on an Android Phone?

Now that you know the location of your stored audio messages, it’s time to learn how to find them. Your Android phone’s Messaging app has native text messages. You could find them in the Discussions section of the Messaging App as a consequence.  

Alternately, open My File and select Download then Audio file. You can locate the voice you desire because each of the messages is grouped here. Important voicemails may be renamed. And saves you time by allowing you to quickly search for identities whenever you need them.

On Android, how to store Voice Messages?

We are aware of the location of stored audio communications, but what about Android voice messages? Your devices are going to save the audio you send. Additionally, you have the option of manually saving them, just like you would with voicemail.

  • By using the messaging application, you may easily store the audio chats.
  • Navigate to the discussion where the audio file was received.
  • Messages can be long-pressed. When you click Save, the downloaded file or audio recording is going to be saved to the device’s internal memory.

 You may transfer or copy the audio message to the appropriate location. By opening My File, finding the file, and selecting the voice message.

I hope this article has provided you with brief information about where do saved audio messages go. This article will also guide you about saving audio messages on iPhone and Android.


In conclusion, if you wonder where do saved audio messages go? The storage of saved audio messages depends on the specific platform or app used to send them. Most apps store audio messages on the device they were sent from and the device they were received on. 

And some apps may allow users to save audio messages directly to their device’s storage. Users must understand the settings of the app. And their preferences regarding the storage of audio messages.

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