What Happened? Why did Snapchat Remove The Gaming Features


Snap Games are no longer accessible on iOS, Android phones, or the internet as Snapchat has discontinued the function. By 2021, over 200 million users had downloaded the Snapchat app. And enjoyed the video-based games that debuted as Snap Games in 2019.

Users no longer seeing games in chat means the functionality has been withdrawn. This is also supported by Snapchat’s assistance website. But why did Snapchat remove games? 

So this article is all about the reason behind removing games on Snapchat. What is necessary to know about if Snapchat games have been taken down is provided below.

Did Snapchat get rid of games?

According to the company’s official page, the game element in the Snapchat chat is now not accessible. The Minis function has also been removed. Through the main Twitter support account, Snapchat has confirmed that they will now prioritize products for producers and users.

 To play games like Bitmoji Party, Snake Squad, Tiny Royale, Aquapark, and Alphabear Hustle in chat. Snapchat users in the past had to touch a rocket icon.

Have Snapchat removed games?

Even though a lot of users loved Snap Games, it doesn’t appear that they will be returning to the app. Fans may have been shocked by this announcement. Although there have been hints that games and Minis were no longer being produced. 

Such as the newest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States on August 26, 2022. The parent company of Snapchat, Snap, was discovered to have stopped funding Snapchat Originals, Minis, Games, and the Pixy drone in this filing.

According to the company’s official document, its primary goals which included community expansion, increased revenue, and virtual reality, were not matched with the described initiatives. 

This choice was taken in combination with a 20% decrease in the staff. To save expenses as a result of weak revenue growth. However, Snap Inc. didn’t remove Snap Games from the platform until February 2023.

Now I will tell you why did Snapchat remove games!

Why did Snapchat remove games?

There are a lot of reasons why Snapchat might want to take out the games. In addition to the possibility that they were just removed as a temporary bug repair. 

  • First off, the corporation has already made hints that it may discontinue the games. They could have encountered game-related technical difficulties that weren’t worth the team’s time to fix. 
  • They could have concluded that the games weren’t worth maintaining around since, in comparison to other elements, they weren’t very well-liked. 
  • It’s also possible that the developers are getting away from games to make a place in the app for a brand-new feature.

What can a user do after Snapchat games gone?

Fans of the game’s features are very confused about the issue. You are not the only one, though, if you haven’t played any of the other Snapchat games. Like Endless Runner, Alphabear Hustle, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, Bitmoji Party, and CATS Drift Racing. 

Observing what other people have to say on Twitter can keep you informed of the issue. To make sure your program is operating as intended, updating and/or restarting it is also not harmful. 

Since it is, there does not seem to be a method to resolve the problem. Since it appears to be a deliberate choice on the side of Snapchat instead of a defect.

What to do if Snapchat games disappeared?

Many Snapchat users have complained on Twitter that, beginning of Wednesday, February 1, 2023, they would no longer be able to access Snapchat Games. Teenagers and millennials, who make up the majority of platform users, heavily utilized the tool when it was first offered in 2019. Suddenly, many users no longer have access to it.

Although the authorities have not provided a clear reason for the disappearance of the Snapchat Games. There could be certain actions you may take to fix this issue. Therefore, the following are our recommendations for fixing Snapchat Games vanished:

  • Look out for the Twitter outage updates for Snapchat
  • Look into the connectivity of your internet connection
  • Relaunch the Snapchat update Snapchat
  • Ensure that Snapchat has been granted permission in the app
  • Delete Snapchat history

Look into your internet connection

It’s crucial to have a strong and quick connection since Snapchat depends on a live connection to the internet to load pictures from your buddies. The first step in resolving the Snapchat Games gone issue should be to check your internet connection if you’re experiencing issues with the app.

Ensure that Snapchat has been granted permission in the app

It’s crucial to ensure that Snapchat has the appropriate permissions to operate correctly on both Android and iOS. Snapchat may not function as intended if you unintentionally deny it access. On both iOS and Android, you may verify and modify an app’s permissions as follows:

For Android:

  • The Snapchat symbol on the main screen should be long-pressed.
  • To access the app information menu, use the “i” button.
  • Activate the Permissions option.
  • Examine the denied permissions.
  • Select the necessary Snapchat permission.
  • Select the radio option next to “Allow only when using the app” to confirm your choice. 
  • Repeat this procedure for each required Snapchat permission.
  • Reopen Snapchat  

For iPhone

  • On your iPhone, select the Settings option.
  • From the selection that appears, slide down to Snapchat Tap Location, and choose “While Using the App”.
  • If you often use Snap Map, turn on the Precise Location option.
  • Activate the permissions for the camera, microphone, and mobile data in the Snapchat menu.
  • Enabling Snapchat’s required permissions might assist to make sure that the app performs properly and gives you access to all of its features. 

Relaunch Snapchat

Close the app entirely and reload it if you’re experiencing difficulties launching Snapchat from the Recents menu. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Using Android

  • Access the Recents menu by selecting Overview from the navigation buttons.
  • To exit Snapchat, swipe upwards on the app.
  • Reopen Snapchat and verify that it is functioning.

The procedure is comparable for iPhone users:

  • To access the App Switcher menu, slide up from the bottom.
  • To exit Snapchat, swipe up on the app.
  • Reopen Snapchat and verify that it is functioning.

View Twitter’s reports of Snapchat outages

Check the official Snapchat Support and Snap Twitter sites first for any reports of outages if you’re having issues with Snapchat. Though it could take a few days for them to show up, Snapchat usually posts proactive alerts about disruptions. 

You may also try browsing Twitter with the hashtag #Snapchat if Snapchat’s Twitter accounts haven’t been updated. You can encounter several reports of a broad outage and be forced to endure waiting for Snapchat to restart the service.

Refresh Snapchat

Snapchat needs to get regular software upgrades to function properly. One of the first stages in troubleshooting the app should be to check for updates if you’re experiencing any problems. To check for upgrades on Android and iOS, follow these steps:

  • Start your smartphone’s App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • In the search box, enter “Snapchat”
  • Visit the Snapchat app’s information page.
  • Examine the app to see if there are any outstanding updates.
  • To make sure you have the most recent version of Snapchat, install it by downloading it if there is a new version available.

You can take advantage of the most recent bug fixes and new features by keeping the Snapchat app updated. Which also lowers your chance of running into problems like Snapchat Games disappearing.

So these are some tips if you do not find the games on Snapchat.

Final words

In summary, Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app, recently made headlines by announcing the removal of its games feature. This move has sparked curiosity and debate among users and experts alike. And you must think Why did Snapchat remove games?

In the above article, I have mentioned the reasons behind it. One of the primary reasons behind Snapchat’s removal of games is to enhance user engagement and refocus on its core features. Also maintaining a gaming feature within a messaging app can be technically challenging.

So if you are a fan of Snapchat games then must be aware of any updates regarding it.


Did Snapchat remove games?

Snapchat has indeed taken the gaming function from the app? On February 7, 2023, in response to a tweet, the business acknowledged. Games and Minis are no longer accessible. We’ll be putting greater emphasis on additional Snapchat features and products that will help content producers and consumers.

Where have Snapchat games gone?

Games were undoubtedly one of the most well-liked aspects of the app. And Snapchat’s decision to remove them seems to have been motivated by business concerns. Although it’s unknown if Snapchat would ever introduce back games, it would make sense to do so in the future for Snapchat+ members.

Has Snapchat removed games?

Yes, unfortunately. Your favorite Snap Games may no longer be available to you because Snapchat has formally discontinued the service.

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