Why can’t I Follow People on TikTok?

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Have you ever tried to follow someone on TikTok but the app won’t let you? Why can’t I follow people on TikTok? Isn’t that a stressful situation?

It’s a widespread issue that plenty of users have encountered, and trying to increase the number of your followers. Or staying up with the hottest trends while dealing with them may be a genuine pain.

We’ll look at a few of the causes why TikTok won’t let you follow users in this article. And I’ll also offer some advice on how to solve the issue. So, you can resume uninterruptedly browsing through your favorite content. 

Why won’t tiktok let me follow people?

There are many possible explanations for why I can’t follow anyone on TikTok. If you’ve been asking yourself that question. Following are a few potential reasons:

  • App or device problems

If you are having trouble following users on your account at TikTok, there might be a problem with the application or your device. It could also be an issue with your connection to the internet.

  • You are trying to like a private or removed video

 You won’t be able to like a video that has been deleted by either the user or TikTok. A deleted video won’t show up in anyone’s feed or on their profile. 

But a TikTok deleted video is still accessible to the poster so they can challenge the decision. Some deleted videos won’t be accessible to them, though.

  • You follow too many accounts or like posts too rapidly

If you like posts or follow accounts too quickly. TikTok will rate-limit your account automatically as a spam prevention tool. You might discover that any of the accounts you followed have unfollowed you and that any videos you liked have been disliked.

To verify, click “like” or “follow” on the video, then “your profile” right away. If the liked video vanished or the number of followers decreased, you have been rate capped. Be sure the heart will still be selected. If not, you won’t be allowed to like videos right away.

So this might be a reason why can’t I follow people on TikTok.

  • You tried to follow the private account

When you attempt to follow a private account and get the message. “You can’t follow this account because of the privacy settings of the user”. It is clear that the account is private and you can’t follow on TikTok.

To access a private account, you must wait for the account holder to approve your request. You can only wait for the other person to grant your request because there is nothing else you can do. In the same way, you won’t be able to follow any user whose TikTok account has blocked you.

You cannot tell if you are struggling to follow someone owing to a block or another technical issue. Because TikTok doesn’t let you know when someone blocks you.

You have no control over any of these two circumstances following an anonymous user or being blocked. Even TikTok is unable to assist you.

  • TikTok suspects you’re a robot

If you wonder why is TikTok not letting me follow, then this can be a reason for this. Using a public network puts you at risk of being wrongly classified as a bot by the TikTok algorithm. Since you might be sharing an IP address with a different device or devices, which would prevent you from following other accounts.  

The good news is that you will be able to follow after the algorithm removes this doubt over your account.

  • TikTok limit to follow other accounts

If tiktok not letting me follow, the maximum number of users you can follow on TikTok is limited. Yet TikTok does not make this information available to the general public. However, a lot of sources claim that a single TikTok account is capable of following 200 accounts daily.   

However, based on the user’s account situation, history, and behavior, this limit may change. You may have surpassed the limited number of accounts you can follow, either for that day or overall. If you discover that you are unable to follow anyone. 

Now I will explain to you some more reasons why can’t I follow people on TikTok.

  • The server of TikTok is down

Servers crash as a result of standard maintenance or other problems. Check the TikTok server status if your app isn’t working properly and won’t let you follow people.

If tiktok won’t let me follow, It’s possible that the TikTok mobile application isn’t working. You are helpless in that situation. Wait for the platform to start operating normally once more, and your issue will be resolved.

  • TikTok temporary block or shadow ban

For questionable behaviors like uploading or encouraging violent content, hate speech, etc. Your TikTok account may be shadow-banned or momentarily disabled and tiktok won’t let me follow anyone.

TikTok typically limits your account’s ability to follow other users as a warning. If any of these have appeared on your account. To request a review, contact TikTok’s support team if you believe your account was banned or blocked in error.

  • The application is outdated

Not to mention, your app might not be up to date. It will consequently begin to lag and eventually crash. In this situation, you must upgrade the application.

Search for TikTok in the search box of the mobile application store, then select Update. When the app is updated, the issue will also be resolved. I hope now you are aware that these reasons may be possible. Why can’t I not follow anyone on TikTok?

  • Clear the cache

If you’re certain that you haven’t exceeded the TikTok following limit and tiktok can’t follow, consider emptying the cache. 

The application gets bulky and slow and cannot properly process your instructions. If your cache has been corrupted or if large, heavy files have been there for a long period. As a consequence, you won’t be able to use any TikTok features or follow people.

Therefore, check the settings on your phone to determine if the TikTok application’s cache has to be deleted.

 How do you follow someone on tik tok?

To follow users on TikTok, simply follow the methods listed below.

  • Open the tiktok app

Firstly select the tiktok app form your home screen.

  • Access the profile of the user you wish to follow on TikTok 

Click their username or an icon with their avatar and a “+” symbol on it. If they are on your “For You”, tab to view their profile. When looking for a profile, look for the user you’d like to follow. By tapping the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner.

  • Click follow

If you are following someone. A messaging option and a person icon with a tick mark will appear on their profile.

How do you unfollow someone on tik tok?

If you are a TikTok user and still don’t know; how do you unfollow someone on TikTok. Use these steps to unfollow anyone on TikTok

  • Open TikTok and go to the user’s profile you wish to unfollow.
  • Tap their username to visit their profile if they’re on your for you page. At the bottom left of the screen, click the magnifying glass symbol. And can type in the user’s name to find their profile.

To unfollow a user, tap the person symbol with a check mark. You’ve mastered the skill of following or unfollowing users on TikTok now. As I discussed above, the reasons why can’t I follow people on TikTok.

How many people can you follow on TikTok?

As I previously indicated, why can’t I follow people on TikTok? You are allowed to follow 200 persons on TikTok without risk. But how many users on TikTok can you follow in a single hour? Only 15 follow actions can be carried out at once.

You may complete 10 following in an hour bearing that in mind. You will have the option to continue following ten more persons after a 10- to 15-minute pause. You will be shadowbanned if you go over these restrictions. 

How to following back someone on TikTok?

For someone following back Tiktok, follow the steps;

  • Launch TikTok

Open the TikTok app by navigating the phone’s display. To open TikTok, tap on the symbol.

  • Visit the Inbox

The Inbox option appears as soon as you log in in the lower-right area of the screen. It contains all of your profile’s most recent updates.

  • Find out who followed you

To see who has recently followed you, scroll down slowly. Like “Harry started following you” with a follow-back symbol to the right, for example.

  • Select the “Follow Back” button

To immediately follow them back, simply click the ‘Follow Back’ icon on the right. The first “follow back” option will be replaced by the message “Say Hi.”

I hope this article gives all the reasons behind why when I follow someone on TikTok it automatically unfollow. So, read the post till the end.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, a well-known social media site, TikTok, enables users to view information that is relevant to their interests. It’s critical to follow people on TikTok for influencers as well as users. It can be annoying and depressing if TikTok stops you from following any accounts.

So, if you find a reason why can’t I follow people on TikTok? Then you can easily fix it. The following TikTok function can occasionally become inoperable due to faults or issues with the backend. Such as glitches or shadowbans.

In many cases, waiting it out, deleting your cache, upgrading your program, or even reinstalling it will cure the problem.

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