Does Blink Record When Disarmed


You may not know what “armed” and “disarmed” mean if you just bought a Blink camera system.

Since Blink isn’t a typical security system with an alarm to arm or disable. It might be perplexing when the company speaks about arming and disabling its cameras. Instead, Blink is a network of cameras that are linked to a single hub. 

This article goes into great depth on what each status of the Blink camera implies and does Blink record when disarmed.

You will need to become familiar with the following phrases before operating your Blink security camera system:


When a camera system is “armed” on a Blink device, it is actively watching, ready to record events or detect motion. In this mode, the camera will record any activity it detects and notify you of it.


In contrast, “disarmed” designates a condition in which the camera system is not actively tracking motion or recording events. And is instead inactive. When not needed for privacy or surveillance, the cameras may be left unarmed so they won’t send out warnings or record video.

Users may manage whether the cameras are actively watching their surroundings. By switching between armed and disarmed modes, achieving a balance between surveillance and privacy. 

No, when in “disarmed” mode, Blink cameras do not record. A Blink camera is effectively switched off for use in motion detection and recording when it is disarmed. The camera’s sensors aren’t working in this mode, so it won’t record anything or send out any notifications.

Users will have more control over whether their cameras are actively observing their surroundings thanks to the disarmed mode. Which is intended to provide them with that freedom. 

When you wish to protect your privacy or do not require ongoing surveillance, this is especially helpful. You can conserve battery life and storage by disarming the cameras so they don’t capture any events.

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There are several possible explanations for why your Blink camera is recording when it should be in the “disarmed” mode:

  • Software Glitch

Electronic devices occasionally have software faults or malfunctions, which might lead to unexpected behavior. Your Blink camera can have a software bug that prevents it from recording when it is unarmed.

  •  Misconfigured settings

 Double-check your camera’s settings to make sure they are set to the “disarmed” state. It’s possible that the camera’s disarming setting is incorrect or that the settings weren’t stored properly.

  • Scheduling 

Setting particular times for when the camera should be enabled or disabled is possible with Blink cameras’ scheduling features. Check your scheduling settings to make sure they are set up properly. If you have a schedule in place and the camera is recording while the system is off.

  • Motion Sensitivity: 

Some Blink cameras may still collect and store footage if they sense motion, even while they are in disarmed mode. To avoid erroneous triggers, check the motion sensitivity settings and make any required adjustments.

Updated firmware:

On occasion, new features or modifications to device behavior are added. Check to see if your camera has recently received any upgrades that may have had an impact on its functionality.

Contact service: 

If you’ve ruled out all the aforementioned options. But the problem still exists, you might want to ask Blink’s customer service for advice. Depending on the brand and firmware version of your camera, they can offer detailed instructions and troubleshooting methods. 

When a Blink camera is armed, it can actively watch for motion, recognize events and record video. How to equip your Blink camera is as follows:

Open the Blink app on your tablet or smartphone. Ensure that your Blink account is logged in.

Choose a camera

 From the list of devices the app displays, tap on the camera you wish to equip. The live view and camera settings will then be accessible.

Toggle to Arm

Search for an “Arm” or “Enable” button or toggle switch in the camera settings or live view. This choice will enable the armed mode on your camera.

Change Settings (Optional)

 Depending on the camera type and app version. You may be able to change the recording settings for motion sensitivity, clip length, and other factors. Set these options up to suit your tastes.

Save Changes

After making changes to the settings, be sure to save them by clicking the “Save” or “Apply” button, as necessary.


As soon as the camera is armed, an indication should appear on the app. Or the status screen to let you know that it is now actively watching and prepared to record.

Test the Camera (Optional)

You can walk in front of the camera or wave your hand to start a motion event to make sure the camera is correctly equipped. Observe whether the camera begins to record and provides you an

When not necessary, disarm

 When you no longer want the camera to look for motion, don’t forget to disarm it. To preserve battery life and prevent pointless recordings, this is very crucial.


In summary, we have described above briefly: Does blink record when disarmed? In any case, if your Blink camera is recording when it’s not supposed to be, it’s important to address the issue promptly. Ensure that your camera operates as intended and avoid any unnecessary recording or alerting.

Remember that the particular actions and choices may differ slightly. Depending on your Blink camera model, the version of the Blink app you’re using, and any recent updates. If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can refer to the official Blink documentation or contact their customer support.  

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