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Snapchat is a well-known communication and multimedia application. That lets users send messages, videos, and images to their contacts. The Snap Score is one of the things that distinguish Snapchat. But just what is a Snap Score, and in what manner does it operate?

Some users desire to reduce their Snapchat scores, whilst the majority of users aim to raise their Snap ratings.

But you must wonder can your snap score go down? All the information you want regarding the decrease in Snap Score is provided in this post.

How does Snapchat score work?

The sum of a user’s snaps sent as well as received is reflected in their Snapchat score. It is influenced by the number of snaps sent and obtained. The number of snap friends and the number of persons who have been blocked or unfriended.

The exchange of snaps, keeping profiles public, and not barring or unfriending others. These are all things users should do to sustain engagement on the app and keep their ratings high.

Engaging in Snapchat challenges and streaks, snapchat camera as well as applying filters and lenses to their photos, may help users. To raise their overall ranking. The score on your Snaps cannot be hidden, and only friends may see it.

Can you lower your snap score?

No. Once your Snapchat score rises, it cannot be lowered. Every time you get or send a snap, your Snapchat score usually rises. 

The majority of users mistakenly believe that by ending friendship conversations with their friends, they may drop or decrease their Snapchat score, however, this is untrue. You can obscure your Snapchat score from attackers using the Snapchat function; you cannot lower it. But you can know when the snapchat score update?

In addition to hiding your Snap, you can also slow down how quickly your score rises to lessen it. You may avoid being caught streaking by refraining from giving your buddies any photographs.

How to make your snap score go down?

These are the potential variables that might impact your Snapchat score. If you’re concerned about it and want to know what could make it go down. The following actions are ones you should avoid if you want to improve your Snapchat score.

  • Unfriending others
  • Limit Snapshots Sent
  • To hide the score, block that individual
  • Put an end to your Snapchat account
  • Create a private account
  • Unfriending others

Your score will drop if you unfriend users since you’ll have fewer friends to send and receive snaps from. This is so that the total number of snaps given and received, which determines the score, is taken into account. If you remove a specific friend, you will no longer be able to send or get snaps from them.

  • Limit Snapshots Sent

Sending and receiving snaps, as you may know, raises your profile’s rating. You may thus slow the rate at which your Snap score rises on Snapchat by restricting these elements on your profile.

Like, your score wouldn’t rise and the rate of point growth would immediately decrease if you could halt or limit sending shots.

  • To hide the score, block that individual

Blocking that individual so they can’t locate you on Snapchat is another option for hiding your Snap score. When you block someone, they are removed from your friend list and are unable to access your profile to check your Snap rating.

The individual can’t view your profile since they are no more on your friend list. Your blocking obscures both your overall profile and your snap score.

  • Put an end to your Snapchat account

Your snaps, streaks, and score will all be deleted if you cancel your Snapchat account, bringing your score to 0. This is so that the score, which is determined by the number of snaps exchanged.

 It is dependent on the number of snaps sent and received. If you cancel your account, all of your clicks and streaks will be destroyed, and your overall rating will be reset to 0.

  • Create a private account

Your score will drop if you block folks since you won’t be able to send or receive snaps from them. This is so that you may give and receive snaps, which is how the score is determined. If you ban someone, you can no longer exchange snaps with them.

Bottom line

In conclusion, it’s crucial to be active on the app for Snapchat by sending and receiving snaps, maintaining account visibility, and refraining from barring or unfriending others. If you would like to keep your score high. But if you thought that Can your snap score go down?

Yes. But you need to do the following actions mentioned above in this article. So, if you want to lower your snap score then take help from here!


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