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A few users might be perplexed as to why an X appears adjacent to the name of a Snapchat buddy they once had. Users who have made someone a friend request however are not yet friends with them and merely have the X next to them.

In this article, I will describe why you see x on Snapchat but a still friends. So, if you’re having trouble understanding how Snapchat’s ‘X’ icon operates. You’ll find all of the details you need in this post.

If the icon bothers you, there are, fortunately, ways to remove it. We’ll discuss several techniques in this post for making the Snapchat “x” vanish. 

What is the x on Snapchat?

Fortunately, the response is pretty easy. If a Snapchat user’s name has an X next to it, it simply indicates that you did not accept their friend request.

On Snapchat, the literal meaning of X may change. This is due to the possibility of seeing an ‘X’ mark on several Snapchat app regions. On the conversation page, the buddy list, etc. You could notice the grey “X” icon placed next to someone. The ‘X’ icon’s significance hence may vary based on where it displays.

For example 

As an illustration, if someone has an X next to them on the Chat screen of Snapchat. It means that person has not yet been added to your friend list.

Similarly to this, clicking on the X icon that displays next to a game and mini will erase it. You could even notice a grey X symbol next to the communication so you can delete it.

Are You Unadded or Blocked when see x next to the Snapchat conversation?

Only individuals who have submitted a friend request to someone. But are not yet friends with them and have an X next to their name. It’s feasible that an X would appear next to someone’s name. If they removed you from their list of Snapchat friends before sending you a friend invite later. 

If someone banned you on Snapchat, it can be an analogous situation. When someone blocks you on Snapchat, you are immediately unfriended by that user. On the Chat page, you can notice an X next to their name if they choose to unblock you. 

And then send you a buddy request once more. An X next to a user’s name, however, does not signify you have been unadded or banned. If you have never communicated or been pals with them before on Snapchat; rather, it just means they added you as a buddy.

What does it mean a grey x on Snapchat but still friends?

The individual is not included in your buddy list if an X symbol displays next to their Snapchat name. Giving Snapchat permission to view your contacts will often display all of your friends who have signed up for Snapchat. The individual is not included in your list of friends.

Despite not presently being on the list of Snapchat buddies, a contact may still show up on the app. This means that even if an individual is listed in your phone book. It might not be a friend on Snapchat, but it still appears there.

You could notice Snapchat users who were recently added via your contact list but haven’t been added to the list of friends in the chat panel. I hope now you completely understand the meaning of small and gray x!

Why do you see the x next to the name on Snapchat? Reasons

Here are some reasons why you see x next to the name;

  • The x symbol next to the name of a person means they have unfriended you. Which is the initial explanation for why you see it. Despite their removal, you may still speak with them.
  • You might not have joined them to your list of friends and you could have already done so.

In light of these two factors together, it is clear that on Snapchat. You will both be identified by a little gray symbol next to both of each other people’s names. If you are not any more friends.

  • On your chat, you’ll notice an x next to the name of the user who has blocked you if they have. Any communications you send to someone when you’re blocked won’t go through.

Can you send a message to somebody whose name has an X next to it?

A message with the “X” icon can be sent, but it will be marked as “Pending.” You cannot read a message from somebody if they are no longer on your friend’s list unless they add you again.

 Below their name, you’ll get a grey “Pending” indicator whenever you attempt to send them a message or a Snapchat. However, if they re-add you, your communications will be sent.

What can be done to get rid of the x icon?

Check to see whether either you or they have removed each other as friends first. Start a conversation session with them. If the Add symbol is visible at the top, either you’ve placed them already or you’ve erased them.

 If it still says Add after you’re certain you haven’t deleted them, they have barred you. They have deleted you from their “Friends List” if the user symbol is shown with a blue checkmark. Such as people sharing snapchat birthdays

Alternatively, select My Friends from your profile’s menu. If you can’t locate them, you either deleted them or they did.

How to Remove the Snapchat X?

It’s not a glitch or malfunction that just affects some people that causes the Snapchat X. Most frequently, it’s a sign of an upcoming friend request. All you have to do for getting rid of it is perform the following:

  • On the Snapchat application, touch the user’s name next to the “x” to choose them.
  • Then click “Okay” and “Report or Block” the individual, depending on your preference. By selecting the okay button, you’ll add them to the list of friends. 
  • The “Add” option is also available to you. The person has not blocked you; rather, they have merely removed you. If you want to seek their friendship once more, select this option.

Although the cause of the x problem is unclear, it is easily fixable. Make sure you are okay with keeping the user on your buddy list before removing it.

I hope now you have a better understanding of an x next to the name on Snapchat and to remove it.


In summary, Even if you’re a seasoned Snapchat user. It may be challenging to keep up with all the new codes and lingo that appear every day.

We learned exactly what it means if you see X on Snapchat but are still friends.  And what a Grey X adjacent to Snapchat represents in today’s article. I trust you understand the significance of the X next to Snapchat’s name.

It might be a little irritating to see an X placed next to someone’s name on Snapchat and not understand what it signifies. I sincerely hope that my explanation of what the X beside Snapchat’s name represents proved useful. 


What does the little x mean on Snapchat?

When someone sends you a friend request on Snapchat and you don’t accept it. An X icon indicates that you have been removed by that person. Before they add you back or accept their friend request. 

Your texts and Snaps won’t be delivered. Simply add them as a companion or ban their account to remove the X icon.

How to get rid of the grey x next to your name on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, adding the individual to your friend list is the fastest and best way to remove the grey X from their profile. You may ban the individual if they refuse.

The ‘X’ icon will instantly snap into a camera if the user accepts your friend request. Although they are already on the friend list, you have to delete the app’s memory. If you see the ‘X’ button next to their name on Snapchat.

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