How To See Hidden Friends On Snapchat

how to see hidden friends on snapchat

As you may already be aware, Snapchat has grown to be one of the most well-known applications worldwide. Thanks to its entertaining and vibrant camera capabilities. 

On Snapchat, though, other users occasionally can silently hide us. Fortunately, this post will show you how to see hidden friends on Snapchat.

You’re trying to find a Snapchat friend who isn’t shown in the Chat list. Utilize the search function on Snapchat to find them! 

To find hidden friends, you can also look through your list of restricted users. Additionally, Snapchat offers a My Eyes Only hidden folder. 

What does hidden from quick add mean?

The phrase “hidden from quick add” is precisely what it says. They are individuals you’ve blocked from your quick add list!

If you visit your Snapchat profile. Select “Add friends,” and then click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. You will see a menu with three choices.

If you select hidden from quick add. You will see a list of all the people you have selected to remove from the quick add list. By selecting the “x” icon next to their name in the Add Friends list. 

Can you hide friends on Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to have hidden buddies. Open your contacts list in Snapchat and tap the Add icon in the upper-left-hand corner to add a secret buddy. 

Select Add via Username after which you should type the user’s username. You can conduct a name or username search if an individual is not in your contacts list.

How to find hidden friends on Snapchat?

Here I will tell you three different approaches to seeing hidden friends on Snapchat.

  • On the Chat page, use the search button to look for hidden friends.
  • Visit Profile, then go to Setting, Blocked to view your list of blocked people.
  • By touching the Memories icon on the camera’s page and choosing My Eyes Only, you may view My Eyes Only.

Let’s look at these approaches in detail: How to see hidden friends on Snapchat?

  1. Search to look for hidden fiends 

Access the Chat page: In the bottom left corner of Snapchat, tap the conversation button to access the chat tab. 

You will need to conduct a manual search. If the buddy you wish to speak with doesn’t appear on the Chat page and appears to be hidden. Using Snapchat’s clean chats function, friends may be manually removed from the Chat page.

Press the search icon: The profile button is in the top left corner, close to the magnifying glass icon.

Look for your hidden pal: In the search bar, enter their name or username. They might have deactivated their Snapchat account if they don’t show up in your list of pals.

  1. Look at the Block List

Click the “Profile” button: Your Snapchat avatar’s symbol may be found in the top left corner of the app. This technique will search your list of blacklisted users for shady friends.

On your device, select Settings: On the profile page, the gear icon is where you may access this. 

Press Blocked: It’s on the settings page’s “Account Actions” section. The list of Snapchat users you’ve blocked will then be displayed.

By tapping the X button next to their name, Snapchat users on this list can be unblocked.

Now I will share the last and simplest approach to how to find hidden Snapchat.

  1. Select my eyes only to view

Choose Memories from the menu: It can be seen on the camera interface as the icon with two rectangles. You may access My Eyes Only from here a password-protected hidden Snapchat folder. Where you can save pictures and videos apart from the rest of your Snaps.

Press My Eyes Only: On the Memories page, it is a tab at the top. To view, you might need to scroll the tabs bar.

Submit the PIN: Enter your My Eyes Only PIN if you’ve previously created one. If you don’t already have one, you will be asked to do so.

So in this way, you can easily see your hidden friends on your device. I hope now you get an answer to your query about how to see hidden friends on Snapchat.

Now I will tell you how to hide friends on Snapchat without blocking. So keep reading the article till the end.

Can you hide people on Snapchat?

Before telling how to hide someone on Snapchat let’s first discuss this. Snapchat is renowned for its privacy settings, which prevent your buddies from finding out who your other Snapchat pals are. You needn’t worry, though, as Snapchat’s friend list privacy settings are default.

Because of this, Snapchat has protected the privacy of your friend list. The only person who can access your friend list is you. To achieve it, you don’t need to go through your settings.

How to hide someone on snap?

Ever wanted to remove a Snapchat friend from your contact list? Perhaps you just don’t want to view their posts because you’re no longer connected with them. Or you want to better control your privacy settings. You may conceal a friend on Snapchat for any reason!

So follow the steps if you want to hide someone without blocking.

  • Accessing Your Snapchat Account

Opening your Snapchat profile is the first thing you must do. Tap the ghost icon at the very top of the screen to get started. You will then be sent to your profile, where the name of your profile, username, and Snapcode are displayed.

  • Going to the Settings Menu

It’s time to access the settings section of Snapchat now that you are in your profile. What you should do is as follows:

  • First, tap the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
  • A menu of possibilities will appear as a result.
  • Next, tap “My Friends” when you reach it by scrolling down.
  • You’ll be directed to a list of all your Snapchat buddies after clicking this.

As I discussed above, discuss how to see hidden friends on Snapchat. This will make it easier to understand.

  • Locating and Accessing Your Friend’s Profile

You need to locate the buddy you want to conceal now that you are in the “My Friends” region.

You may look up your Snapchat friends’ names or usernames by using the search box at the top of the screen. If you have numerous friends on the app. The friend you’ve been searching for will appear; touch on their name to view their profile.

  • Changing the Privacy Settings

It’s time to change their privacy settings now. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • The gear symbol is located in the top right corner of the screen. A menu of choices will appear as a result.
  • To access this friend’s privacy controls, tap “Edit Privacy.”
  • The “Visible in Quick Add” choice has a toggle that can be set to “Off.” With this, the friend will be removed from the Quick Add list.
  • Tap “Done” to save your changes when you’re done.

So you can easily hiding Snapchat friends by following these steps. So, this is the time to tell you how you can hide conversations on Snapchat.

How to hide chats on Snapchat?

Now I will share some approaches with you to hide chats on Snapchat.

  1. Set the option to delete After viewing setting to active

After viewing the message function, you will need to enable the delete. To do this, follow these easy steps:

  • On your smartphone, launch Snapchat and sign in.
  • Swipe right on the screen or press the bottom-right chat icon.
  • The chat you want to edit should be long-pressed.
  • Decide on “Chat Settings.”
  • select “Delete Chats.”
  • Select After viewing.  

Every message will be deleted. If you’re discussing something vital that you must access before the time expires. You might change this setting to “24 Hours after Viewing.” As I earlier described how to see hidden friends on Snapchat?

  1.  Turn Off Notifications

If you don’t want people to know you are speaking with someone on Snapchat, you can mute your alerts.

  • Launch Snapchat, then sign in.
  • By tapping the bottom-left conversations icon or sliding right on the screen, you can get to the chats panel.
  • Press and hold on to the chat you want to silence.
  • Choose “Chat Settings.”
  • Deactivate the switch next to “Message Notifications”
  1. Lock the Snapchat application

To maintain the security of your Snapchat account, use a trustworthy app locker. Some also span other social networking platforms and mobile apps.

No one can listen in on your discussions unless you reveal them to someone. It serves as a means of preventing strangers from overhearing your talks. Some smartphones come with built-in app lockers. Use a third-party app if yours does not have one.

I hope you will learn a lot from this post about the Snapchat hidden feature!


In summary, Snapchat is renowned for its user-friendly upgrades that adapt to the demands of its young audience. You may effortlessly hide your pals on Snapchat if you want to safeguard your privacy. Now that you are aware How to see hidden friends on Snapchat? I hope you are fully informed.

Read the entire post and tell your friends about it if you want to learn how to Hide Snapchat Friends and chats. This article will provide you with a lot of information that you want to know about the Snapchat features.

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