How To Know Fake Phone Disconnected Text Messages

fake phone disconnected for text messages

What if you could send a false message that your phone has been disconnected to trick your friends and family? The best practical jokes are those that are quite simple to execute but still manage to make people laugh. 

And what could be easier than texting someone a message that their phone has been disconnected? Do you want to know more about how to create a fake phone disconnected text message? 

We’ll look at both manual and automatic techniques in this post to create phoney disconnected messages. So read on to learn everything there is to know!

What is a fake text message saying the phone is disconnected?

One of the trickiest and funniest practical jokes is the text message that says “Fake Phone Disconnected”. You will chuckle uncontrollably every time your friend says their phone is disconnected. 

Consequently, you will undoubtedly pull this trick on them. However, there are numerous varieties of mobile career services available with varying technology. And the bogus message will vary depending on the carrier service.

So, if you want this new amusement and want to play this practical joke on your pals. I’ve made it simple for you. You may learn how to play a text message prank by reading this post.

How do I create a fake disconnected text message?

You might try your hand at creating a fake text message and sending it to your targeted person. To successfully persuade someone in this situation. 

There are numerous prewritten scripts accessible, including those that are used by well-known cellular providers in North America. It is also possible to get comparable templates for carriers globally.

Since you now know about the prank, you must be eager to learn how to play it. There are three different ways to create fake phone text messages. You can either manually type the message yourself or you may automate the fake message creation.

Pranks should be simple to pull off, but this will require time. Therefore, in order to make things simple for you, I’ve provided a few examples of fictitious phone-disconnected texts. So, you can easily copy and paste to your phone for the joke.

Examples of errors fake phone disconnected text message 

You will find a lot of Version T-mobile and At&T prank texts here if you are looking for them. Try sending the hoax messages shown below directly using copy-paste.

  • Examples of AT&T Disconnected Text Messages

All of AT&T’s error messages are less transparent than others. They unquestionably employ one in particular. In addition, you might do better by drawing on your past experiences.

Use the SMS message that follows to send an At&T customer a false phone disconnected text message.

If you’re on top of things, you could send the error message repeatedly until they give up. Or it can just end up being a foolish prank.

Automating the error message or simply blocking the number are your two best options with AT&T.

So, these are some fake phone disconnected text messages you can use as prank messages.

  • Examples of Verizon Disconnected Text Messages

Usually, you receive a response to your text message from the same text conversation. If you text a number that is not accessible via the Verizon network. An error message will be included with it. The message can be copied exactly and sent back.

Use the text message listed below to send fake disconnected text messages on Verizon.

ZHXZrx8YpYg0ao9 WVOBd68 4KhpIUGZAR2XuR9tdNkif0VAfqIn1BGVS4EK 2Oee5G0KGNMGaX8Fg36

Considering that Verizon does this action automatically. You could anticipate receiving the error notification soon after a message is unsuccessfully delivered.

Here are Verizon’s two most frequent error messages.

The message implies that the problem might only be momentary, thus proceeding cautiously is not always advised.


This indicates that the selected number cannot receive the message. It’s more likely to be persuasive in a long-term scenario. But keep in mind that it also might lead to a phone call. But it works just great if you’re attempting to play a quick joke.

  • Examples of T-Mobile Disconnected Text Messages

T-Mobile offers a few text messages that can be useful for your objectives. It actually depends on what you’re attempting to do. If you choose to interact in any other way than through text messages, bear this in mind.

hkjHEGdKm4CCT6k64ILNQZ03lvGxMngXxHDzuwJ 4kDrK53eAlhD8l5KprU

When a subscriber is momentarily out of service, T-Mobile has a very identical notification. Even while AT&T uses a similar message, if you look closely you will observe that the two messages have a tiny formatting difference. It’s important to get the quotes right if you want to be thorough.

You ought to think about writing your text in a saved note because of this. Make sure the note is flawless.

Use the text message listed below to send a phony text message indicating that your phone has been disconnected on T-Mobile.

So, these are some easy-to-use fake phone disconnected text messages. Only copy and then paste the message.

  • Examples of Fake Disconnected Text Message on Sprint

Use the text message listed below to pretend your phone is disconnected when using Sprint.

5V6eYPaQTtASJeqxy1Cq5HeIMTz4i5vPkVeRoBgNOnHZ3pbVgHBnNVZrvmt m9JKbJuOoDIjVXgiNMknT6yCUgYTfRP10JJXV fz TUTxbLzRkqUn2MdN1p1p104pf

Copy and paste the message’s contents into a new message. Then send it to the victim’s phone number to execute this joke. This is simple! 

If you want to go all out, you may even replace the phone number in the message with your own. So that when they ring, they believe they are speaking to you. 

So, as I have discussed above, a funny fake phone disconnected text message. You can easily use it for your pranks.

Are there any third-party apps available that let you send fake messages?

You might be thinking whether there are any further apps available in which fake text is saying number is disconnected. That can assist you in sending these fake text messages to your buddies.

  • Although Google Voice may be the best and most straightforward choice available. There are other apps that you may use to send similar messages.
  • The most well-known software for this service is undoubtedly YouMail, which includes a few noteworthy features.

How Might You Automate the Sending of Fake Phone disconnected text Messages? 

Manually sending the SMS is simple and efficient enough for a practical joke. You could require a better method if the phoney message serves a different goal. To combat spam messages, for instance, many individuals support the concept of utilizing phoney disconnect notices.

Although it would be possible, you’ll have little luck executing this kind of stuff by hand. The process can therefore be automated using services.

There are probably innumerable services that are capable of performing the task, but we’ll focus on just one.

Google Voice can be configured to create and deliver automatic messages informing callers that your phone number is disconnected.

  • Google Voice

The greatest tool for automating disconnect messages is Google Voice. Google Voice’s great feature is that it can automatically text a user when a number is not available.

Although you have a lot of influence on the procedure, you must understand how it operates.

  • You must first get a Google Voice number.
  • Depending on the precise range of options you want, can have them for nothing or a very low price.
  • If you don’t want a business number, just visit the website and register for a personal number.
  • Once you have a number, you can configure it to accept calls delivered to your mobile device.

You essentially route calls from your cell phone to the Google Voice line. Either set restrictions for call forwarding or forward all incoming calls. You have the choice. This is just exactly what happens to text messages when your phone is disconnected.

  • Blocking numbers

You can ban numbers on Google Voice once call forwarding is configured. Instead of on your phone, you wish to ban the phone numbers on your Voice account. 

Any blocked caller who attempts to call your Google Voice number will thereafter receive a message. That says something along the lines of the phone disconnected.

To proceed with blocking the buddy on your device, read the steps below.

  • Launch the text messaging application on your phone. This app shouldn’t be one you don’t use and should be the same one you use to text your buddies often. This is crucial since you don’t want it to come as a surprise.
  • Now that the messaging app is open, you need to find the contact of the friend or acquaintance you wish to block.
  • After locating that individual, tap on their name at the chat screen top.
  • This will display the available conversation options.
  • You’ll see that you have the option to completely block that user there. Blocking them will show that you are sure you want to do this.
  • From this point forward, anytime that individual tries to text you to your message. They will get a message informing them they have been disconnected and giving them an error.

I hope you will get a lot of information about sending fake disconnected text messages manually and automatically.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, I have mentioned briefly how to create fake phone disconnected text messages. It’s a fun prank that you may have wanted to perform with your pal for a while. But you were unsure how to pull it off. For each career service, I have provided all the ready-to-use communications. Try it out!

You may stop someone from dialing your number or sending you texts by blocking their phone number. You may do this prank on your loved ones and friends, and it’s completely safe. 

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