Why Don’t I Have Instagram Notes After Update

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People may send their buddies quick texts by using Instagram Notes. Users have, however, reportedly noticed a change in the Notes option on the message page. Nobody else on the network, including your followers, can view the notes feature that is solely accessible to you. 

Without having to hop between other programs or tools. It is a useful tool for planning, keeping track of your chores, and organizing your ideas. So, why don’t I have Instagram notes after update?

In this post, we’ll explain why the Instagram may note function isn’t working and offer potential fixes.

Why don’t I have Instagram notes?

The Instagram Notes option functions differently from Instagram DMs. When someone writes you on Instagram, you get a notice, but Instagram Notes are buried in your inbox. There are a number of things that might be the problem if, for some reason. You are reluctant to view them. Here is a list of them:

  • Network connection issues.
  • Issues with the device.
  • The Instagram Notes feature’s upgrade has not been implemented.
  • In your area, Instagram Notes is currently not accessible.
  • Ineffective Instagram application version
  • Closest friend list: Some individuals think that the absence of a close friend list makes it difficult to use the newly added feature. You are encouraged to have a small circle of friends because of this. 
  • The Instagram app’s problem: It’s possible that Instagram accounts are to blame for the notes function disappearing. You may try logging out and back into your account on Instagram to solve this.
  • Instagram bug: If you previously had access to Instagram’s notes function but do not now, this may be because of an Instagram bug. As a result, you would have to wait since you are not the problem.

These are a few probable explanations for why you might be asking why doesn’t my instagram have notes.

What to do if you don’t have Instagram notes?

Instagram Notes is only accessible for 24 hours, much like Stories on Instagram. Users can communicate their ideas with it. As a result, here is a step-by-step tutorial for getting Instagram Notes. If you’d also like to publish notes on the social media platform.

  • Switching to a professional account
  • Upgrade Instagram
  • Check to see if your region has access to the Instagram Notes feature
  • Verify your messages
  • Verify that Notes are muted
  • Uninstall and then restore the Instagram app
  • Activate activity status
  • Think about upgrading to a Pro account
  • Inquire with Instagram Support

Switching to a professional account

Many issues with Instagram may be resolved by switching to a business account. To switch to a professional account, select Switch professional account after tapping your profile image icon. And selecting the three lines menu from your profile picture. Establish your professional account by following the on-screen instructions.

After that, see if the Notes choice appears. If so, use the same procedures to return to your Instagram personal account. And verify the Notes feature once more.

Upgrade Instagram

Updating applications is one of the most crucial things that individuals forget, frequently neglect, or ignore. The same is true for Instagram in this instance.

Since Instagram Notes went live in December 2022, it’s possible that many users haven’t upgraded their Instagram apps. And are therefore unable to access them. Therefore, be sure to update your account on Instagram by doing the following:

  • Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Lookup using Instagram.
  • Verify if a new release is available.
  • Then select Update.

Check to see if your region has access to the Instagram Notes feature

Additionally, Instagram Notes might not yet be accessible in your area. This is the reason for the ‘Instagram Notes Not Showing’ problem for some users. Which is caused by the functionality still being evaluated in some places.

There is a VPN option if you are certain after verifying. That this functionality has not been pushed out to you and you continue to want to use it. You should be able to utilize the Instagram Notes function with any high-end VPN.

  • Change your area or location to the US.
  • You should log out of Instagram.
  • Now use your login information to log in again.
  • Check to see whether the Instagram functionality is now available.

 Verify your messages

Make sure you’ve been searching for notes in the proper place and immerse yourself in your ideas without overthinking. Some users could get lost trying to find the appropriate options and features on Instagram due to its size.

As a result, you must be careful when choosing how to see Instagram Notes. Because they are limited to posting and viewing in the DM. Additionally, you’re completely missing them if you’re looking for them on the Instagram Feed. 

Certain individuals are also having problems with Instagram’s inability to refresh their feeds. You now understand that to view Instagram Notes. You must view Direct Messages rather than an Instagram feed. To locate Instagram;

  • Go to the Instagram, and Messenger, and the + icon appears on your profile image.
  • You may access Instagram Notes posted with you by other users from this page as well.

In case you were unaware, Instagram Notes may also be disabled. Therefore, it’s conceivable that you mistakenly or accidentally silenced them. The procedure of disabling Instagram Notes isn’t as simple, though, if that’s the case.

On Instagram, you must long-press a user’s note before selecting the ‘Mute Notes’ option. You may thus check to see if Instagram Notes has been acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Go to the Instagram account you believe you may have notes of by opening the app.
  • Tap Following Mute Turn notes on or off in their profile.

 Uninstall and then restore the Instagram app

If your account’s Notes function continues to be missing, you may uninstall the Instagram app, delete it, and then reinstall it.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Pick General, 
  • Select iPhone Storage
  • Choose Instagram
  • Select Offload App
  • And then click Reinstall App to uninstall the Instagram app.

Simply remove and reinstall the Instagram app if you have an Android device.

Activate activity status

To resolve Instagram Notes’ malfunction, enable the activity status.

When the Show Activity Status choice is available, select the profile icon’s three-line menu, Settings, Privacy, scroll down to it, and then click it.

Check to check whether the Notes option is visible by visiting your Chat list and refreshing that page.

Think about upgrading to a Pro account

The “Instagram notes not showing” issue can be resolved by switching to a professional account. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  • Tap your profile image on Instagram. Select the profile icon.
  • Then choose the three-line Menu symbol located in the upper right corner. From the upper right, select the Menu symbol.
  • Press Install. Press Install.
  • Access Accounts. Choose an account.
  • Go down the page and select Convert to Pro Account. Switch to a pro account by tapping.
  • Observe the directions displayed on the screen.

Return to your DMS and see whether the Instagram Notes function is there. Whether not, try going back to your private account to see if the feature is there and what impact it has. No, or yes

Inquire with Instagram Support

There is an alternative available to you if none of the above-described techniques work for you. And doing so involves contacting Instagram Support directly.

You can let someone know about this problem to get more help. The following are the steps:

  • Open Instagram and press the symbol for your profile. Choose the profile icon.
  • Choose the Menu icon next. From the upper right, press the Menu symbol.
  • Next, choose Install. Press Install.
  • Choose Help. Choose Help.
  • Choose Report a Problem next.
  • Click on Report a problem.


 In summary, make sure you’ve tried the solutions described in the article before fully giving up on the Instagram Notes Not Showing issue. You’ll probably discover and learn the solution to the question “Why don’t I have Instagram notes after update?” after reading the reasons.

Why don’t I have notes on Instagram, can be resolved using the techniques described in this article. The Instagram Notes function is often unavailable in your area. Or you failed to update your Instagram app, which is the most likely explanation in the majority of situations. 


Why don’t I have the notes update on Instagram?

You could be denied access to the Notes function if the account you have has been reported or deactivated. Verify the status of your account to make sure it is in good standing. The function has been momentarily disabled: It’s possible that Instagram momentarily disabled the Notes function for upgrades or maintenance.

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