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Social media apps are a source of entertainment and communication, as we all spend too much time scrolling through social media apps. However, It annoys us when any social media app gets any error, and the thread stops in the middle. The same feeling we get when Instagram says there is no internet connection, and it happens several times.

Instagram is one of the most liked apps, as many people share their daily life stories and other memories on it. Many people want to know this, why does Instagram say no internet connection? We all want no interruption while using social media apps.So let’s explore the reasonsa nd solutions. 

Why does my Instagram keep saying no internet connection?

Sometimes, we enjoy and get pleasure from social media in a peaceful manner, and we want to make the best use of our time by being active on these apps. 

Like, we use Instagram to share our moments, or we often watch the stories of our friends and famous celebrities, as it has become common for everyone to use Instagram. It is the most widely used app for this purpose. 

However, encountering errors is also a common thing. Like sometimes Instagram says no internet connection, which absolutely disturbs us, and we get worried, then the first thought that comes to mind is whether our data package has run out.

So if you want to know why my Instagram says there is no internet connection, read this article, as I’ve discussed the whole thing which makes Instagram says there is no internet connection on iPhone or android and many more. 

Why does my Instagram say no internet connection? Problems And Their Solutions

Every problem has some solutions, but we cannot understand it properly until we have all the necessary information. For your convenience, I am providing details about why my Instagram keeps saying there is no internet connection, along with its solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore and learn about all the reasons and solutions of Instagram saying no internet connection.

Main Reasons For Instagram Saying No Internet Connection

Don’t be worried about it, as I’m going to tell you some of the main reasons for this error, and also discussing the solution, which surely help you in this error.

Slow Speed Of Internet Connection

Why does my Instagram keep saying no internet connection? This is surely an important question to know for Instagram users because everyone wants to use any app without any interruption. Although, the first thought that comes to mind is whether our data package has run out. 

So if you are also checking your internet connection, when you see Instagram keeps saying no internet connection, error, so you must have to check the internet connection first. As when the poor network or the internet connection takes too long, Instagram will time out, and the user faces this error.

Instagram Is Down For Everyone

Sometimes, there can be various reasons behind an error, and we often look for alternative solutions. Here, undoubtedly, many users may try to fix this; when Instagram says no internet connection on iPhone or any other smartphone by adjusting their Wi-Fi settings. 

At times, people even opt for different data packages, hoping that it will resolve the issue and make the app function properly. However, that may not be the case. 

If you are experiencing this error persistently, another possible cause is, Instagram gets down, not only for you but for everyone. In this case, you might be facing this error. 

This error remains until the servers come back up; for a backup of the server, you should wait for a few hours because it happens because of a technical fault; they can resolve the server issue in hours.

There’s A Bug

The other reason Instagram saying there is no internet connection is a bug in the system. Yes, you may see the “no Internet Connection” error even if your internet is working fine, just because of a system bug. Although this bug needs to fix, sometimes you should need to follow some troubleshooting to resolve the issue when Instagram says no internet connection.

Solutions For Fixing The Instagram Says No Internet Connection

Refresh The System

Sometimes, when you face the “Instagram Says No Internet Connection” error, a simple solution is to restart your smartphone. As we all know, restarting can help refresh the system and resolve any temporary issues that may be causing the error.

So another solution to why Instagram says there is no internet connection is to restart your device to refresh the system, which will surely help you to get rid of this error.

Reconnect Instagram to the internet After Turn Your WI-FI off 

Here is another best solution to your question why does Instagram say no internet connection. Reconnect Instagram to the internet after turning it off; in this way, you can get the connection back, and the error will be gone. 

It happens when the internet connection slows down, and Instagram notifies this by giving no internet connection error, so this is the best hack for getting the connection back. 

Change The Connection from WI-FI to Data

Sometimes, our Wi-Fi also runs very slow, which leads to the occurrence of this error, and we want to know why Instagram says there is no internet connection. Therefore, to avoid wasting time and overcome this issue, it is beneficial to utilize mobile data. This is a useful solution for dealing with this error.

Wait Till Instagram Go Back Up

As I mentioned above, the main reason why anyone can be worried about Instagram saying there is no internet connection is that sometimes a few apps get down, and they stop running on any device, so if you get any kind of error, you must check this thing, Instagram might be down. 

Thus you should wait until the server goes back up because there is no other solution to this as it happens because of technical issues.

Update The Instagram to Get Rid Of Errors

If you are still encountering the same error despite trying the aforementioned methods, updating your app can be an excellent way to resolve Instagram’s saying no internet connection. Yes, by updating your Instagram app, you can effectively eliminate this error. 

Sometimes, we experience numerous errors due to using outdated versions of the app and face many errors; this particular error is one of them.

Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Instagram Bugs

An increase in app memory can lead to various errors, including the slow performance of the app itself. The occurrence of the Instagram says “no Internet Connection” error can also be a result of this. One excellent way to prevent such issues is by clearing your cache. This not only helps improve the app’s performance but also reduces the chances of encountering such errors. By following this method, you will likely avoid facing this error.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Why does my Instagram keep saying no internet connection? It is such a concerning thing that needs to resolve, as we won’t get any interrupt free entertainment. However, what should we do if the the above mentioned methods, which we can use when Instagram says there is no internet connection, might not work?

So, in that case, you should uninstall the app, and reinstall it again, because it ensures your app is up to date as much as possible.


Indeed, solutions to problems are often highly appreciated. In this article, we have provided various methods for your convenience when people ask about why my Instagram keeps saying there is no internet connection. By going through these methods, not only have you gained knowledge about them, but you can now face this problem with confidence as well.

Use these all tricks to avoid errors, and don’t be worried when Instagram says there is no internet connection because we’ve provided you the techniques that surely please you when you’ll try them by yourself.

I hope the provided information and solutions help you overcome the issue effectively. 

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