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When you have something wonderful to share with your pals but can’t do it all at once. It might be frustrating. You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn the best solutions about can’t send Instagram posts to group problems. 

Your Instagram message may not be sent for a few different reasons. You may be attempting to send a post or a text message.

We’ll investigate the problem and provide you with some simple solutions in this discussion. You just need to stay with the conversation and follow the instructions we give to resolve the problem.

Group Chat on Instagram

Before discussing why I can’t send post to group Instagram, understand what group chat is on Instagram. Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram includes a group chat feature. The function is also known as Instagram Pods, Insta Engaging Groups, Insta DM, and Insta Groups among the community. You can send movies, photographs, links, stickers, and files. 

Just like you can in a regular direct message (DM) in an Instagram group chat. Also possible;

  • Construct group video calls
  • Add new group administrators
  • Rename the group

Instagram up to 250 users can be in a group at once. And it’s quite simple to add new users following a group that has been established.

Why can’t I send posts to group chats on Instagram?

Beginning in the second quarter of 2022, this problem arises. Some users begin re-posting complaints about this issue to Instagram customer service. Instagram users can simply send posts to their friends and other pages. However, there is an error when they want to submit the post to a group.

If you cant send Instagram posts to group then these might be the reasons;

  • There may be technical problems
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Group settings
  • Security threats,
  • Possibly some personal problems, such as the group blocking you, privacy concerns, etc.

In terms of social media, sharing content with a group of people is a crucial aspect of the individual experience. Sadly, group posts on the well-known photo-sharing website Instagram are occasionally not supported. So, these are the reasons that Instagram failed to send photo in group chats.

Why is Instagram failing to send messages?

When attempting to message a friend on Instagram, there are several reasons. Why the message “failed to send” error may appear.

  • If you are trying to send a message through Instagram’s DM feature but it doesn’t go through, there is an issue.
  • Your Instagram application may be experiencing a server outage if you receive the failed to send error.
  • Additionally, there might be a bug in the Instagram app’s code.
  • According to Instagram’s regulations, if you continue to message users, you will be temporarily barred from doing so.
  • The Instagram server may be down.
  • Weak internet connection.

So, these are the possible reasons why Instagram failed to send message. If you face the issue, then I will tell you some fixes to solve this issue.

How to fix failed to send message on Instagram in a group?

Even so, there are some things that you can do to see whether the issue is fixed. If it seems like very few individuals are having it.

Upgrade Instagram

Updates for Instagram that include bug repairs, enhancements, or new features are frequently released. Some upgrades, however, can contain errors or bugs. Instagram’s messaging problem is a well-known glitch.

The “Failed to send” error will appear for those who are unable to send or receive messages. Instagram will roll out a subsequent update to address any bugs in previous updates. If you cant send Instagram posts to group, you can try this fix.

  • First, go to the Google Play Store and type “Instagram” into the search bar.
  • Examine the update’s “What’s New” section to see if it includes performance and problem fixes.
  • If this is the case, you should launch the app, update it, and then check to see if the “Failed to send” problem still occurs.
  • You should wait for a further update if the error persists.
  • Ensure That the recipient Has Not Blocked You

The person you are attempting to message may have blocked you.Furthermore, if you are having trouble sending direct messages to a group. Then double-check to see if anyone in that group has blocked you. The only thing you can do in this situation is to ask the other individual to unblock you.

Check to see if Instagram’s server is up

It ranks among the top causes of the “Instagram Failed to Send” error. Instagram may periodically go offline for a while due to maintenance or other issues. 

If it isn’t working, your only choice is to patiently wait for the servers to restart and use another app in the interim.

Hold off for 24-48 hours

On Instagram, you can momentarily lose the ability to communicate with someone if you send too many messages. As a result, you’ll see that the error failed to send message Instagram.

To reduce bots, hackers, and automation on the app, a block has been implemented. Instagram may temporarily prevent you from sending DMs if you send too many messages at once and assume you’re a bot. Normally, the temporary ban is in place for 24 to 48 hours.

Force stop or clear the data from your account

Your Instagram account’s cache should be cleared as the initial action. You need to do so by opening the Phone settings and choosing the Additional Settings menu.

Then pick the Application Management submenu, then go to the “Instagram” app choice. Press “Force Stop ” and “Clear Data ” after that. So, if you cant send Instagram posts to group, do this.

Change your network

The last option is to change your network. Your internet connection may be at blame if Instagram messages fail to send. Your internet connection is either down or the speed of your internet is too slow. If your download speed is less than 30 Mbps, it is below average.

You could try switching your network to resolve this. If you have a mobile connection, consider switching to a Wi-Fi network. However, if you’re linked to a Wi-Fi network, you might want to try utilizing your mobile data instead.

Message Instagram Support

If the Instagram group chat is not working and the aforementioned fixes don’t work. The issue is not on your end or the networks. Instagram should be contacted for assistance and to discuss your issue.

They can diagnose the issue in two minutes and explain why you are unable to send DM to another person. So ask for their assistance in solving it. This issue will undoubtedly be solved by them.


In summary, these were the few reasons why Instagram failed to send a message and how to solve them. We really hope that the options we offered enabled you to fix this issue. Also, I have discussed the reasons why I can’t send Instagram posts to group

Also if you face an error in sending messages on Instagram, then follow the above mentioned fixes. But first, verify the reason for the error before solving the issue. 

However, if you were still unable to resolve the problem or found another solution, kindly contact the team on Instagram to understand so they can assist other users.

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