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transfer expired domain

If a domain is already expired or will do so during the transfer process can it still be transferred? Or can you transfer expired domain? This question comes up regularly. Yes, but with a few restrictions.

The first thing to understand is that registrars cannot refuse a transfer merely because a domain has expired. So, in this article, we will see what happened when a domain is expired. And is it possible to transfer the expired domain?  

I will explain to you in detail how much time is required to transfer the domain name. So before further delay, let’s get started.

Can you transfer expired domain name?

It’s a common question, but yes, you can transfer a domain to your account with us. Even if it has expired or will do so during the transfer process. Yes, however, there are a few restrictions.

The first thing to be aware of is that registrars are not permitted to refuse a transfer simply. Because the domain has expired. 

As long as a domain has at least 30 days before its expiration date and is still in the grace period. You can transfer it to a different domain provider. Transferring a domain name is no longer feasible after the grace period expires and the domain entered the redemption period.  

Do I have to wait 60 days to transfer domain?

A domain name transfer can take a maximum of seven days if you’re moving it from one organization to another. Problems could arise if your domain name expires earlier than the transfer is finished.

For instance, if you begin the transfer two days before its expiration date. And the current company takes a long time to release it. It may remain in an “expired” state for five days. The previous company can disable it or add advertisements in its place during that time. 

Even though they aren’t supposed to, some businesses have been reported to reject transfers because they have expired. So, if you want to transfer expired domain, then you have to wait for it.

How can I prevent issues during domain name transfers?

Any domain name transfer should be started at least before the expiration date. It is much better to do it fourteen days ahead it expires. Because you will have two chances to attempt it in case there are any issues.

If your domain name expires in less than a week and you are concerned about. Whether it will continue to function effectively during the period of transfer. You should first renew it for a year with the current registrar.

What is the domain name transfer process?

Here are a few steps to transfer the domain name. So follow these steps to complete the transfer process.

Check to see if the domain is transferable

When logged into your existing Registrar, check the following to ensure that your domain name can be transferred

A minimum of 60 days have passed since the domain name was initially registered. And it has been registered with your current registrar for at least that long.

According to ICANN’s policy on transfers between registrars and domains, that are less than sixty days old. Or that have recently undergone transfers between registrars and are ineligible for transfers. Before transferring, kindly wait at least 60 days. With your existing Registrar, the domain name isn’t on hold.

Getting ready your domain for a transfer

Remove any Registrar locks you might have applied to secure your domain. 

  • Unlock your domain;
  • The present Registrar can provide the Auth/EPP code:

For all new gTLDs, including.com,.net,.org,.us,.biz,.info,.me,.co,.io,.ca,.tv,.in,.mobi,.cc,.pe,.com.pe,.net.pe,.org.pe,.tech,.top,.party,.loan. If your Registrar does not allow you to ask for an EPP code through your account. Get in touch with them and ask them to help you out. Now here is the final step to transfer expired domain.

Transmit your payment using your Namecheap account

  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the top menu, choose Domains, and then choose Transfer;
  • Click ‘Transfer’ after entering your domain name;
  • On the following page. Confirm that the domain is entirely prepared for transfer and input the Auth code in the appropriate field;
  • Click the red ‘View Cart button on the right of the page after selecting the black ‘Add to Cart button;
  • Enter your coupon code in the “Promo Code” column, then click “Apply”;
  • To finish the checkout, click “Confirm Order.”

Shortly after the order is submitted, the transfer is started at the Registry. And the domain is given the status “pending transfer.” Once a transfer reaches this point, it is automatically confirmed within 5 days. The Registry may ultimately need an additional 24-48 hours to finish the transfer.

The domains that you are transferring to us can be found in your account. Go to Domain List and then choose Pending Transfer under Filters.

 Why won’t my domain name transfer, according to my registrar?

In the following specific cases, your registrar may refuse a transfer request:

  • fraud evidence
  • There is a legitimate disagreement as to who is the transfer’s author
  • Due to outstanding fees for a prior registration period, including credit card charge-backs, the domain name is on hold.
  • The domain name holder’s explicit disagreement in writing.
  • “Lock” status has been applied to the domain name. Registrars are required to offer name holders a practical way to remove the lock status. For help, get in touch with your registrar.

As I above described that you can transfer expired domain with some restrictions.

Domain registrar transfer declined my request. Why? How should I proceed?

Your request might not have been granted for several reasons.

  • Your information and the domain owner’s information might not match. Alternatively, they are unable to confirm your ownership. Aside from sending them what they request (ID, proof of domain purchase, etc.). Make sure your contact information is up to date.
  • There is a possibility of transfer objection from the domain name owner. Make sure to get in touch with the domain name owner if you aren’t the one who owns it to address the problem.
  • Your domain name might have been put on hold if you owe any money to your DNS registrar from earlier domain purchases. Don’t forget to cover any unpaid debt. Your domain name might still be shown in your portal’s “Lock” section. Check to see that this setting is “Unlocked.”

Alternatively, you can be subject to the 60-day Change of Registrar lock, in which case you’ll need to hold off on the transfer for 60 days.

I hope now you are aware of domain transfer time, So, you can transfer your domain in that time.


In summary, You may transfer your domain name at any time, even if it happens reasonably quickly. It might take a few days to complete, especially if you don’t have all the necessary information on hand. 

Or the transaction is detected (for example, because it appears to be fraudulent). You can also transfer expired domain to the registrar. 

To ensure that any complications do not affect your domain name, email, or website. We advise completing any transfer at least seven days before your renewal date.

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