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Procreate is a digital painting tool that has become increasingly popular among artists, designers, and illustrators. However, it is only available on iOS devices. Which has left many PC users wondering if they can get Procreate on their computers. Here we will see; can you get Procreate on pc.

 I’ll explain why Procreate isn’t accessible for Windows in this article. And look at various substitutes in an effort to help you get over this obstacle and utilize this fantastic tool.

What exactly is Procreate?

Procreate is a highly popular graphics editor and virtual painting and drawing programme that is accessible for iOS and iPadOS. It is one of the finest Photoshop replacements. In compared to other similar programmes, Procreate stands out. 

It includes simple controls that try to replicate the natural experience of drawing or sketching. Aside from that, Procreate has over 130 different types of brushes, complex layers, masks, digital art tools, and much more.

Why Do You Need a Windows 10 Procreate Alternative?

As previously said, Procreate is highly popular due to its natural experience of tactile sketching. However the programme is only available for iOS and iPadOS. 

In addition, Windows users are unable to utilise the programme, which is why we require a Procreate equivalent for Windows 10. We’ve compiled a list of the finest options that provide a similar zero-latency experience with a plethora of digital sketching tools.

 Is Procreate on pc available?

On Windows laptops and desktop PCs, there is no official version of Procreate. Because only iOS devices, like the iPad and iPhone, are supported, this is the case. ProCreate for Desktop may still be used, nevertheless, thanks to Android emulators. 

On your Windows computer, you may use these emulators to access this fantastic program. The many methods for installing ProCreate on a Windows PC will be examined in this blog post.  

Can I get Procreate on Windows?

Yes, in the simplest terms, to your query. The usage of a few system emulators to install Procreate on a Mac or Windows computer is the subject of several circulating web rumors. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? I did some research on the subject since I had the same notion and came up with this.

After some investigation, we discovered that there are four methods to set up Procreate on Windows (desktop or laptop):

  • Using Astropad for Windows

You can transform your iPad into an artistic tablet and wirelessly link it to your Windows computer. An iPad, a laptop, or a desktop computer is all you need in addition to the deluxe mirroring app.

  • Bluestack

Procreate programs for PC may be downloaded and used with the help of the high-end Android emulator Bluestacks. (Using an Android APK from a third party).

  • Nox Player Emulator

Much to the latest version of Blue Nox is a popular emulator that runs without a hitch on Windows PCs. The Nox software and a version of the APK must be downloaded to your PC. To utilize  Procreate with Nox Player.

  • iPadian Simulator

 This program allows you to simulate an iPad on your Windows computer. This is the most commonly utilized iPad emulator that enables you to use Procreate and other apps while navigating the Apple UI.

I hope that this is clear to you; can you get Procreate on pc?

How to get Procreate on Windows using Astropad?

The software runs on any PC running Windows 10 or newer and any iPad running iOS (12.1) or later. The installation and usage of the program are quite simple.

  • Inspect Astropad’s system specifications to make certain your Windows computer and iPad comply. 
  • Get the iPad version of the Project Blue app from the App Store.
  • Download the Astropad Studio program on your Windows computer after downloading it.
  • If you have access to a WiFi system. Use the Astropad application’s control panel to locate your iPad and securely link it to your computer running Windows.  
  • You are ready to go once you have connected your gadgets. To begin drawing, simply launch the Procreate application on your iPad.

Download Procreate for pc using Bluestack

Here are some quick instructions on how to get Procreate for Windows using Bluestacks:

  • Download the most recent edition of the Bluestacks emulator from its official site after looking through the system requirements.
  • Install the APK.
  • Download the app and launch the Bluestacks emulator. According to your Windows PC’s hardware, this might take more than five to ten minutes.
  • Launch the emulator and log in (or register) with your Google account.
  • Drag the.apk file to Bluestacks’ home page or select the install apk option from the toolbar on the far right side of the screen.
  • Find the APK file on the laptop or desktop by navigating there.
  • To open, click.
  • It only takes a click to launch the Procreate software after installation.

On Windows, download Procreate using the Nox Player Emulator

Similar to Bluestacks, Procreate has to be launched using Nox Player through a third-party APK. There are several similarities in the installation procedure:

  • APK versions of Procreate and the Nox Player emulator may be downloaded.
  • Get the emulator installed on your Windows computer.
  • Please enter your Google login information.
  • Drag the apk file onto the NoxPlayer’s main screen, and Procreate will be downloaded without your intervention. You can go forward now.

Can you get Procreate on pc using iPadian Simulator

The iPadian Simulator is relatively simple to install on a Windows computer. It only requires that you:

  • From an official website, install the iPadian Simulator on your Windows computer.
  • Put in the app. Try to be patient as this may take a few minutes.
  • All is OK now. The iPadian Simulator is accessible.

Other alternatives of procreate on pc

There are several excellent Procreate substitutes on the market right now. Adobe Photoshop is a well-liked alternative that provides a complete range of capabilities for both digital art and picture manipulation. 

Corel Painter is another well-liked alternative. It was created especially for painting digitally and has a large selection of paintbrushes and other painting equipment. So now we will see the alternatives of procreate;

  • Concepts
  • Corel Painter
  • ArtRage
  • Autodesk Sketchbook  
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Assembly
  • MediBang Paint
  •  Concepts

This program is used by well-known companies like Disney, Apple, and others to produce straightforward yet appealing graphics. With Concepts’ selection of pens and pencils, every project no matter how big or small can be completed creatively. 

The nicest thing about this program is that, while being such a high-end tool, it can be downloaded and installed for free.

  • Corel Painter

Another powerful option for desktops that has developed a reputation for excellence in drawing is Corel Painter. Users of both Macs and Windows may use it, and you can sign in on your Windows computers.

  • ArtRage

Because of its highly intuitive User Interface, ArtRage is an innovative Windows and Android-based program. It is swiftly gaining recognition among painters and artists.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook  

This is frequently cited as being the greatest Procreate Windows App substitute. Export options for the produced artwork include. jpeg,.png,.tiff, etc. 

Among its many other characteristics are 190 brushes, 16-sector symmetry in the radial direction, and predictive stroke features. This software facilitates the free creation of beautiful artwork.

  • Clip Studio Paint: A Compact and Powerful Program

Clip Studio Paint is a good option if you enjoy Procreate’s organic brush feeling for sketching on Windows PCs. Firstly, the program has a powerful brush processor which allows you to precisely and beautifully produce artwork. 

Because of the vastly improved control, you can design every stroke with its wide range of artistic tools. One of the biggest brush libraries is also included in the programme. Allowing you to select your tools according to the type of art you want to make.  

  • Users of Adobe should use Adobe Illustrator

Adobe’s full featured Illustrator program is impossible to overlook when it involves graphic design. Touchscreen devices boast one of the greatest user interfaces and have simple controls. 

Adobe Illustrator does deal mostly with vector drawings. But you may also experiment with rasterization, just like you do using Procreate. Anything may be produced, including billboards, online icons, and commercial packaging.

You’ll have everything you need to create complex designs, icons, and graphics with Illustrator. Your design may expand to any size, from a little smartphone to advertisements. Because you are using vector graphics in this instance.

  • Assembly

Available to anyone regardless of the operating systems they use (including Mac). Assembly is renowned for its capacity to make excellent digital art. This program provides a broad range of tools, such as Bezier editing tools and typographic tools. 

All of which aid users in improving their work. Additionally, it offers a thorough introduction for newcomers. Overall, it is a wise decision.

  • Make comics and manga using MediBang Paint

Another excellent Procreate substitute for Windows 10 is MediBang Paint, particularly if you do manga or comics. The software includes several features, such as more than 800 tones/backgrounds, brushes, more than 50 brushes, and 20 different font styles. 

It’s a straightforward and effective tool for those just beginning their careers as comic book or comic creators who wish to use it to learn and grow.

Additionally, the software provides cross-platform cloud synchronisation. In conclusion, MediBang Paint may be a terrific tool for amateur and experienced comic producers. Especially because it is free to use.

So, if you think about it, can you use procreate on computer. You can but if you go for the alternatives then it is better for you!


In summary, with the use of artificial intelligence brush-based studios, the Procreate program for Windows PC has completely changed. How do people draw and sketch? Can you get Procreate on pc? Some emulators allow you other than that there are many alternatives to procreate.On Apple devices, the same capabilities are accessible, yet you can download it for free and use it! Don’t allow your operating system to dictate what beautiful art should look like. Instead, easily create using this wonderful program.

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