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When your battery ran out and your cell phone turned off, were you expecting a text message? Maybe it was a text from someone close to you? Or perhaps there is a critical message from the business that has to be sent? So, you must wonder Will text say delivered if phone is off Android.

Don’t worry; we have answers to all of your questions. In this post, we’ll look more closely at everything that occurs whenever a text message is delivered to an off-screen phone.

Do messages deliver when phone is off?

When the recipient’s mobile device is off, the text sent to that person will never show as sent. Since the recipient’s cellphone or the recipient’s contact is judged to be offline and the message could not have been delivered. 

 For Android and iPhone is the same response I’m providing to the query. Since there are other things you should be aware of. It involves more than simply having the phone off so that the text message will not be delivered.

Will a text message say delivered if phone is off?

If the recipient’s phone is off or in airplane mode, a text message says not delivered. Because there is no internet connection available and the device is considered to be offline. A cell phone is going to be offline when it is turned off or in airplane mode, as well as when it is both of these actions.

Specifically for iOS users, I want to be extremely explicit about this now. A text message, often known as an SMS message, is sent over the cellular network. The network of your cell phone or the network of your carrier will charge you for this.

A cell phone must be turned on and connected to a network to send or receive text messages. A mobile phone without a network connection will also not be able to send as well as receive text messages.

If you send the text using an app like iOS’s iMessage or the Android rcs chat function, the situation is entirely different. To use or send messages over these two, all you need is Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan. Now we will see that will text say delivered if phone is off Android.

Will text say delivered if phone is off on Android?

Except if the receiving phone is turned off, offline, or had no wireless coverage, a sent text message on an Android phone will never indicate or display as sent. Android phones must be turned on and in use for text messages to be sent.

A text message will be sent to the recipient’s cellphone once it has mobile connectivity and is turned on. If you activated the delivery notification report on the phone you are using. The majority of Android phones will not display delivered by default.

To find out whether a message got delivered or not, I do suggest always turning on the delivery report. I’ll demonstrate how to use the messaging app from Google to enable the record of a delivery feature on the Android messaging app. 

  • Install the Google Messages application by downloading it.
  • On your Android smartphone, launch the app and select the hamburger-style menu option.
  • You may select Advanced from the options menu.
  • You can see that it says to “get SMS delivery reports” to learn when a message has been sent.
  • Turn on the icon to make the feature active.

Once you’ve enabled Receive sms delivery notifications on your messaging app. You’ll be alerted after delivering a message via text on your Android phone. As to whether or not the recipient has received it.

If phone is off will message say delivered on iPhone?

A sent text will never reach its intended recipient on an iPhone if the recipient’s phone is off; instead, it will show as not received on the sender’s phone.

This is one aspect of the iOS messaging app that I like because it differs from the Android version. If the message has been transmitted over SMS or text, you will often see sent rather than delivered. Only when you hold on to the text and look at its details can you tell whether the message was successfully sent.

If a text or SMS is sent from an iPhone and the message displays as not sent with an assistance icon, the receiver’s phone may be offline, in airplane mode, or the recipient may have blacklisted your number.

How Does iMessage Work?

Each message that you send using your iPhone goes through the iMessage service if iMessage is activated. As a result, whenever you deliver an iMessage, Apple’s iMessage servers receive it. The receiver address is then checked to see if it is active by their servers. The message gets delivered to the recipient only if their account is open.

You require the following three items for iMessage to function:

  • Your iPhone
  • iMessage service activated
  • WiFi or cellphone data connection to the internet.

You may also choose to send every communication as a standard SMS text message if you are unwilling to utilise the iMessage service. As an example:

  • On your iPhone, first, go to Settings.
  • Navigate down and choose Messages.
  • Go back to the bottom of the page and activate the Send as SMS checkbox.

You don’t need to worry about whether will SMS say received if the cellphone is off anymore. A message sent via text will never be transmitted to a phone that is not active, offline, or not connected to a cellular network.


In summary, the answer to the qurery; Will text say delivered if phone is off Android is given in the article. The company that provides the service won’t deliver your messages after you turn off your phone; they must be turned on again before they can be delivered.

Due to the phone’s status as being offline, this is the case. When you switch your phone to Aeroplane mode, the same applies. The likelihood that a person’s cellphone is not in Aeroplane mode. If you deliver a text to them and it seems to be “Delivered” shortly after.

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