Tips and Tricks on How To Change Alarm Sound On Android

How To Change Alarm Sound On Android

Android devices now have unique, customizable features for their users, and you can adjust your phone settings according to your preference. How cool is this? Therefore, we live in a tech-savvy environment where alarm clocks are replaced with mobile alarm features. But still, some of us need help with how to change the alarm sound on Android

The sound settings of your Android devices have different volume levels for things like ringtones, notifications, media, messages, calls, and alarms. To set the alarm sound volume, you need to go through the settings and adjust the volume of each one by sliding up and down the volume bar. 

Sleepjunkie found that 56.38 percent of people hate alarm sounds and feel the same way. So let’s start with the alarm clock settings. 

Alarm Volume Settings In Easy Ways 

Alarm Volume Settings In Easy Ways 

Every smartphone is different, and its settings vary, which confuses many people on how to change the alarm sound on Android or other settings. Following are some step-by-step guides to make it more clear. 

1- Volume Button

The simplest way to adjust or change your alarm setting is to press the volume button on your phone’s right or left side. You will see a popup on your screen; with that, you have a different bar for each option. If you are choosing call settings, you have a separate bar for that, and if you want to change your alarm sound, you can slide the bar and increase or decrease the volume.

2- Vibrations Settings

You can change your alarm sound setting with this option too. There are several ways to change a single setting, and that’s what I have talked about: how customized and easy it is. Users who can’t access the setting from one option do it from another. Therefore, most users ask how to change the alarm sound on Android, so here is the answer: you can open the sound and vibration settings in the general settings menu. Also, you can change your alarm sound from here. 

3- Alarm Clock Settings

Android phones have alarm clock settings where you can set the alarm and change the tone and sound. As the new versions are coming, the alarm settings in the latest versions are different. They have slightly different options. But still, you can access them very quickly.

Alarm clock settings have multiple options. You can open the world clock and stopwatch, and you can access the timer as well. If we mainly discuss alarms, we have several options. You can adjust the volume. It means the alarm sound will slowly grow. 

There is an option interval. The function of this option is to let you customize how many times the alarm will repeat and the intensity of the sound. 

Android users also have to notify me. The purpose of this option is to inform you that the alarm will shut down after some time. 

How to set different tones as Alarm sound– Tips and Tricks

How to set different tones as Alarm sound– Tips and Tricks

 We want something energetic on a lazy morning. If we talk about alarms, the first thing that comes to mind is that we must get up and do some things. It gets very dull every morning to hear the same thing. You can make your alarm fun and motivating in many ways.

1- Set a song

All your music files are in internal storage. MP3, MP2, AU, WAV, and AC3 are compatible with Android devices. Follow the simple steps to set a song for the alarm. 

  • Go to My files 
  • Click on internal storage 
  • Tap on Music 
  • If the song is in the download folder, then move it into the music folder
  • Now Choose a song from your music library 

2- Voice Note

Most people are using alarms as reminders. Therefore, if they want to attend some event, they can set a voice note saying, “At 6 pm, I have to be there. Now the point is how to change the alarm sound on Android or add a voice note. 

Some apps let you record a voice note or upload a file directly with a sound effect you like. Convert your files from downloads to the music folder on Android for the clock application to locate the file. After that, it will show you many audios you can choose from. 

3- Trim MP3 Song

We all agree that we all love listening to songs, but some lyrics are our top favorites. So if you want to make a trim sound as your alarm sound, you first need to trim the song or track. Let’s see how to do it:

Upload your MP3 file. 

Download any free MP3 trimming app or software. It will need only a few steps to trim a song. Now tap on the file, launch your app files, and pick the audio you want to edit. 

Pick the part

You can move the bar from left to right. 

Download it

Now choose the type of file you want to use with the help of the dropdown option, edit the name so you can easily remember that this is the trim version, and then save it. After this, you only have to transfer the file from downloads into the music folder. 

4- How to use a song from AppApp

It will be new for many of us that you can set a sound from the App. A few days back, I discovered this thing, and it is super cool, but you have to be sure that Spotify or any app is available in your country. Install both the apps now go to alarm sound. You will see your apps there, select the AppApp and pick your song from there. Following are some quick ways to set it

  • Download the Clock app and Song app.
  • Tap on Alarm 
  • Select alarm sound
  • Pick an app you want the song from
  • Select the track and save the settings

There are some app restrictions in every AppApp. You will only find some songs if they’re available in your region. 


Setting the alarm is basic, and every user knows about it. But it can be confusing when it comes to changing the alarm sound on Android. Therefore, I have covered almost everything to help you set the alarm on your Android phone. Following the easy steps above, you can change or set a sound like a pro. Im sure now your mornings will not be dull anymore. So turn your typical alarm sound into something crazy that gives you extra energy to start the day. Have fun!

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How do I use my ringtone as an alarm sound?

Android users have the option they can set any audio file as an alarm tune. 

What type of music file does Android support?

Any file you can download, and it will work on Android phones. Otherwise, MP4A and MP3 are popular among all. 

Where can I save my sounds?

You can easily store your sounds in media, systems and audio. 

Does the sound of an alarm affect the mood?

Yes, sound plays a vital role, especially in the morning. Avoid sharp music as an alarm sound. Keep it neutral. 

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