Tips on How can you lock a folder on iPhone

can you lock a folder on iphone

Lock in mobile phones are popular among every Android or iphone user. New changes are continuously taking place people are adapting those recent trends to make their lives easier and more organized. Now the question is can you lock a folder on iphone

Fortunately, you can lock a folder like you can secure your apps on your cellphone. But there are numerous ways to lock a screen and an iPhone folder on iphone. Some methods are straightforward, and some require apps and extra effort. 

How Can You Lock a Folder on iPhone?

How Can You Lock a Folder on iPhone?

Iphone has this built-in feature, commonly used to monitor folders, but it will not allow you to set a passcode or make private folders. I will show you great tips and tricks that help you easily lock a folder, pictures, videos, and documents.  

Download Folder Lock Applications

There are several applications available for iphone and Android cell phones. People always need clarification about what app should be downloaded first to lock a folder on iphone. Therefore, can you lock folders on your iphone? Yes, you can do it by downloading an application for it. Because sometimes, the app shows that it will solve your issue or help you out, but when you download it, it turns out to be a waste of time. 

To save you time and effort, I am sharing some good apps from which you can lock an iPhone folder on iphone. 

Furthermore, how do lock a folder on iphone? I’m sure this question keeps running through your mind while the article. Owlfiles, folder lock, best secret folder, and MAx Vault are some of the apps that are great for locking your files, videos, pictures, and whole folders. 

Set Up a Passcode

After downloading the app you want, you need to enable the passcode. The purpose of setting up the password is that whenever anyone tries to get into a particular file or folder, the password screen shows up. 

Find out some more ways how to lock folders on iphone and How to set a password:

1- In your iphone, go to the file manager 

2- Click more on the top

3- Tap on setting

4- then go to set the password

And you are done. Save your current setting so that you will not lose your password and another change you have made. 

Create a Folder 

Now that you have saved the changes, you must add your private data or whatever you want to keep secure and make a separate folder. The Interesting feature allows you to add contact numbers, google documents, Excel sheets, pictures, and videos. 

Benefits Of Using App Lock for iPhone

Benefits Of Using App Lock for iPhone

Having a security app on your mobile is the best way to protect all your data. Therefore, can you lock a folder on iphone with the help of app lock? Yes, you can do it without getting into complexities. A great and trusted app lock ensures the data is secure and nobody reaches or accesses your folder by adding random passcodes to pass the app test. 

The following are common pros of downloading an App lock. 

1- Restrict Authorized Source

Using app lock, ensure nobody can access private files, folders, or apps. Every app allows its user to hide their data and restrict unwanted users.

2- Change the Passcode Anytime

Usually, every app has this feature, which is quite user-friendly because if someone gives the password to anyone for some reason, this feature plays a significant role here. Therefore, the situation can be different if someone needs to remember the password so that person can change it easily. 

3- Apps Are Free of Cost 

A popular reason for using app lock is that it is free and easy to use. Iphone or Android users can access app locks for free and use this feature for their benefit. 

4- Personalized 

The outstanding feature of app lock is you can decide what you want. For example, you can choose the apps you want to keep in-app safety. If you keep only pictures hidden, you can do it too. Similarly, can you lock a folder on iphone? You can also secure a complete folder with the help of an app lock. 

Some more features of personalization:

  • Capture picture: If someone tries to get into your cellphone or particular app, it will immediately click the picture front or back camera. This feature lets you catch the person trying to open the app. 
  • Disable switch-off option: Another great benefit of keeping an app lock in your phone is you can turn off the power off option in your phone. It prevents the cell phone from snatching the phone will be easily trackable. 
  • Incognito mode: This is something exciting. Incognito mode is available on any browser or application. The feature allows you to hide those files, pictures, and videos to keep the tab or folder open. 

Cons of App lock 

There are some drawbacks as every app provides you benefits. Some push a user away because no one likes to lose their data and other stuff. I will be sharing some cons I faced using an app lock. 

  • Technical issues: Obviously, app locks are like other applications installed on your cellphone, so they also have technical issues. Similarly, app lock users face the same problems. If anything technical occurs in the app, it will remove all the pictures and data you kept safe in the lock feature. 
  • Face recognition: Face ID is not available in every application. It can be another big drawback of mobile applications because people like to do things in a more accessible and quick way rather than wasting time and energy on remembering the password or entering the correct code to unlock the app. 
  • Premium features are expensive and push back users from using an app lock. As well as these app locks and their premium feature could also be more efficient. 
  • Less versatile: The free apps will not allow you to customize se the option according to your need or preferences. I faced this issue when I was using the app lock. Customization means selecting the security option if you want a different passcode for a separate application or folder. 


In the technological and modern age, we are getting more tech-savvy and like things more organized and private. Therefore, can you lock a folder on your iphone? To rescue you by successfully hiding the folder, I have shared some great tips from essential to advanced level, which will help you keep your data more secure while using your cellphone or any other app lock applications. So enjoy this feature and great app locks, and be stress-free if you share your mobile with someone. 

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Is it great to use app lock?

Yes, because If you can lock a folder on iphone, this is the most effective way to protect your things from hackers or others. 

Can you protect your files or folder on your iphone?

Yes, you can hide or protect your data on iphone with the help of great applications available on the apple store for free.

Can I Make a private folder and protect it?

You can do it by using encryption to passcode protect a file or a folder. 

Does iphone have a built-in private folder feature?

There is an option; click on the hidden album, and turn it off. By doing this, your folder will become invisible. Also, you can turn it in at any time. 

Can you put a password in a folder?

No, you can’t apply any password to a folder because an unauthorized source already protects the account. Also, it is encrypted by BitLocker. 

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