Discover Iphone Features: How Long Can You Screen Record On Iphone

how long can you screen record on iphone

The ability to record one’s screen has been introduced previously. Therefore, screen recording activity on a computer requires a separate video camera or camcorder. But, with the rise of cell phones, video recording is now a breeze.

You can record your screen for as long as you choose on an iPhone. But, there is a space issue. Screen recordings can be saved on your iPhone until you either fill up its storage or your cloud storage.

Anyone with an iOS device can take high-quality screen recordings. But the need for clarification is how long can you screen record on iphone. Is there a limit to how long an iPhone screencast may take before the recording automatically stops? For this reason, let’s explore that now.

The honest answer is that there is no upper limit on the duration of screen recordings made on iPhones. It, however, means that recording can only continue for a while.

For how long can you screen record on iphone? Since there is no option to set a time limit, your iPhone will record for as long as its battery or storage allows.

There should not be an issue until the battery indicator turns yellow and enters low power mode, even if the charge level is 100%.

Tips On How To Record The Screen Of Your iPhone

Tips On How To Record The Screen Of Your iPhone

Many of us need to learn how long can you screen record on iphone. Still, today people are using screen recording to grab little clips from videos before uploading them to social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Making a movie of the screen activity on your iPhone or other iOS device is now simpler than ever. Using your mobile device on your computer is no longer necessary to capture what is displayed on the screen.

1- Orientation lock

Before you start, whether you’ll be holding your smartphone vertically or horizontally when filming. If you don’t want to tilt the device while recording accidentally, it’s a good idea to lock the orientation. Your recording will either suddenly end or become unplayable if you do this.

  • How to lock: Hold your device in the desired recording position to lock into that orientation. Choose the lock symbol.

2- Make a clean-up

How to change the wallpaper: 

  • To go back to Apple’s default wallpaper
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Wallpaper
  • Get a New Wallpaper
  • You’ll be able to choose between Stills and Dynamic wallpapers. 
  • Choose a wallpaper
  • Then go to Set 
  • Select Home Screen to make it the new background for your home screen.

3- Stop display zooming

You should turn off Zoom mode on a newer iPhone or iPad if you use it. For example, if you use an iPhone 6 in zoom mode, the recording will be 1136 x 640 instead of 1334 x 750.

4- Turn off the music in apps

If you need clarification about how long you can record a screen on iphone and want to record a game or app with music and sound effects in the background, you should turn off the music in the game settings.

How long can you do screen record on iphone with sound? Since this music will get in the way of what you are saying. You don’t have to record the music simultaneously with the sound effects. Instead, you can record the sound effects and add the music as a separate track to your video editor.

5- Set the “do not disturb” mode

It will keep you from having calls or notifications interrupt your recording.

To activate sleep mode (also known as “do not disturb mode”)

  • To silence your device
  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap on Do Not Disturb
  • And then tap the Silent option.

6- Allow display capture

You must first activate screen recording on your gadget. While recording your iPhone’s screen is easy, the device is only sometimes configured to do so.

Features of iPhone Screen Recording

Features of iPhone Screen Recording

There are many important reasons to record your screen. Here are some of the many things on how long you can screen record on iPhone and you can do with Screen recording on an iPhone:

  • Bugs and errors in software can be better understood if they are recorded.
  • During a game, you can record yourself.
  • You can make a preview video for the App Store.
  • You can show a possible client how something works.
  • You can show the most recent functions or features of the app.
  • During the review, you can give feedback.
  • You can save your online class recordings for further review.
  • Employers can use this feature to record how the work is done to make training easier.

A Quick Guide To Editing Your Screen Recording

You may find that your recordings start or conclude with material that wasn’t originally intended to be there. Cut out the moment when you try to stop the screen recording or the sight of the Control Center disappearing. The good news is that you can quickly and easily remove unwanted sections of a photo right in the Photos app.

  • View the pictures in a new window.
  • Tap on the recording.
  • Choose the Edit option.
  • To cut or shorten the video, use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to make adjustments.
  • Choose the done option.

How To Add Arrows and Captions to a Screen Recording

You should add something extra to your recordings, such as captions or stickers. A specialized program like Screen Recorder+ is required for this purpose. After obtaining it from the App Store, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the screen recorder.
  • Start recording and Tap Start Broadcast.
  • When you complete your screen recording, hit the recording button. 
  • Go to stop the broadcast.
  • Now click on the recording.
  • Tap the option to edit
  • Click to add stickers.
  • Tap on Done

How to fix problems with iPhone screen capture

Apple has done a great job of making it easy to record your screen, but you will still have problems. 

Here are some of the most common problems related to how long you can record your iPhone screen on iphone. Therefore, people need help recording their iPhone screens, along with solutions.

Why isn’t my screen recording working?

  • Running low on space.

You will face difficulty if the phone storage is full. You can not record or save the recording after completing it.

  • An app may not allow it.

Some apps don’t let you take a picture of the screen because they have copywritten music or videos.

  • Freezing Software

Restarting your iPhone can help fix weird bugs, whether the screen recorder is freezing or another app is.

Why can’t I record sound with my screen?

Here are some things to try if you’re watching a screen recording but don’t hear the sound you captured with it:

1- Activate your microphone

When the recording starts, the mic will get off by default setting. Read the steps above to help make sure that it’s turned on.

2- Switch off your iPhone

Follow this trick when you need to know how long to screen record for on iphone follow this trick. It’s possible that your iPhone’s mic is being used by more than one app simultaneously. When you restart your iPhone, it can stop all of its other tasks.

3- Reset iPhone

The iPhone’s microphone settings are malfunctioning.

  • By going to Settings 
  • You can reset all of your settings by General Reset and tapping “Reset All Settings,” you can reset all of your settings.


There are several cases in which recording your iPhone’s screen can be useful. When you start the recording, ensure the mobile is charged enough and has good storage. I hope this article solves all your queries about how long can you screen record on iphone. Keep recording!


Is there any limit on screen recording? 

You can use Screen Record as long there’s enough space. Using iCloud to store photos and videos can free up space on your device.

Can an iPhone screen be recorded for 3 hours?

Yes, you can record for 3 hours on an iPhone. Launch the camera app, then tap the Record Video button. Then, to start recording, press and hold the record button. Release the button to stop recording.

What kind of quality can an iPhone record a screen?

Although 720p is the standard, you can find third-party programs in the App Store that will let you record in a higher resolution.

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