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Speculation and controversy are nothing new for Snapchat. Many people consider this site, which caters to younger audiences, to be poisonous. In the past, Snapchat eliminated its games region. It also removed the ghost trail function that was exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers. 

Snapscore has become one element that a large number of people find intrusive. There still has lately been talk that Snapchat could do away with this function. Is Snapchat getting rid of Snapscores? Let’s investigate whether this is a rumor or whether Snapchat will remove the snap score feature!

 Is Snap getting rid of snap score?

Snapscore won’t be eliminated by Snapchat, though. The clip posted on TikTok, which has gained over 2 million views, seems to have contributed to the rumor’s propagation. Snapscore is still doing well, the company said according to a statement about the video.

Contrary to what you might have learned, Snapchat has no intentions to stop offering Snapscores. Snapscores are used all around the website to represent a user’s degree of involvement. 

The scores take into account details like how many photos were exchanged or received. And how many tales you’ve shared, and also a few other things. Generally, overall, an individual’s Snapscore indicates how active and well-liked they are as a user on the site.

So this is clear whether the rumor of Snapchat getting rid of Snapscore is correct or not! 

User reaction to the rumor about the snap score removed

Now let’s discuss whether the user reaction to the rumor is snap removing snap score or not.

Few Snapchat users have reportedly corroborated the rumours. That the Snapscore is gone from their account. The function has not, however, necessarily been removed as a result of this.

It may also be a momentary bug brought on by a platform upgrade or other technical problems. However, many people find it worrying merely the notion of Snapscore being missing.

So, if you are worried, is Snapchat removing Snapscore 2023? Don’t worry it will not be removed by Snapchat.

What is Snapchat’s Snapscore?

Snapchat’s Snapscore is a numerical indication of your app engagement.

Your Snapscore is calculated by adding all snaps (pictures and videos) sent and received. As well as a few other elements such as Stories you’ve uploaded and other in-app activity. The more you use Snapchat and interact with other people on the app, the better your Snap Score.

The Snapscore appears next to your username and is accessible to your Snapchat friends. It’s vital to understand that your Snapscore is not a measure of your popularity, but rather of your activity and engagement in the Snapchat app.

Why is Snapchat removing the Snapscore in case?

Snapchat has become extremely common among social media consumers, especially younger generations, since its introduction in 2011? Snapchat’s “Snap Score” function, effectively acted as a user’s rating. 

It was among the features that distinguished it from other social networking sites.  Snap Score, it seems, has been lately withdrawn from the Snapchat app. 

Although the reason for Snapchat’s decision to discontinue Snap Score is unclear. Others believe it may have something to do with the business’s intention to roll out a new, more participatory scoring system. 

No matter the reason, consumers of the Snapchat app will need to discover a new means to monitor their “rating” on the application.

I hope the above discussion will clear you, is Snapchat getting rid of snap scores?

How to hide my snap score?

Some users may want to hide their snap score for privacy reasons or to avoid judgment from others. We’ll guide you through the process of hiding your snap score in this post.  

Step 1: 

Launch Snapchat and choose the upper-left profile button to access it.  

Step 2: 

Viewing your settings requires clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.  

Step 3: 

Go below to the “Who Can…” area and choose “See My Story.” 

Step 4: 

Select “Custom” from the options and then select the people you want to hide your snap score from.

Step 5: 

Click on the back arrow in the top left corner and then click on “See Me in Quick Add.”

Step 6: 

Select “Custom” again and choose the people you want to hide your snap score from.

Step 7: 

Click on the back arrow again and then click on “See Me in Search.”

Step 8: 

Select “Custom” once more and choose the people you want to hide your snap score from.

Step 9: 

Once you have selected all the people you want to hide your snap score from, click on the back arrow and exit the settings.

The public will no longer see your snap score.  

You selected the “See My Story,” “See Me in Quick Add,” and “See Me in Search” sections. However, your snap score will still be visible to anyone you send snaps to. 

So, after knowing, is Snapchat taking away snap score, this is the way to hide your snap score.  

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What are the reasons I am unable to View My Friends’ Snap Score?

However, some users may have noticed that they cannot see their friends’ Snap Scores, despite their friends being able to see theirs. Here are the possible reasons why some users cannot see their friends’ Snap Scores.  

Reason 1

First of all, users should be aware that Snapchat’s settings for privacy provide them control over who may view their material and activities. All Snap Scores have the public visibility setting by default, making them viewable by anybody. 

However, users can change their privacy settings to hide their Snap Score from others. Or only allow certain friends to see it. Therefore, if a friend has set their Snap Score to private, you will not be able to see it unless they change their settings.

Reason 2

Another possible reason why you cannot see your friend’s Snap Score is that they have blocked or removed you. If this is the case, you will not be able to see any of their activity, including their Snap Score. 

However, if you suspect that this is the reason why you cannot see their Snap Score, you can try sending them a snap or a message to confirm if you are still on their friend list.

Reason 3

Finally, it is worth noting that Snapchat’s algorithm may take some time to update your friend’s Snap Score. If your friend has recently joined Snapchat or has not used the app for a while, their Snap Score may not show up immediately. 

In this case, you may need to wait a few days or weeks before their Snap Score becomes visible. I thus anticipate that you can now comprehend is Snapchat getting rid of Snapscores.

Your Snap Score may be deleted, but how?

Some people may wish to delete their Snap Score for privacy reasons or to start fresh. The methods to erase your Snap Score are as follows: 

Step 1: 

Tap on the profile symbol in the upper left side of Snapchat after it has opened. 

Step 2: 

The gear icon is located in the top right side of the screen. Clicking it will bring up the settings menu.  

Step 3: 

Navigate to “Who Can” and click “See My Score.” 

Step 4: 

Toggle off the “See My Score” option, and your Snap Score will disappear from your profile.

So, this way you can delete your snap score. The query is Snapchat removing snap score now clear for you.

Final verdict 

In summary, the query Is Snapchat getting rid of Snapscores, discussed above very briefly. Whether or not Snapchat should get rid of Snap Scores depends on what their goals are for the app. If they want to create a less stressful and more inclusive environment, getting rid of the feature could be a positive change. 

However, if they want to maintain the app’s gamified and competitive aspect, Snap Scores might be worth keeping around. While some users might welcome the change, others might be disappointed or frustrated. 

It is unclear how Snapchat will handle this prospective adjustment going forward.  And what impact it will have on the app and its users!

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