Do Alarm Work on Airplane mode? Let’s Find It Out

do alarm work on airplane mode

Do alarm work on airplane mode? In airplane mode, your phone’s network and wireless services are turned off. The communication between passengers on the plane could be hampered by the cellular network on your phone or other wireless services. As a result, you won’t be able to browse the internet, send text messages, or connect to Bluetooth or make phone calls. However, the fundamental functions that are unrelated to network or wireless services will continue to function. When the phone is in airplane mode, there is no network connection, but the alarm will still sound. If you want to learn does alarms work on airplane mode and other things then this article is for you

What does “airplane mode” refer to?

If you don’t put your iPhone in “airplane mode,” it could mess up the plane’s communication systems. This stops it from being able to work as a phone because it turns off the wireless data signals. Apple can turn off voice and data cellular services, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other location functions by using this feature. You won’t be able to call, text, email, use the Internet, or get calls or texts. Still, other things still work.

What Does the Plane Mode Do?

In Airplane Mode, both the phone’s cellular and Wi-Fi radios are turned off. This means that the phone can’t make or receive calls or connect to a cellular network to get the time or other information. It also can’t connect to other Wi-Fi devices, which means that any apps that need an Internet connection won’t work. GPS and Bluetooth are also not working so will alarm work on airplane mode?  Most smartphones, like iPhones and phones that work with Android, have a “Settings” menu where Airplane Mode is usually found.

Do alarm work on airplane mode?

Our phone’s main purpose is calling and texting. As more companies and innovators enter this market, more features are being released to attract customers. These features definitely improve customer convenience. Some of these features are wireless network-related. Enabling these features on a plane may disrupt its communication system. Flight mode should be activated during air travel. So for this reason. Our phone’s airplane mode disables wireless and other network services but leaves other systems alone. So no internet-related phone calls, texts, or app notifications. But does alarm clock work on airplane mode and the answer is yes, it does. Features like Alarm, Clock, Music, Notes(offline), File Manager, or Calculator work as usual without any hindrance. Because the Alarm works based on your phone’s internal clock. And since this clock app doesn’t connect to the network system, the alarm will still go off even when you’re in airplane mode. 

do alarm works on airplane mode

What You Can Do in Plane Mode

Even when set to “Airplane Mode,” most smartphones can still do a lot. For instance, games and many productivity programs that don’t need Wi-Fi access, like word processors and spreadsheets, will still work. Even apps that work best when they are connected to the Internet may still let you work “offline.” For example, your email app might let you read messages you downloaded before the flight and write new ones to send when you land.

Benefits of airplane mode

Even when you are not flying, you should probably utilise airplane mode more frequently because it has several benefits.

1) It saves your phone battery

You can save your mobile phone’s battery life by turning off all of those wireless connections. These are some of the most power-hungry functions, and turning on airplane mode turns them all off. On planes, this can quickly drain your battery because your phone will want to connect to the radio towers below. This also involves Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Putting your phone in airplane mode will save a lot of battery life while you’re flying. 

2) it prevents harmful radiations 

All of the wireless signals from your phone give off some level of radiation. Older commercial planes had trouble with their instruments because of this radiation. Phones emit non-ionizing radiation, which is a type of radiation. Both radio and microwave frequencies fall within this category. Scientists are still trying to figure out what happens when people are exposed to non-ionizing radiation for a long time, but more and more studies show the damage it can do, such as increasing the risk of cancer and making men unable to have children.

3) It keep your data secure 

It’s clear that turning off data saves data. Have you ever found that your data turned on by itself? When you turn on “Airplane mode,” all wireless data is turned off. Perfect if you want to avoid big roaming charges at all costs. If you want to call someone, just turn it off again.

Will the alarm work on airplane mode? How to find out for yourself

If you still have doubts that does alarm clock works in airplane mode then  try this out for yourself, it only takes a few minutes.

  1. Simply set an alarm for a few minutes from now and switch to aeroplane mode on your phone or tablet.
  2. When the alarm time on your device’s clock comes, it should start to ring or vibrate, depending on how you have the alarm set.

This is a great way to clear the question: do alarm work on airplane mode so you can be sure that your alarm will still go off when it is supposed to.

Is it okay to put your phone in aeroplane mode before bed?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to sleep with your phone in airplane mode. Some people think that this is safer than leaving your phone on but not in airplane mode because of the signals that come in and out of your device while you’re sleeping. This is one reason why you might want to use the airplane mode instead of the “do not disturb” mode. Do not disturb mode doesn’t stop signals from getting to your device, but airplane mode does. So, it’s better to sleep with your phone in airplane mode if you don’t want calls or other notifications to wake you up.

Difference between “do not disturb” (DND) and “airplane mode”

Do not disturb Airplane mode
DND lets you use your cellular networkairplane mode stops all radiofrequency transmissions coming into and going out of the device.
Your phone is still linked to the cellular network when in DND mode, so you will continue to receive calls and texts. However, your phone will not alert you to any new messages, calls, or notifications. Even the DND mode can be modified to allow some calls and notifications to still be received.But when you put your phone into airplane mode, you can stop all cellular activity, which means you won’t get any notifications to start with. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can still get alerts from certain apps.

But the alarm goes off even if you are in DND mode or airplane mode. I think you should use DND when you are taking a break from work. So, you won’t get calls you don’t want, but you’ll still be able to get important ones. A little too much, and I wouldn’t recommend it even if you were ghosting someone.

How Far Should You Keep Your Phone From You While You’re Sleeping?

While you’re sleeping, it’s best to keep your phone at least 1 meter (3.3 feet) away from your bed, as advised by a number of sources that can be found on the internet.

Therefore, placing it on a nightstand rather than, for example, keeping it next to your head is a much better option. When your alarm goes off in the morning, this is still close enough for you to quickly reach it and press the snooze button.

Does airplane mode destroy your phone?

Since switching to airplane mode disconnects all wireless connections, the answer is yes; this does reduce the overwhelming majority of the radiation emitted by mobile phones. Nevertheless, as long as it is turned on, your phone will continually release a trace amount of radioactive particles known as radiation. In today’s world, mobile phones are extremely powerful electronic devices, with batteries that can even surpass 5000 mAh.


I hope the question do alarm work on airplane mode gets clear now because Even in airplane mode, your alarm will sound. Other than flying, airplane mode is useful when you want to save your battery and simply when you want to focus on things other than phone and even when you don’t want calls and messages. You can use the alarm to keep your routine now that you know if it works in airplane mode. You can usually silence the alert using your phone’s alarm app or settings.

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Will the aircraft crash if I don’t activate the aeroplane mode?

Travel and Leisure says that a phone not in “airplane mode” has never caused a crash. It’s more of a courtesy to make sure there isn’t anything going on that could be distracting. The plane won’t crash, but you should still switch your phone to “airplane mode.”

Does WhatsApp work in airplane mode?

After you get a WhatsApp message, put your phone into airplane mode. So, this will turn off your device’s mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. When you open WhatsApp, you can look at messages.

Is it safe to use airplane mode?

But if you want to keep your secure information safe, airplane mode is a great way to temporarily stop hackers from getting to your phone. It limits how much your device can connect to public networks that aren’t secure and hides you from hackers.

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