Why Can’t I Favorite Videos on Tiktok

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Do you have trouble adding videos or sounds to your TikTok favorites? In addition to uploading and sharing your videos on TikTok, you can also mark other people’s videos as favorites.

You may add videos to your favorite list on TikTok by using the favorite button. The videos you have saved may then be seen by going to your favorite area. 

However, people occasionally report having trouble liking TikTok videos. Some people can no longer view their favorite videos since this functionality is just gone. This article will look at some of the potential causes of why can’t I favorite videos on TikTok. And provide solutions to it.

Why can’t I favorite videos on TikTok anymore?

There are a few possible causes for the “Add to Favourites” option on TikTok to be missing or unavailable. When you try to add videos.

Data Cache Buildup

You cannot like videos on TikTok, and this serves as one of the main causes. The program can only run normally if there is enough data in the cache on your device.

Problems with Internet Access

If you can’t like videos on TikTok, your Internet connection may be too shaky or inconsistent. To load and store your favorite videos on TikTok, you need a reliable internet connection.

Your TikTok account has problems

Your account could be having problems. You might not be able to like TikTok videos because your account has been blacklisted or restricted.

Technical Mistake

The inability to like TikTok videos may be due to technical reasons. The failure to use the Favourite button is only one of the faults that might happen simultaneously due to TikTok service troubles.


In certain circumstances, using a VPN prevents you from being able to like TikTok videos.

Ineffective TikTok app

TikTok videos cannot be favored for another reason: the app is out of date. Your favorite videos may not be able to be saved if you haven’t upgraded your TikTok application to the newest version.

So these are the reasons mentioned above that I can’t favorite videos on TikTok.

What to do if I can’t add to favorites TikTok?

Let’s investigate some potential fixes now that we are aware of the causes of this issue.

  • Reset network configuration
  • TikTok should be updated
  • TikTok’s app or your device’s cache to be cleared
  • Sign out of the application and then re-login
  • Remove and reinstall TikTok
  • Avoid Using VPN
  • Wait until the option is presented to you

Reset network configuration

Your device won’t be able to access the Internet if your network settings are incorrect. Even if the Internet is completely functional, incorrectly configured settings might prevent your device from connecting to the Internet.

Your device’s network settings can be reset to their default state to reconnect to the Internet.

TikTok should be updated

Your TikTok app may not allow you to like videos if it is out of date. Check the App Store or the Play Store on Google to see if the app has any updates available. The issue can be fixed by upgrading the application. 

TikTok’s app or your device’s cache to be cleared

Cache and data clearing for the TikTok app is one potential fix. Any temporary data that could be the problem will be eliminated by doing this. 

  • Go to the Settings & Security menu of the TikTok app. 
  • Choose Cache & Cellular > Free up space to accomplish this.

Sign out of the application and then re-login

In certain cases, the issue can be resolved by signing out and back into your TikTok account. 

  • Go to the profile page
  • Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to accomplish this. 
  • After choosing Settings and Privacy, click Log Out. 
  • Re-enter your account after that, then attempt to like videos once more.
  • Remove and reinstall TikTok

You might try deleting the TikTok app and reinstalling it if none of the alternatives mentioned above work. This may receive an updated version of the software that fixes any bugs.

Avoid Using VPN

VPNs can occasionally interfere with TikTok. Many users have discovered that TikTok does not function as intended if the VPN is on. Therefore, it could be worth trying to disable your VPN before utilizing Tik Tok.

You could try that even though there is no assurance that it would solve the issue. 

Wait until the option is presented to you

You aren’t alone. Many individuals throughout the world are having the same problem, which is that they can’t locate the TikTok Add to Favourite button. After downloading the TikTok app to another device or upgrading the software, the favorite button vanished from the app.

In other words, it’s a known problem. And you can anticipate TikTok coming out with a new version with a bug patch to resolve it. You may use the favorite button right now by using a previous version of the TikTok app.

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In summary, the “Favourite” option is highly useful, as anyone who uses TikTok often is aware.

Even though occasionally TikTok artists don’t even provide viewers access to store their videos for offline usage. This option spares you from having to save all the videos you’ve loved viewing to your phone.

You may store any video, song, or hashtag in TikTok using the favorite feature, though. So you can access it anytime you like. 

You can understand why can’t I favorite videos on TikTok or if you are unable to locate previously “favourite” films. Don’t worry, though; the method in this post will help you resolve this issue! 


I can’t favorite videos on TikTok, why?

Check your TikTok account after logging in to see if the favorite button is present. If it does, this indicates a problem with your particular device. It’s conceivable that your smartphone has run out of storage space or that your favorite apps are no longer supported.

Why can’t I add videos to my favorites on TikTok?

If you are failing to add TikTok videos to your favorites, TikTok may be running on an older version of your device. You may add videos to your favorite list after updating the app.

Why Tiktok can’t favorite videos?

The last possible explanation for why TikTok won’t let you add to favorites is that you’re using an old app.

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