Snap Stories Viewer: How Can I View Story Privately?

Snap Stories Viewer How Can I View Story Privately

The Snap Stories Viewer is an integral part of Snapchat that allows users to stay updated by viewing their friends sharing pictures and videos on their stories for 24 hours. There are many options if you’re curious about how you can view the Story privately. It includes setting up a fake account, using third-party apps, or using Snapchat’s Ghost Mode. Let’s explore each way to view Snapchat stories privately.

What is Snapchat?

The widely used social networking app Snapchat allows users to share and receive photos and videos that vanish from recipients’ devices once they’ve viewed them. Through the app’s filters, a pair of glasses, and geotags, users may showcase their personalities. Snapchat also has a feature called Stories, where users can upload multiple photos or videos to be viewed by their friends for 24 hours before they vanish forever. According to research, Snapchat has 7.9% of daily active users who use it to share snaps and communicate with friends and family.

What is Snapchat

What is Snapchat Stories, and how do they work?

First, you need to know what a Snapchat Story is and how it works, and then we’ll discuss how to view snap story in secret.

  • The Snapchat Story feature lets users post pictures and videos to their friends’ feeds, which will remain viewable for 24 hours. 
  • To use this feature, Get Snapchat open.
  • Snap a picture or a video.
  • Add word effects, filters, or other effects.
  • Tap the “Send To” button to upload it and choose “My Story.”
  • Friends can tap on your profile icon to read your Story.
  • After 24 hours, stories vanish, but you can save or remove them.

What is Snapchat Stories, and how do they work

Tips for Secretly Checking Out Snap Story

There are many tips for a Snap Stories Viewer to watch Snapchat Stories in private, including

  • Airplane mode is the easiest way to view Snapchat stories without being tracked. Open Snapchat, turn on airplane mode, and watch the Story. To avoid marking the Story as read, stop the app, turn off airplane mode, and reopen it.
  • Use Snapchat’s “Discover” tool to view recent stories sneakily.Scroll over the stories you want to read by tapping the Discover symbol near the bottom of your device’s display. 
  • Activate the “Ghost Mode” function on Snapchat. Snapchat’s Ghost Mode enables you to mask your location and maintain your anonymity while using the app.
  • For an anonymous Snapchat story view, make a fake account. However, the user may discover you are reading their stories from a fake account.
  • Third-party apps let you read Snapchat stories without being detected. Beware of scams and unsafe apps—research third-party apps before using them.
  • Don’t swipe up to send a message or use an emoji. Interacting with the Story can alert the user that you viewed their account.

How to view Snapchat stories?

Here is a complete guide on how to view snap stories:

  • Login into your Snapchat account.
  • Access Snap’s camera from the main page by swiping left.
  • From the camera interface, swipe right to the Explore tab.
  • Snap stories from publishers, influencers, and friends who have shared their stories publicly will display on the Discover tab.
  • To begin viewing a Snap story, tap on the circular thumbnail or tile for that Story.
  • Swipe left to see the next story-related Snap. Swipe right to view the preceding Snap.
  • Pressing and holding the screen pauses a Snap narrative. Activate to continue playing.
  • Snaps with audio can be paused, and their level changed by tapping the screen.
  • You can interact with a Snap story by leaving a comment, saving it, or sharing it with others after viewing it.
  • Snaps are only kept for 24 hours before they vanish. 
  • You can watch your friends’ Snap stories by tapping their Bitmoji or username on the app’s home screen.

How to view Snapchat stories

What are the benefits of viewing stories privately?

The benefits of a snap story viewer spying on stories include

1- Privacy: 

Viewing a story secretly hides your view from the author. This is useful to consider a user’s story without them knowing or being seen as “stalking” their profile.

2- Unwanted Interactions: 

After viewing a user’s Story, they may contact you or start a discussion. Viewing a story privately avoids unwanted conversations.

3- Avoiding Social Pressure: 

Users may see that you viewed their Stories and expect you to engage with them. Viewing a story anonymously lets you avoid social pressure and avoid engaging with the user.

4- Industry Analysis:

Businesses and brands can use anonymous Story reading for market research without alerting users. Companies can learn about their target group without influencing them.

What are the benefits of viewing stories privately

Does Your Snap Story Show Who Watches It?

The answer to this question can you see who views your snap story? Yes, You can see Snapchat viewers. Swipe up on the screen or hit the eyeball icon next to your Snap in your story tab to see who has viewed it.

This will provide a list of readers of the story. Snapchat does not inform users when someone views their snap Story anonymously (i.e., in “ghost mode”), so you cannot see who viewed it.

You cannot see if a blocked user has viewed your snaps. Snapchat will inform you with a screenshot notification icon next to their username in your viewer list if a user screenshots your Snap.

Unfortunately, viewing a Snapchat story without the creator’s knowledge or consent is prohibited. In addition to violating Snapchat’s terms of service, accessing another user’s Story through an unauthorized app or service could be illegal based on the situation’s specifics and applicable law. It’s considerate to ask for approval before checking out someone else’s stuff online.

Risks of viewing stories anonymously

  • Distrust in interpersonal relationships due to invasion of privacy.
  • Risk of legal action if you break Snapchat’s rules or the law where you live.
  • Your data or account could be compromised if you use an app you did not develop.
  • It shows unseized chances to socially engage with the content creator and form a personal connection with them.
  • It can challenge connecting with other real people on the network.
  • Problems arise when not everyone’s right to choose when and where they see the material is respected.

How to avoid the challenges of viewing snap stories secretly?

  • You can use a fake account. Try a different email address and phone number to make a fake Snapchat account to view someone’s Story anonymously. 
  • Screenshots alert Snapchatters. You can evade Snapchat’s screenshot detection using a third-party app or software. However, such apps or software may put your details at risk.
  • . Respect others’ privacy and don’t act unethically.
  • Avoiding such conduct and using Snapchat’s privacy and visibility settings is the best way to stay safe.

7 Alternatives for Snap stories viewer apps

Suppose you need more convincing with the above tips and solutions for viewing stories. In that case, there are alternatives for snap story viewer online apps that can help you watch stories without revealing your identity.

1- Snapchat Phantom

If you want to view Snapchat Stories and profiles without creating an account or logging in, Snapchat Phantom is your software. Simply enter the user ID of the person whose Story or account you want to watch to utilize Snapchat Phantom.

 2- Spyic

Spyic is a leading Snapchat story reader. You can view and save friends’ photos. Spyic has a camera to snap and send pictures to friends.

3- Coco Spy

CocoSpy is a free app for viewing Snapchat stories. Creating a user account on the website is all that is required. Once you’ve signed up, you may begin instantly.

You can do this to view what your pals are doing on Snapchat. It can covertly track people as they move between different social media platforms.

4- SpyZie

SpyZie is popular among Snapchat users because it allows them to watch stories without being discovered. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. The newest System versions are without problems, and the user interface is straightforward. 

5- The Truthspy

TheTruthSpy helps monitor Snapchat or peak at a friend’s Story. The app saves all emailed and received photos. Check your Snapchat page views too. Use is free.

6- FlexiSpy

You can concurrently keep an eye on everyone using all of their social media profiles thanks to FlexiSpy. In addition, you can read the target’s incoming and outgoing electronic communications. The software works on both smartphones and desktop computers. Upgrade to FlexiSpy Pro for a more satisfying experience.

7- mSpy

Using mSpy, you can peek at someone’s Snapchat activity without them knowing. Just like any other surveillance software, it is used to monitor activities on services besides Snapchat.

7 Alternatives for Snap stories viewer apps

How can you View Old Snap Stories?

If you want to save or relive old memories and stories of Snapchat, and you have no idea how to view old snap stories, then you need to follow these tips:

  • Open Snapchat on your mobile device and sign in.
  • Drag downward from the top of the camera screen to access your profile.
  • Select the “My Snap Map” tab from the app’s toolbar.
  • Type the photo’s title into the search bar to find the original posting.
  • Once you locate it, select it to view an album of all the pictures that were taken there.
  • You can search through the images to locate a specific one.
  • You can also find the user who submitted the Snap using the My Snap Map screen search option.
  • Memories will open when you swipe up on the camera screen, and you may select the saved image there.
  • The Snap can no longer be viewed if it was not dedicated to Memories and is no longer accessible through My Snap Map.

How can you View Old Snap Stories


A frequent worry among Snapchat users is that their Snap Stories viewer data may be shared with third parties. Although there is no built-in mechanism for hiding one’s story browsing activity, users can circumvent this in a few ways. Several methods exist to view a Snapchat story in secrecy, including using third-party apps and disabling internet access. However, keep in mind that hacking into Snapchat in any way is against the rules.

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Q. What happens if you screenshot someone else’s Story?

If you screenshot someone else’s Snap Story, the original poster will be alerted that their material has copied. This means to sound an alarm if there has been an infringement on the user’s privacy.

Q. Can you restrict your Story with your Snapchat users?

Yes, Snapchat lets you choose who can see your Snap Story. Users can make their Stories accessible to the general public, to just their friends, or to a curated group.

Q. Can a Snap Story be edited after it has published?

No, a Snap Story cannot be edited once published. If changes are necessary, users can delete the Story and re-upload a new version.

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