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Have you used Newgrounds for a while and missed a video you enjoyed because the creator took it down? Unbelievably frequently, that has occurred. Every time you enjoy a Newgrounds video, you ought to save it so you never lose it.

However, if there is no standard video download option on the website then how to download newgrounds videos? Fortunately, you may download videos from Newgrounds using a variety of tools. So in this article, we explain these tools.

Can you download Newgrounds video by default?

Despite the fact that Newgrounds has a limitless quantity of content, there is no built-in downloading mechanism. That makes direct Newgrounds video download unfeasible. That is mostly because of content ownership and copyright protection. 

Since the content is user-generated, copyright infringement issues could arise if it is downloaded without authorization. In addition, the absence of a download option can be a result of Newgrounds’ efforts to safeguard users against malware and viruses. It might also have an impact on server expenses.

What’s the procedure for downloading the Newgrounds video? Please don’t worry; I’ll explain! 

How you can download from Newgrounds?

There are many tools for downloading videos. To enable you to freely download your preferred videos from Newgrounds. You can check out and select your preferred programme from our list of the finest video downloaders.  

  • QDownloader.IO
  • Video DownloadHelper 
  • Pastedownload.com
  • Acethinker Video Keeper Pro
  • Downloads of free MP3s
  • Downloader. tube

Using QDownloader.IO

An internet program called QDownloader.IO makes it possible to download Newgrounds videos. Its user interface is simple, and neither installation nor registration is necessary.

  • On Newgrounds, choose the video you want to download. 
  • The video’s Newgrounds link should be copied.
  • Paste the video link on the QDownloader.IO website.
  • To download, click.
  • Click Download after selecting the video resolution.
  • That will launch a new window containing your video. Toggle it.
  • Select the desired destination folder by clicking Save Video As, then click Save.

Using Video DownloadHelper  

Chrome’s built-in video downloader, Video DownloadHelper, makes it simple to save online videos. It’s a fantastic alternative as well if you are interested in downloading videos from Newgrounds. How to download Newgrounds videos is given here in this post.

  • Browse for Video DownloadHelper through the marketplace for Chrome.
  • Choose Add to Chrome, then Add Extensions to set it up. Once it has been pinned to the browser’s toolbar, press the Extensions button.
  • Visit the Newgrounds website, choose the video you wish to view, and then wait till it turns colourful. Click the Video DownloadHelper symbol in the toolbar of your browser.
  • To immediately save this Newgrounds video, click the arrow icon to the right of the video name. Followed by Quick Download them Use browser.

Using Pastedownload.com

You can download videos from Newgrounds using the free web application pastedownload.com. There are no purchases or installations necessary for the website to function. It is really easy to understand and apply.

  • Copy the URL for the video on the Newgrounds website that you want to download. 
  • Open a new tab and go to Pastedownload.com.
  • Insert the video link into the area provided.
  • Select a location for the video, then let the website complete the download.

Using Acethinker Video Keeper Pro

A free trial and a paid edition are both available for the software AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. If you want to test out this Newgrounds video downloader, you may sign up for the free trial. If not, you are not required to buy the premium version.  

To download video from Newgrounds, follow these steps when utilising AceThinker:

  • Go to Newgrounds and copy the URL of the video you want to save. 
  • In the open AceThinker Video Keeper Pro window, click Download. 
  • In the Acethinker video keeper, click download.
  • Click Paste URL after that.
  • To download, enter a URL in Acethinker.
  • Watch the video while it downloads.
  • Use Acethinker to download videos from Newgrounds.

You can attempt the following alternate technique if you have trouble while using the Newgrounds video downloader:

  •  The URL for the Newgrounds video you want to download should be copied.
  • After AceThinker Video Keeper Pro has opened, click Download. 
  • Next, select the download icon located just below the button for pasting a URL.
  • more download options on Acethinker Video Keeper
  • The pop-up window where you pasted the movie link.
  • insert a link to a video from Newgrounds into Acethinker
  • Then press OK.
  • Using Acethinker, download a video from Newgrounds.
  • If the first approach fails, hopefully, this one will.

This is an easy approach if you wonder How to download Newgrounds videos.

Using Downloads of free MP3s

Newgrounds offers direct song downloads. There is a button to download this music when you play an audio track. You may save this song to your PC by clicking it. If you want to test different Newgrounds downloaders for saving Newgrounds audio, you can try Free MP3 Downloads. 

With this Newgrounds free online MP3 downloader, you may download and convert content from websites. Like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and others to MP4 or MP3.

Using Downloader. tube

Another Newgrounds video download web-based program that doesn’t require installation or registration is Downloader. tube. The website is straightforward to use and doesn’t call for any prior knowledge. The procedures are quite comparable to QDownloader.IO.

  • Go to Newgrounds and look for the video you want to download. 
  • Newgrounds video link copied.
  • Enter the video link on the Downloader. tube website.
  • Utilise Downloadertube to download videos from Newgrounds
  • To download, click.
  •  The website offers a number of video resolution options.
  • After selecting your favorite resolution, click Download next to it.

Final words

In summary, if you are worried about how to download Newgrounds videos? Then, you can download it using third-party programmes. We’ve prepared a list of the best selections after experimenting with a variety of Newgrounds video downloaders. Some of these are installed tools, while others are web-based.

You are free to select the video downloader of your choice. To mend files that are corrupt, damaged, or broken, use Wondershare Repairit. Though, if the downloaded Newgrounds videos won’t open or play without stuttering.

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