Diablo 4 Black Screen: How to Fix It Step-by-step Guideline

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When you start Diablo IV, you could be having a Diablo 4 black screen issue. Some of you could see a blank screen with sound or another similar issue that crashes your game. Many customers have noted that a simple game or PC restart resolved the problem. But we’ve got other solutions that might assist you.

Other than the black screen problem, some players have experienced trouble quitting the game. The use of specialized procedures can also fix these issues. Players will be able to fully experience Diablo 4. 

So, if you want to know all about the issues and solutions read the post till the end!

Why does Diablo 4 have a black screen bug?

The black screen issue on Diablo 4 may be due to different reasons such as;

  • Insufficient requirements for hardware
  • Difficulties with Windows authorizations
  • Incompatibility with background programs
  • An outdated GPU driver
  • A lack of Visual C++ dependency issues
  • Damaged game files
  • Unimportant startup services
  • Momentary issues with the game

These are some reasons of Diablo 4 becomes stuck on a black screen. Keep reading to learn that you’re not the only one who experiences the Diablo 4 black screen just. As you’re getting ready to experience some action role-playing time! We created an exhaustive guide on solving this irksome problem because many players have the same difficulty.

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How to fix the Diablo 4 beta black screen?

Due to a variety of factors, Diablo IV may experience problems on the PC, such as crashes, black screens, and Diablo 4 beta not launching. You must carry out several troubleshooting procedures to identify the issue’s primary source.

  • Verify the latest graphics driver
  • Start the game in administrator mode
  • A Diablo 4 update
  • Examine the system resources
  • Turn off overlay software
  • Look at the Windows Updates
  • Reduce the graphics settings in-game
  • Refresh DirectX
  • Use the ALT+TAB Key Combination
  • Consider turning off other overlay apps
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime should be reinstalled
  • Check game files and fix them

Now we will explain all the solutions in detail for your better understanding.

  • Verify the latest graphics driver

For optimal efficiency and compliance with the newest applications and games, it is crucial to update your graphics card driver. The Device Manager program in Windows may be used to update your graphics card driver. And it is a simple procedure that can be finished in a few easy steps.

Following are instructions for updating drivers using Device Manager:

  • On the Search button, click
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Open Device Manager by clicking

  • Next, choose Display adapters
  • The menu will expand once again
  • Select “right-click” on the graphic card’s name
  • Update the driver by clicking on it.

  • Start the game in administrator mode

 If you face a Diablo 4 black screen issue, make careful to launch Diablo 4 after enabling run as administrator. Right-click the.exe file, choose Properties, then Integrity, and then check the box to accept the choice.

  • A Diablo 4 update

The procedures below should be followed to check for game updates on your PC to make sure there aren’t any out-of-date game versions. On occasion, conflicts at your end due to an out-of-date game patch version may negatively impact the game’s launch and playability. For that:

  • Open the Battle.net launcher (Blizzard) > in the top left corner, click the Blizzard logo.
  • Select Settings. Just pick “Game Install/Update.”
  • Go to the page’s bottom by scrolling down To get future patch data for previously played games, choose Apply latest updates.  
  • Tap on done to secure your changes now. To implement modifications, restart the Battle.net launcher.

The game ought to automatically upgrade to the most recent version.

  • Examine the system resources

The prerequisites for Diablo 4 have received a lot of attention since its debut. Your PC must, in all circumstances, satisfy the minimal requirements. By doing the actions listed below, you can determine whether or not the RAM or CPU use increases.

  • To launch Task Manager, use the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys.
  • Select the job you wish to finish by selecting it under the Processes tab.
  • Select it, then click Finish Task. Make careful to follow the instructions for each activity separately.
  • Restart your computer to see the new effects right away after finishing. Image 3
  • Turn off overlay software

Diablo 4’s blank starting screen is a sign that other programs are interfering and causing compatibility problems. 

Update the overlay-using programs to the most recent versions to resolve this problem. Try turning off or deleting the program if upgrading it doesn’t solve the problem. If this stops the crashes, you can get more help from the program’s support area.

  • Look at the Windows Updates

Additionally, there is a good probability that for a period, your Windows OS build may become out of date. Aside from glitches or stability problems, this situation will have a significant influence on how well your gaming runs. 

Consequently, it’s always preferable to check for updates for Windows and install the most recent version (if available). To accomplish that:

  • Open the Windows Settings menu by pressing Windows + I.
  • After that, under Windows Update, select Update & Security > Check for updates.
  • Operating System 11 Update
  • Choose Download and Install to apply any available updates
  • The update won’t be finished right now, please wait
  • To effect changes instantly, restart your computer

  • Reduce the graphics settings in-game

Try reducing the in-game graphical options from the game menu to see if it makes a difference. To solve Diablo 4 black screen deactivate V-Sync, Shadow effects, and Anti-Aliasing. You may also try running the game at a lower display resolution.

  • Refresh DirectX

A game’s launch or gameplay may occasionally experience several difficulties due to an out-of-date or missing DirectX version. Try updating it by using the procedures listed below.

  • To get the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer for your computer, visit this Microsoft page.
  • The DirectX version need then be manually installed or updated.
  • To make the changes effective, restart your computer.
  • Use the key combination ALT+TAB

Some vulnerable PC users have reported being able to move between opened programs on the computer. By hitting the shortcut keys ALT + TAB. Continue switching between programs by hitting ALT + TAB.  

Once the problem has been rectified, go back to the running game. It will switch the display mode from the entire screen to windowed and back to full-screen. Which should resolve the black screen problem.

  • Consider turning off other overlay apps

Some well-known applications appear to contain an overlay program that, over time. They may operate in the background and interfere with game performance or even launch. By doing what is described below, you may turn them off to resolve the problem:

Turn off the Discord overlay:

  • Open the Discord application. The gear symbol is at the bottom; click it.
  • Select Overlay from the App Settings menu. Enable the in-game overlay setting.
  • Choose Diablo 4 by selecting the Games tab.
  • Finally, deactivate the toggle for the in-game overlay.
  • To implement changes, make sure to restart your computer.

So, you can solve Diablo 4 black screen in this way easily.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime should be reinstalled

Different libraries and dependencies are used when creating games. The most critical requirements for Windows games to have are those for Visual C++. Normally, Diablo 4 will include these, but if they aren’t already on your device, you’ll need to manually install them.

  • Dispatch the download page for the Visual C++ Redist Packages.
  • Installer packages appropriate for your version of Windows can be downloaded.
  • 32-bit Windows uses x86, whereas 64-bit Windows uses x64.
  • Install the packages after starting the installation.
  • Restart your computer.

  • Check game files and fix them

For those who are playing the most recent Diablo release, corrupted game files continue to be a major problem. Fortunately, game file inspection and repair systems are available on game distribution sites like Battle.net.

  • On your computer, launch the Battle.net launcher.
  • The Games tab, and then select Diablo 4.
  • Pick Scan and Repair by clicking on the Choices (gear icon) button.
  • Select “Begin Scan” from the menu.

Some other solutions

You can attempt the following things in case it’s more difficult to get beyond the Diablo 4 black screen:

  • Conduct a clean boot: 

Check to see whether Diablo 4 launches without the black screen issue by starting Windows without any unneeded services or drivers.

  • Allow some time:

Don’t take any action if Diablo 4 crashes after character selection. You did indeed read it right. According to several gamers, waiting up to 10 minutes resolved the problem. 

  • Upgrade Diablo 4: 

We advise uninstalling the game and doing a fresh installation. If waiting doesn’t work and you still see the Diablo 4 black screen after loading.

How can I fix Diablo 4 black screen after character selection?

Unfortunately, you will have to shut down Diablo 4 because there is no way to log out or try again. Right now, quitting the game and then loading again is the only way to get out of a character selection screen stuck. You could have this issue often, but ultimately you’ll be able to start the game.


In summary, Gamers say that after using the suggested fixes, Diablo 4 black screen doesn’t happen as frequently. Tell us how it went for you and let us know if you come up with any further causes or solutions in the comments below.

Feel free to reach out to us here if you run into any problems or difficulties when playing your favorite games and need help.  

We hope this post will be useful for you to enjoy your gaming experience without any issues!

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