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Would you like to learn how long does a ps4 controller take to charge? Cables or the micro-USB port may need to be replaced if your controller won’t charge. Everything you have to understand about PS4 controller charging times is covered in this article.

This article provides the solution, probable time influences, and charging speed-up advice. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to power up your PlayStation 4 controller properly, both with and without the console. 

Let’s talk about the PS4 controller’s charging time and the things that affect it.

How long does it take to charge a ps4 controller?

The controller may be completely charged in around two hours. If your game controller is entirely depleted. It will take approximately one and a half hours to charge halfway, and 2 to 2.5 hours to charge fully.

Pressing and holding the PS button causes the level of charge in the battery to be shown on the screen.

It will take more for the controller to charge fully if it is being used. The light bar will flicker orange slowly as the device’s controller is being charged. The LED bar will dim off after it has completed charging. The controller and PS4 may need to be resynchronized.

Tips to charge ps4 controller 

Here are some tips to charge ps4 controller devices;

  • Charge the controller while it’s around 10 °C to 30 °C (50 °F and 86 °F) in temperature. Additional temperatures can prevent you from charging the controller effectively.
  • The controller must be fully charged at least every year to maintain it in good working order.
  • Battery life varies based on how the control device is used and stored, as well as the climate.
  • Choose anything other than [Off] in (Settings), then (Charging) to charge the device when it is in standby mode. Setting functions to be accessible in rest mode under “Power Save Settings” is followed by “Supply Power to USB Ports.”

How to Quickly Charge a PS4 Controller?

You may draw notice to this part if you want to reduce the PS4 controller’s charge time. You may expedite the charging procedure for the controller by using the following advice.

  • Plug the power source appropriately into the controller.
  • Turn off the speaker, vibration, and light bar.
  • Utilize a wall outlet or charger.
  • Use a dock for charging.
  • Charge the controller within the acceptable range of temperatures.
  • Make sure the power source is in excellent shape.
  • Utilize the PS4’s standard controller.

I hope now you understand how long does a ps4 controller take to charge and how to increase charging!

Aspects that affect ps4 how long to charge controller 

 The PS4 controller’s charging duration is significantly influenced by several variables.

The precise amount of time your PS4 controller needs to charge depends on a variety of things. Including the games you’re enjoying and the age of the device’s battery.

Let’s get into more depth about the eleven main components.

  • Battery efficiency

The PS4 controller’s battery condition directly affects how long it takes to charge. The charging capacity of the PS4 controller battery reduces over time as the battery ages. Also for ps5 turning older batteries require over two hours to completely charge.

In its control devices, Sony employs Li-Ion battery packs, which typically lose 30 percent of their charging power after a thousand recharge cycles.

  • Utilization

The PS4 controller takes about two hours to charge while charging passively fully. On the other side, the duration of charging will significantly increase. If you continue playing video games as the battery is charged.

Sometimes you can keep gaming when the power is ON. But doing so regularly is not advised.

  • Problems with Connection

The speed of charging is also directly influenced by the quality of the USB cable. Since the copper wires within nylon-coated USB cables are protected. And there are no communication concerns, these cables tend to charge devices quickly.

However, a poor-quality cable will likely slow down charging since the copper wires within it are more prone to damage. The controller and charger have connection troubles as a result.

A broken USB port can occasionally lengthen the time it takes for a PS4 controller to charge. Since it causes issues with the cable’s connection to the console.

  • Removing dust

As a PS4 controller becomes older, dust accumulates around the charging ports, slowing down charging.

The majority of players disregard it and give it no attention. This ultimately causes the power source and charger to operate poorly. Dust may be removed with a needle or a pointy object before you start cleaning.

Your charger will function more effectively as a consequence, and the controller will charge quickly.

  • Charging Terminal

When using a PS4 charging station, you can charge multiple controllers at once and shorten the total charging time. Two PS4 controllers may be recharged using a basic, typical charging dock in around 2.5 hours.

However, a quality charging station, such as the OIVO PS4 Controller Charging Station. It can speed up charging such that your PS4 controller is fully charged in just 1.8 hours. 

These attachments can significantly assist you in maximizing the charge duration of your controller. If you are a die-hard gamer who spends a lot of time playing.

So, you are now aware of how long for a ps4 controller to charge and which factors depend on it.

How to charge ps4 controller with console?

Now I will tell you how you can charge ps4 controller with the console;

  • Start your PlayStation 4 system. To charge your controller, the Play Station 4 has to be either on or in sleep mode. 
  • On the console’s front, press the power button. The LED strip will glow blue and the PS4 should beep. 
  • Connect your PlayStation’s USB port to the charging cable’s USB end.
  • Either USB port on the outside of your controller may be used.
  • Connect the charging cable’s micro-USB end to the controller itself.
  • The port will be located behind the light bar on the backside of the controller.
  • Hold off until your controller charges.
  • Whenever it’s not in use, this will take around 2 hours. Orange should be progressively flashing on your light bar. The color may not change for a few seconds.
  • Check to see whether the USB and micro-USB are correctly connected if your light bar isn’t turned on. Consider using an alternative charging cable if the issue continues.
  • If your controller won’t connect, the micro-USB port may be malfunctioning. You might need to fix the loose port or wipe your controller.

How to charge ps4 controller with a wall outlet?

Step 1

Find a charging block with 5 volts. This might be a charging block for an Android phone or an Apple iPhone. Verify that the battery block is 5V once again.

You risk damaging your controller if you employ a charger with a voltage greater than 5V. To make sure your charger is 5V, look at the side or back.

Step 2

Connect the USB portion of the charging cord to the block. Check that the USB is properly inserted.

Step 3

Connect your controller to the charging cable’s micro-USB side. The connection point will be located on the controller’s back, below the light bar.

Step 4

Hold off until your controller charges. When the device is not in use, this will take around 2 hours. Orange should be progressively flashing on your light bar. Its color may not change for a few seconds. You may link the controller to your PS4 after it has completed charging.

Check that you’re using a working wall outlet if the light strip isn’t on. Try an alternative charging block and/or charging cord if the issue still exists. Additionally, you can experiment with your PS4 controller.

How long does it take a ps4 controller to charge during gameplay?

You can power up your PS4 controller when playing without any risk. There is nothing problematic with using the controller when plugged in. However, it lengthens the charging time and shortens the battery’s life. As a result, we strongly advise charging the battery whenever it is not in use.

When playing games and powering your controller at the same time, there are a few considerations to make.

  • To avoid overheating and faster battery deterioration. Make sure the area where you are operating the controller has adequate airflow.
  • Don’t charge your controller excessively. Li-Ion batteries are readily harmed even with a small overcharging. Despite Sony’s claims that it immediately pauses the charging.

Although charging and using the controller at the same time is not recommended. If you must do so for whatever reason, be sure to go by the advice we have provided above.

I hope this article has guided you a lot about how long does a ps4 controller take to charge!


In summary, this article has discussed how long does a ps4 controller take to charge? You need two hours if everything goes according to plan. The period for charging would vary, though, for several reasons.

It all comes down to connecting your Playstation 4 controllers to a wall socket. Instead of the PS4 if you want to charge them more quickly. 

One benefit is that you are drawing more power from a wall socket. Use charging blocks with a larger capacity for charging for two.

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