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Gameplay on the PS5 offers a whole new experience. Your experience will always be improved by optimizing it. The PS5, however, will start up immediately when you turn on the TV due to a problem. 

It is a bother to turn it off whenever it is not needed. Even if that TV is the PS5’s only dedicated TV. So, How to stop ps5 from turning on with tv? 

You can prevent your PS5 from going on autonomously with the TV by following the instructions in this guide. In order to learn more about that, check the article! 

Why does ps5 turning on with tv?

The reasons listed below may apply if your PS5 suddenly beeps after shutting down when it is in standby mode:

  • The PS5 has a function that allows it to connect directly to an HDMI device. Which is called HDMI Device Link Enabled. Therefore, the console also comes on in reaction to turning on your TV. This problem can be fixed by deactivating this functionality.
  • Your PS5’s ability to enter Rest Mode is another factor in why it restarts after being shut down. When your PS5 is downloading upgrades or submitting cloud data while in Rest Mode, it will automatically switch on.
  • Remote Play, You can remotely turn on your PS5 by using the PS application on another device. Once synced, it’s possible to accidentally turn it on, resulting in the console turning on by itself.

Here are some details on HDMI-CEC’s functions and how to turn it off on your PS5.

Do you know what HDMI-CEC is?

Modern devices with HDMI connections have the capability known as HDMI-CEC or HDMI Consumer Electronics Control. It enables easier use of the linked devices by enabling communication between your TV and them.

In actuality, this enables some features of your linked Blu-ray player, and game console. Or a device of a similar nature to be controlled by your TV, and vice versa. There are three basic ways that HDMI-CEC works with the PS5:

  • You don’t need to manually switch to the HDMI input on your TV for your PS5 to turn on and start playing.
  • Your PlayStation will wake up if you go to the input for your PS5 on your TV when it is in rest mode.
  •  When the TV is switched off while the PS5 is still on, the PS5 goes into rest mode.

You won’t need to constantly struggle with the TV remote or switch on your PS5. You turn on the TV thanks to these capabilities. However, it’s simple to disable this if they irritate you. 

For further information and instructions on how to turn off HDMI-CEC on different TVs, see our complete explanation of HDMI-CEC. So, this may help you if you wonder How to stop ps5 from turning on with tv?

How to turn off HDMI-CEC on the PS5?

You might try turning off HDMI-CEC on the PlayStation 5. If you think that the reason your system is going on by itself is related to that feature.

You can achieve this by carrying out the following actions: 

  • Start the PlayStation 5 by turning it on, and then choose a user profile to access the Home Screen’s primary menu.
  • After getting there, choose Settings. The upper tab with the gear symbol is where you may discover this option.
  • Select System from the Settings menu.
  • From the “System” menu, choose “HDMI” from the left-hand tab.
  • “Enable HDMI Device Link” is a choice that is available here. Seeing a solid white circle next to the words indicates that this option is active.
  • If so, choose “Enable HDMI Device Link” to turn the circle translucent and turn off the feature.

How to stop tv from turning on ps5 through the Internet?

Additionally, you can prevent the Remote Play feature from the PlayStation App. By switching on the PlayStation 5 over the Internet.

The following actions can be taken if you’re interested in doing so:

  • From the previously mentioned “System” menu in “Settings,” click the “Power Saving” link on the left side.
  • Next, choose “Features Available in Rest Mode.”
  • Choose from the two relevant choices listed below “Features Available in Rest Mode”: “Keep Linked to the Internet” and “Enable Switching on PS5 from Network.” 
  • The PS5 has a feature called “Stay Connected to the Internet” that enables it to turn on automatically while in Rest Mode. To receive updates or upload stored data to the cloud. You must choose this option to turn off the feature. If there is a white circle to the far right of the words.
  • You can turn on the PlayStation 5 through the PlayStation Application or Remote Play. “Enable Turning On PS5 from Network” under the Rest Mode option is selected. If a white circle is present to the right of the text, this is activated.
  • Selecting that option will make the circle translucent, denoting that the “Enable Switching on PS5 from Network” feature has been disabled.
  • The “Enable Turning on PS5 from Network” setting ought to be removed automatically. If the aforementioned “Stay Connected to the Internet” option has previously been turned off.

How to turn off auto start on ps5?

You can try turning off that feature if you believe something is turning on your PlayStation 5 using Remote Play.

If you’re interested, go as follows: 

  • From the mentioned “System” menu in “Settings,” choose “Remote Play” from the left tab.
  • The “Enable Remote Play” option will be shown. If the circle directly to the right of the phrase is solid white, this feature is active.
  • If so, you must choose “Enable Remote Play” to remove the circle and turn off the feature.

So you can use these methods to resolve this issue. So you can get information about how to stop ps5 from turning on with tv from here!

Will Turning off voice control help if ps5 turns on with tv?

Use these instructions to switch off Voice Command if your PS5 is turning on with the TV as a result.

  • On your PS5, go to the Home screen and click Settings.  
  • Pick “System.”
  • Next, pick “Voice Command.” 
  • Toggle the switches next to “Listen for “Hey Playstation” and “Enable Voice Command” to disable them.

What is the optimal configuration?

We are going to present you with a solution if you have a console that is directly connected to a television. And that you want to stop having the console turn on by accident. 

This solution also has significant advantages to enhance the audio of your multimedia system. And it enables you to build a kind of firewall to stop the Smart TV from switching on due to HDMI-CEC.

Using an AV receiver that disperses all the signals is one of the considerations to make to benefit from a built-in ignition. When utilizing one of those devices, the ordered automated start of the PS5 will turn on both the TV. 

And the receiver at once, whereas turning on the TV will only turn on the receiver and not the PS5. And will prevent any further potential of it being turned on accidentally.

Why can’t I prevent the TV from turning on when my PS5 does?

Try the following troubleshooting techniques to how to stop ps5 from turning on with tv. If the PS5 keeps turning on with the TV due to a stuck or black screen. 

Restarting PS5

  • Start by restarting your PS5 using the following instructions to troubleshoot it.
  • On the PS5, locate the power button, and hold it down for 15 seconds to activate the system.
  • For thirty to forty-five seconds, refrain.
  • One additional power button clicks will restart your PS5. 

Restoring the default settings on the PS5

Try the following method to restore PS5 to factory settings. If it still has a frozen screen that prohibits you from turning it off with your TV.

  • When you heard a beeping sound, hold down the PS5 console’s power button.
  • Remove the PS5 from the primary power source.
  • Before plugging it into the main power socket, wait 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Click the power button to activate the beeper. Hold it down until you hear another sound.
  • Link your wireless controller to your computer after selecting “Safe Mode” and then choose “Restore Default Settings.”


In conclusion, The PS5 is a strong gaming, streaming, and web-browsing device. It is renowned for being a wonderful purchase. Particularly if you’d like to play every game that was just released on the PlayStation Store. 

However, you will occasionally run into problems, such as when your PS5 turns on by itself. Then how to stop ps5 from turning on with tv? Hopefully, this post will help you to find a solution to this problem. Now you no longer have to deal with turning off the PS5 every time you sit down to watch TV.

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