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how to unlock empire hunts

Destiny 2 is a trendy game with approximately 400 thousand daily users. The latest expansion of beyond light increased the number of game modes and mission types. Empire Hunt is one of these. In this article, we will discuss how to unlock empire hunts. Empire Hunts are one of the more challenging and rewarding activities in Destiny 2. This game offers a lot of activities for players to enjoy. These hunts take players on missions to eliminate high-level targets across Europa. Players must complete a prerequisite quest called “The Glassway” to participate in these hunts. You can start experiencing this thrilling activity and earn some fantastic rewards.

What are Empire Hunts?

Empire Hunts are a type of activity in the video game Destiny 2. Players can undertake missions to defeat powerful enemies and earn valuable rewards. But sometimes, players need to correct how to do empire hunts. The hunts are focused on battling the Fallen, one of the game’s alien factions, and take place in various locations throughout the game’s world. Each Empire Hunt consists of a series of objectives that players must complete, such as defeating waves of enemies, beating powerful bosses, and completing puzzles or other challenges. These missions are intended to be difficult and demand high skill and coordination. Players can undertake Empire Hunts alone or with a group of friends, which can be repeated as many times as desired for additional rewards. Overall, Empire Hunts are a popular activity in Destiny 2 for players who enjoy challenging combat and the chance to earn valuable loot.

How to Unlock Empire Hunts?

To unlock Empire Hunts in Destiny 2, you must first complete the Beyond Light campaign, which is the main storyline of the game’s Beyond Light expansion. Once you have completed the campaign, you will receive the “Empire’s Fall” quest, guiding you through unlocking the hunts.

Here are some steps you need to follow to unlock Empire Hunts:

  1. Complete the Beyond Light campaign.
  2. After completing the campaign, speak to Variks, the Loyal, in the Europa space hub to start the “Empire’s Fall” quest.
  3. Complete the “Empire’s Fall” objectives, including defeating a powerful boss enemy.
  4. Once you have completed the “Empire’s Fall” quest, you will unlock the ability to access Empire Hunts through the Director, which is the game’s mission selection menu.

From there, you can select the Empire Hunt activity from the Director and begin completing the various missions. Some Empire Hunts may require additional prerequisites, such as completing certain quests or reaching a certain power level, so check the requirements before attempting any particular hunt.

How to activate and start an Empire Hunt?

You can activate and start an empire hunt in Destiny 2 by following these 8 steps:

1. Go to the Director: 

Open the Director by pressing and holding the button for the Director, typically the Touchpad button on PlayStation or the Select control on Xbox.

2. Select Europa: 

From the Director, navigate to the Europa map and select it.

3. Find the Empire Hunt: 

Look for the Empire Hunt icon on the Europa map. A blue skull icon typically represents it.

4. Select the Empire Hunt: 

Highlight the Empire Hunt icon on the Europa map and press the button to start it. The specific button will depend on your platform.

5. Choose the Difficulty: 

Select the difficulty level you wish to play the Empire Hunt on. Three levels are typically available, each offering distinct rewards and a higher difficulty level.

6. Begin the Empire Hunt:

Once you have chosen the difficulty level, confirm your selection and start the Empire Hunt. You will be transported to the starting location of the mission.

7. Complete the Objectives: 

Follow the objectives of the Empire Hunt mission to defeat the enemies and complete the challenges required to finish it.

8. Collect Rewards: 

After completing the Empire Hunt, collect your rewards from the chest at the end of the mission.

D2 – How to unlock Empire Hunts?

Unlock and start empire hunts in Destiny 2 by following these tips:

  • Complete the Beyond Light campaign
  • Reach power level 1200
  • Speak with Variks in Charon’s Crossing on Europa
  • Complete the “Reclaiming Europa” questline
  • Complete the “Empire’s Fall” mission
  • Speak with Variks to unlock the Empire Hunts
  • Select the Empire Hunt from the Europa map on the Director
  • Choose a difficulty level and start the mission
  • Follow the mission objectives and defeat the boss to complete the Empire Hunt.
  • Collect the rewards from the chest at the end of the mission.

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How to complete Empire Hunts?

Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 are challenging and rewarding missions that require careful planning, teamwork, and a strategic approach to completing the objectives. To complete an Empire Hunt, players need to understand the mission objectives and choose the right loadout that is effective against the type of enemies they will be facing. Communication and cooperation are crucial when collaborating with other players to complete the goal. During the mission, players must watch for boss mechanics and exploit their weaknesses to take them down. 

Additionally, managing resources such as ammo, abilities, and supers is essential, as Empire Hunts can be long and challenging. Finally, staying alive is crucial during the mission. Players must use cover, stay mobile to avoid enemy attacks and revive downed teammates. By following this strategy, players should be able to complete Empire Hunts successfully and earn valuable rewards.

Final Words

It is essential to consider the critical points for how to unlock empire hunts to take your game to the pro level. Players must progress through the Beyond Light campaign until they reach the “Reclaiming Europa” quest. Then, they must complete the “Empire’s Fall” quest, which unlocks the ability to access Empire Hunts. From there, players can activate Empire Hunts by speaking to Variks in the Charon’s Crossing area of Europa. To fully complete an Empire Hunt, players must complete three tiers of difficulty, each offering better rewards. It’s important to note that Empire Hunts are time-gated, so players should check the weekly rotation to see which Hunts are available.


Q: Can I do Empire Hunts solo in Destiny 2?

Yes, you can do Empire Hunts solo in Destiny 2. They are designed to be challenging and may require a fire team to complete more significant difficulties.

Q: What rewards can I get from Empire Hunts in Destiny 2?

Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 offer a chance to earn various rewards, including high-level gear and weapons, enhancement materials, and other valuable loot.

Q: How do I increase the difficulty of Empire Hunts in Destiny 2?

The difficulty of Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 can be increased by selecting a higher-level version of the hunt from the Tangled Shore map. Each difficulty level offers increased rewards and a more significant challenge.

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