Modern warfare 2 invite to party locked- How To Fix It?

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If you are one of those gamers who don’t enjoy playing alone, well, include me in the list also, so let me tell you I have faced issues in inviting my friends because of modern warfare 2 invite to party locked. I know it is not such good news for us. Therefore, the new update makes Call of Duty less attractive because we cannot invite other players and friends. Games are for fun, and in your time, we all like to join the gaming sessions with friends or family to make them more engaging and interactive. 

It is a widespread problem that people cannot join the game with each other. There are multiple reasons for this single problem. To address this error, I will be sharing some helpful information. 

3 Easy Ways to Fix modern warfare 2 Invite to party locked

Fix Issue Techbulletin

Call of duty modern warfare 2 and Warzone 2 can be played on different streaming devices like Xbox, PC, and PlayStation, but due to some glitch in the application, you can not invite friends to join the game. However, there are some basic easy ways that take no effort and can fix why is invite to party locked modern warfare 2 issue.

Follow these three steps and fix the problem as soon as possible:

1- Restart the game

If you are facing a similar problem that everyone is facing, so it’s recommended to restart the game before switching to another option. Sometimes application shows errors that can lead to interruptions in gaming, and we cannot identify the issue. So, this is the first and simple rule to fix the modern warfare 2 invite to party locked. 

2- Request twice

When step one fails, the second option is to retry the request twice. Because some people also experience this application glitch and resolve the issue by sending and receiving the request. You have to accept the notifications with many options. Below are some ways to get the request:

  •  Launch the App
  • Check out the settings, then tap on Account and Network.
  • Copy your active username ID(This account user name consists of numbers and letters)
  • Ask your friend to send a request on this username.
  • Accept the request by staying on the screen as quickly as possible.
  • If you have missed this request, you can do it from the notification option and allow the filter to all, then accept the request. 

The chances of unlocking the friend request are high by doing this method. If this way fails to solve the mw2 invite to party locked, it is easier to change or fix the update. 

3- Companion App

If you still cannot join a friend by following the above ways, I suggest using a companion application. The app supports both iOs and Android users. Therefore, after logging into the application and your activation account, you can manage the friend request option from your mobile device. 

Social Menu Issues And How To Deal With It

Social Menu Issues And How To Deal With It Techbulletin

Players of Call of Duty have claimed that when they hit the friend request button, they are automatically redirected to the main menu, whatever way they try to open it. Therefore, this error makes it difficult for the players to invite others or join the game with their gaming partners. 

Still, I have figured out some tried and tested methods to get out of this issue. You need to follow the steps carefully to get over modern warfare 2 invites to party locked

1- Hit the right button to get the settings and notification option on the top right corner 

2- Click on the channel menu. This icon will look like a pair of headphones 

3- Go to the channels party under the game; you can create a channel, then click on Invite to the channel. 

4- This method is the most suitable and helps many players in the cod invite to party locked and join the channels. After your friend or you join the channel, you can connect to the lobby to join and play the game. 

But remember, solving the social menu issue will take time. It will take time if the dashboard shows and ask you to wait for some time, so it’s better to follow the proper instruction given by the game to enjoy the game without getting into trouble. 

Alternatives of Call of duty warzone 2

I tried solving the modern warfare 2 invite to party locked issue, but do you still want to play exciting games to kill time? So I got you covered. There are multiple alternatives to the Call of duty:

1- War thunder

This game is the perfect choice for those who like to play with guns. Let me share what are the fantastic features of this game. 

In war thunder, you can control the fields through forces; some players prefer shooting from inside a military truck. If you are the one who enjoys playing from inside the combat vehicles, then you will like playing war thunder. 

The other most powerful feature of this game is that the game is free. You can play it without breaking the bank. How cool is this? I also play this game in my free time, and I enjoy playing it. 

You can also play war thunder on pc, gaming console, and laptop, which is very convenient. But when you play the games on the big screen, you enjoy the game more. 

2- Halo infinite

The game is packed with unique and exciting features. Less content is available on it, but the game is famous for keeping you hooked. The game sets goals for you in every stage you crave more to achieve to get to the next level. The game offers free subscriptions as well as there are some paid versions also available. 

3- Crossout

Crossout is a vehicle shooter game with a fantasy touch in it. In this game, you have to develop and build the vehicle. It is the major goal in the cross-out game. Therefore, the crosscut is designed by Russian developers. The game’s theme is when the end of the world will never you need to fight to survive and stay alive. There are some crazy things for the players in this game; at the end of the game, you need to craft a vehicle and gather all the forces to win the battlefield. 

4- Fortnite

Fortnite game connects strong gaming on a big map with a chance to build buildings to help you escape the danger zone. You can play this thrilling Fortnite game for free. The exciting part is you can play solo, duo, or with a squad of 100 above people. 

5- War frame

Are you a fan of ninjas and ships? Then war frame will not disappoint you. In the third-party co-shooter game, you will find yourself in a place after waking up after a long time. Like Halo, infinite war frame is also based on levels; the better you play, the more you will be able to reach the target level. 


Call of Duty is a top-listed game in the gaming list, but due to some circumstances, the players need better modern warfare 2 invite to party locked problems. Because of this, gamers cannot join or request a friend in the gaming world of Call of duty warzone 2. The above ways are easy and effective. They have solved some issues for the gamers and are happy to get into the game again. 


Why mw2 cant invite friends?

Because there is an update issue in MW2, sometimes the problem can be fixed by simply restarting the game.

Is the Call of Duty warzone2 locked?

Yes, the modern warfare 2 invite to party locked is the latest error in the game. 

Can MW2 have its operators unlocked?

There are a total of 38 Operators. These roles are divided between SPECGRU and KORTAC in Modern Warfare 2. Some will be available from the get-go when you start up Modern Warfare 2, but the vast majority will need either time in-game or the purchase of periodic Battle Passes.

Is Call of Duty modern warfare free?

Yes, the free play period is available across all the platforms, including the Xbox series. 

Is the modern warfare server still working?

No, some players reported problems while connecting to the game. Gamers are still struggling to log in. 

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