Can You Screen Record On Snapchat


Users of Snapchat receive an alert right away as they attempt to screen capture or film their postings. Snapchat is one of the foremost privacy-focused social media applications. Because all other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, lack this functionality.

The most common query from users is can you screen record on snapchat? Is there a method to screenshot or screen record on Snapchat without alerting the users? 

Although most of you are unaware of how it works. You may select to screen record on Snapchat to keep the video on your devices. This post is useful in light of it.

Screen record Snapchat

As you use the Snapchat application on your phone, you may record what is happening on your display. It is possible through the recording of the screen option. This may involve any visible content on the screen, like your snaps, interactions with others, or even the Snapchat homepage. 

When you record on Snapchat, you don’t record sound or video; instead, you record the action on the application’s screen. This is how screen recording contrasts with other recording methods like audio or video.

The ability to save and distribute certain app activity is made possible by Snapchat’s screen recording capability, which is generally helpful. It could be used to share talks with friends. And show how to utilize a Snapchat feature, or just capture a beautiful moment.

Can you screen record on Snapchat without them knowing?

You can screen record on Snapchat without unlocking your device, therefore that is true. We are aware that each program has a flaw, and we have discovered it. The Snapchat crew has been working nonstop to close the gap, yet it persists. 

We’ll recommend that you respect an individual’s privacy before moving on. In any event, we disclaim all liability. Screen recording could be prohibited in some nations.

Now we will explain in detail can you screen record on Snapchat?

How to screen record on Snapchat?

  • Put your phone in Aeroplane mode and open your Snapchat story.
  • In addition, turn off your device’s wifi. 
  • Return to the Snapchat story at this time, and then capture a quick screenshot.
  • Put your finger on the power switch for a maximum of ten seconds after you’ve taken the screenshot.
  • A warning that the applications are being forcibly terminated will appear.
  • As you wait for a total blackout, click the home option.
  • Snapchat has been abruptly shuttered so that it will launch again without user intervention.
  • Turn off Aeroplane mode now by going to the settings on your device.
  • To see the captured screenshot, visit the gallery on your smartphone.

 Can you screen record Snapchat on your iPhone?

The procedure may be completed in a few simple stages. If you want to use an iPad or iPhone or another iOS device to record for Snapchat. Among the main benefits is that there is an inherent iOS display recorder. So you are not required to install any third-party recorder applications from the App Store.

Stage 1:  Activate the screen recording feature.

Ignore this step if you typically record your iOS screen. Look out for what follows if not.

  • First, locate and touch the Settings app from the home screen. Select “Control Centre” then “Customise Controls”.
  • Scroll down and select “Screen Recording” > “+” to add this function to your Control Centre.

Stage 2: Open Snapchat Recording on an iPhone or iPad

  • In the first step, launch Snapchat and look for the Snap that you wish to preserve. Then 
  • Next, launch the Control Centre and tap the grey Record button to begin your recording.
  • The recording can be stopped by opening the Control Centre once more and clicking the red Recording icon.   

How to use a screen recorder Snapchat on Android?

Snapchat has a built-in Android screen recorder, so you can instantly record your screen if you have an Android device. You can easily start filming on Snapchat, much like on iOS devices. 

Although there are just a few simple recording settings available. Utilizing certain third-party programs is an option if you have additional needs. 

This section will demonstrate how to use Snapchat on Android’s built-in recording feature:

  • After securing your Android smartphone, slide down from the top of the screen. 
  • Click the Record Screen button. in order to give your Quick Settings menu the “Screen record” option.  Choose “Edit” if you can’t locate it. 
  • Open the Snapchat application and examine the Snaps you wish to capture in step 3. The recording will then start when you touch the “Start” button.
  • To stop recording, just slide down from the very top of your display and click the Screen Recorder notice.

Can you screen record snaps on Mac or PC?

On occasion, you might desire to record stories for Snapchat on your computer. While viewing the Snaps on your Mac or Windows computer via its official website. Then, you must not overlook EaseUS RecExperts, a superb screen recorder.

The EaseUS screen recorder works with macOS as well as Windows. It will assist you with virtually any screen recording-related operation. Like capturing real-time videos, games, video calls, etc. 

Simply choose the recording region, press the Record button, and RecExperts will take care of the rest. Here’s how to capture Snapchat on a Windows or Mac computer:

Step 1

On your smartphone, launch EaseUS RecExperts, and you’ll notice two recording options. You have the option to manually set the recording region by selecting “Region” or “Full Display” for recording the whole screen.

 Step 2

At this point, you may decide whether to record the camera, system sound, microphone, or none of the above at all. On the user interface, you may set several settings, like auto split and auto recording.

Step 3

When you are prepared to start recording, click the red “REC” button.  This area of your screen will have a menu bar. The recording can be stopped by tapping on the red square or the white double vertical bar. 

Step 4

 The interface for the list will be presented to you after record. The recordings you’ve made can be viewed or edited here. The “REC” button is located at the very top of the user interface and may be used to begin a fresh recording.

Can you see screen recording on Snapchat?

Yes, it is the solution. A double green arrow indicator will appear next to the recorder’s name if the Snapchat app notices an individual is a screen recording another user’s Snap stories. That is when your screen records a user’s Snapchat story or conversation. They immediately see it on the viewer’s list.

Different ways to Snapchat screen recorder

So, instead of these methods, here I will tell you some other methods which can help you to screen record.

  • To stop using the Internet, disable the Wi-Fi on your phone

Similar to aeroplane mode, turning off the Wi-Fi network on your phone will stop it from accessing to the Internet.  It won’t, nevertheless, cut off your access to cellular data. 

As a result, you must ensure that Snapchat is not activated on your cellular data plan before using this strategy. After finishing, you may screen-record a Snapchat story just as you would in aeroplane mode. 

  • Use an external screen recorder application

A decent technique to discover how to secretly screen-record a snap is to use a third-party program. Plenty of apps exist that are made particularly to assist with this. 

But numerous of them involve malware or may sell your personal information. Make sure the software you choose to capture your screen is credible.

  • Set up a fake Snapchat account

For this technique, you’ll make a false Snapchat account and log in to capture Snapchat Stories. Snapchat will let the user know that their material has been filmed, but it won’t say you were the one who did it. 

This technique only functions if the Snapchat app Stories you wish to capture are public. Or if the person gives you access to their feed, it should be emphasized.

  • Sync your phone with a computer

A wonderful technique for figuring out how to store a Snap secretly is by mirroring the device to your PC. This method will allow you to mirror your smartphone’s display to your computer. You’ll require installing a screen-mirroring program on your phone and completing a few simple steps. 

Then, all you’ll need to do is record the Snapchat video. You want it from your computer’s screen using a screen recording program for a PC or Mac, such as Movavi Screen Recorder.

  • Make use of your phone’s integrated screen recorder

Screen recorders are frequently included in more recent Android and iPhone smartphones. If your phone has one, you may record a person’s movies or conversations in chat using the screen recorder built right into the device. 

However, Snapchat continues to send a warning if you do this without first switching to airplane mode or cutting off your internet connection. This is because you clicked on a screenshot of the individual’s video or image.

So, I hope now this is clear to you that can you screen record on Snapchat or not?


In summary, using any of the techniques we’ve spoken about here, Can you screen record on Snapchat? Yes, yet not every single one of them provides you the option of doing it covertly. 

Additionally, some of these techniques yield movies of superior quality. Others necessitate the use of numerous pieces of equipment. 

Snapchat may be recorded in a variety of methods, some of which are more difficult to utilize than others. You may record almost anything with the help of user-friendly recorders like RecExperts. So try them and record without knowing on Snapchat!Related Articles: Learn about snapchat score update

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