How To Add Someone To Email Thread Gmail

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It can be challenging to add anyone to an email conversation because they weren’t there from the beginning.

Ensure that the individual you’re introducing can observe the conversation and participate. At the same duration, you should refrain from adding useless posts to the thread.

Fortunately, there are approaches how to add someone to email thread Gmail while creating issues for others. Learn how to include a person in an email chat by reading on.

What actually Email thread is?

A series of emails are referred to as a thread. The initial post in the thread serves as the original, and every message that follows is a response to the first.

When you respond to an emails, your response joins the thread and is immediately forwarded to all other thread receivers who are still alive.

The easiest way to think of email threads is to think of them as a continuous email discussion. Threads are also beneficial. This is so that you can view the full conversation’s history in one spot.

Adding someone to an email thread

The most effective technique to add somebody to an email thread is typically to add him to the CC line. When replying to the entire thread. Additionally, you want to include a brief message outlining who you are bringing to the discussion and why.

This will bring the newcomer up to speed on the entire discussion and add them to the group. So, if you’re looking to acquire everything there is to know about adding somebody to an email thread. You’ve found the right place. Continue reading!

How to add someone to an email chain?

You can use different ways to add someone into the email chain. These are;

  • The best method is to use Gmail’s Mention option.
  • Utilize the “Reply To All” function in Gmail.
  • Send The Email To Invite A New Participant

In the post, we will study how to add someone to email thread with Gmail.

Today’s society relies heavily on email for communication. With Gmail, you can easily add someone to an email thread, so that they can stay updated on the conversation. Here’s how you can do it:

Utilize the “Reply To All” function in Gmail

Follow the steps given below to add someone to the email thread;

  • Open the email thread in which you want to include the person.
  • Select “Reply” from the menu. 
  • Put the person’s email address you wish to include in the thread in the “To” column. 
  • Choose “Send” from the menu.
  • The complete email thread will be sent to the individual you included in an email. Including all the previous emails and attachments.
  • If you want to remove someone from the thread.  Simply select “Remove” from the drop-down menu that appears next to their email address

Gmail’s mention option

Making sure they are familiar with the discourse thus far might be challenging.  Fortunately, Gmail’s mentioned feature can help with this; how to add someone to a Gmail thread.

  • Open the email thread

You must first access the email thread to which you wish to add the person. You may accomplish this by selecting the email from your inbox or by using the Gmail search function to look up the thread.  

  •  Compose your reply

Next, you need to compose your reply to the email thread. This can be done by clicking on the reply button at the bottom of the email.

  • Use the mentioned feature

To add someone to the email thread using the mentioned feature. The “@” sign must be typed before the recipient’s name or email address. This will provide a list of individuals whose names or email addresses match what you input. 

  • Select the person you want to mention

Following the “@” sign, put the person’s name or email address. The person you are interested in mentioning must be chosen from the list that shows. This will add their email address to the email thread and notify them that they have been mentioned.

  • Finish your reply

Finally, you can finish your reply to the email thread and send it as you normally would.  A message informing them that they have been discussed in the conversation will be sent to the individual you named. And it will be simple for them to catch up on what has been spoken thus far. 

So this is the simplest way How to add someone to email thread Gmail.

Send the email to invite a new participant

Follow the given steps below to forward a email for adding someone to email thread;

  • Launch the email thread

If you wish to add someone, you should start by opening the email thread. You can find the email thread in your inbox or any of your folders.

  • Click on the “Forward” button

The “Forward” button may be found at the bottom of each email once the thread has been opened.  To launch a new email window, use this button. 

  • Add the new individual’s email address

In the new email window, you will see a “To” field where you can add the email address of the new member. You wish to contribute to the email thread. You can either type their email address manually or select it from your contact list.

  • Add a message (optional)

If you want to include a message to the new member, you can type it in the body of the email.  Although it is optional, giving the new member some background information might be useful.

  • Click “Send”

Once you have added the new member’s email address and any message you want to include, click on the “Send” button to forward the email to them and add them to the email thread.


In summary, adding someone to an email thread in Gmail can provide several benefits. It can help improve communication and collaboration. But How to add someone to email thread gmail?

By following the simple steps mentioned above. Making ensuring everyone in the discussion is on the exact same page and able to participate in the topic is possible. So take the actions outlined above!

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