What Does Call Forwarding Unconditional Mean


Call forwarding is one of the most important components of modern communications. However, because we are used to picking up the phone straight, the majority of consumers are ignorant of its importance.

But what happens if you miss a crucial business call or someone calls your old home number after you’ve moved? Call forwarding comes in handy at this point.

So what does call forwarding unconditional mean? Let’s discuss it in detail in this post.

What does unconditional call forwarding mean?

Unconditional call forwarding is a telephone function that enables incoming calls to be automatic. And unconditionally sent to another phone number. In other words, regardless of whether the recipient’s phone is busy, unanswered, or at another location. All calls are forwarded to the specified number.

For instance

Consider turning on unconditional call forwarding to your mobile number on your company phone. Whether your company phone is on, engaged on another call, or unanswered, when clients or coworkers call your business number.  

The calls will immediately and unconditionally be sent to your mobile device. This guarantees that you never miss essential calls and makes it possible for you to reach your clients easily.

How is unconditional call forwarding useful?

Unconditional call forwarding is particularly helpful when you need to be connected and available at all times. Such as when managing many devices or when on business trips. Due to the seamless, interruption-free routing of callers to the proper contact, this function improves communication efficiency. 

However, it’s crucial to take into account any potential consequences. Including higher mobile phone costs if the forwarding is set to an overseas number. And the requirement to efficiently manage call routing to prevent overcrowding the forwarded destination with incoming calls.

What does the call forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded mean?

The phrase “Call forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded” seems to be sending mixed or ambiguous signals. Let’s examine the components of this assertion:

Call Forwarding Unconditional: As said in the preceding response, this is a telecommunications service where incoming calls are immediately forwarded to another phone number without any criteria or requirements.

Voice Not Forwarded: This seems to indicate that just the text component of the call is being sent, not the voice portion (the audio material). The call itself and its speech content are both transferred in a conventional call-forwarding situation. This remark, however, raises the possibility that while the call may be redirected, the real voice data is not being sent.

What does call forwarding unconditional mean on Android?

With Android’s Call Forwarding Unconditional function, all incoming calls may be forwarded to a different phone number instantly and without any limitations. Calls will be automatically redirected to the specified number even if your phone is busy, unanswered, or in any other situation.

Follow these steps to configure Call Forwarding Unconditional on an Android device:

Open Phone App

 On your Android device, start the Phone app. Depending on the device and Android version, the name of this app may change (for example, Phone or Dialer).

Access settings

Search the Phone app for the settings or options menu to access settings. Three dots or lines are frequently used to symbolize this in the upper-right corner. It may be tapped to access settings.

Call settings

Find and pick “Call settings” or a comparable item from the settings menu. Depending on your Android version, the terminology may change once more.

Call forwarding

You should find a “Call Forwarding” option in the Call Settings menu. To go forward, tap it.

Enter the Call Forwarding Number

Type the phone number to which you wish to redirect calls. If necessary, insert the whole number, including the country code.

Activate Call Forwarding 

When you’ve finished entering the forwarding number, press “Enable” or “Turn On” to turn on Call Forwarding unconditionally.


A notification confirming the setting up of the forwarding may appear. Additionally, if call forwarding is enabled, you can see a notification indicator in the status bar.

Disable Call Forwarding

To turn off Call Forwarding unconditionally, just go back to the Call Forwarding settings and do so.

Please note that the exact steps and options may vary. Depending on your Android device model and the version of Android you’re using.


In conclusion, the ability to effortlessly send incoming calls to another phone number without any constraints or limitations is known as unconditional call forwarding. Which I’ve discussed above in what does call forwarding unconditional mean

Its adaptability extends to personal, professional, and commercial settings, enabling people and organisations to retain accessibility. Deliver effective customer service, optimise communications during special occasions, and even react to emergencies.

Users may guarantee that they never miss crucial calls and stay connected in the world. That is becoming increasingly linked by utilising unconditional call forwarding efficiently.


What does it mean call forwarding unconditional?

Call forwarding unconditional is a telephone function that unconditionally routes all incoming calls to a predetermined phone number.

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