Why and How To Freeze Snap Location


You might have observed that Snapchat now offers the option to “freeze” your location if you often use the service. This implies that you have the option to temporarily stop having your location updated while you walk about if you like.

This might be helpful if you’d like to let someone understand where you are. But I don’t want them to always be aware of it. Therefore, keep reading if you’re eager to discover how to freeze snap location.

We’ll talk specifically about that in this blog article. So let’s start right now without spending any more time!

Why does Snapchat allow you to freeze your location?

One can desire to Snapchat-freeze their location for a variety of reasons. 

  • Privacy is one of the primary factors. Snapchat automatically tells all of your friends where you are. But you might not want them to know where you are at all moments. You may have greater authority over your particular information and who has availability of it by freezing your location.
  • Snapchat location freezing is also recommended for safety concerns. You may choose not to share your location with everybody on your Snapchat contacts list. For instance, if you are visiting a new location. 
  • Or, if you’re in a risky circumstance, freezing your location might help you remain covert. And prevent attracting unwanted interest in yourself.
  • You might wish to lock your location on Snapchat for other reasons. For instance, you could be visiting an event that you do not wish your social network accounts to be linked with. Or you may simply want to withdraw from the app for a time. 

How to freeze your location on Snapchat?

The instructions below will let you freeze where you are on Snapchat.

  • Click on your profile symbol in the above-left corner of the Snapchat app after it has been opened on your phone.
  • Enter your settings by tapping the gear symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Tap “See More” in the “Additional Services” section by scrolling down.
  • To make use of the location-sharing settings, click “Snap Maps.”
  • Toggle off “Share My Location” by tapping the toggle button next to it. Snapchat won’t be able to get your location information if you do this.

When location sharing is turned off in Snap Maps. Snap Camera and other location-based features, like the ability to view where your companions are on a map, are also turned off. So this is the way how to freeze your snap location!

How to check that your snap location has been frozen?

You can additionally try some of the following recommendations to ensure that your location on Snapchat stays frozen:

  • To be sure that location-based services are disabled for the Snapchat app, examine the settings on your mobile device.
  • To conceal your location when using the application, think about utilizing a VPN.
  • Be mindful that Snapchat may still be able to obtain information about your location through other channels. Including an IP address and WiFi connection. It’s better to combine these techniques if you want to freeze your location.

It’s crucial to remember that locking your location on Snapchat might not always work. However, by following these guidelines, you should be able to use the app safely and comfortably. While also having more authority over your location data.

How to freeze Snapchat location without turning it off?

With Snapchat’s new Snap Map function, users may now broadcast their current position with certain pals for a predetermined period. Keeping Snapchat from being turned off when pausing it.

  • To accomplish this, launch the app and select the Settings option. 
  • Click ‘Location’ from there, then choose ‘Pause My Story.’ 
  • Your Snapchat location will be paused for 24 hours as a result.

Snapchat Map allows you to keep tabs on your pals, while Snapchat Find lets them know where you are. Although it can seem unsettling, you don’t have to activate it to utilize it.

You shouldn’t open Snapchat if you don’t want certain individuals to know where your location is.  On an iPhone, tap Settings then Snapchat and after that Location, and switch Never or Ask Next Time off. 

With the use of your phone’s GPS, Snapchat can locate you. On the following occasion, you may imitate your location using a third-party program like Fake GPS Location. 

Some other methods to freeze location on Snapchat

We’ll explain how to block Snapchat from displaying your live location in the sections that follow. Let’s start now!

  • Enable Snapchat’s Ghost Mode

By turning on Ghost Mode, we’ll learn how to stop being monitored on Snapchat for the first time in this session. To do this, take the following actions:

  • Launch the Snapchat mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Check Snap Map by tapping on the location symbol.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the settings symbol. 
  • Turn on “Ghost Mode” with the toggle. 
  • Choose an appropriate time frame. 

Now, until you approve their request, none of your pals on the application will ever know where you are. The “Ghost Mode” can be used for “3 hours,” “24 hours,” or “Until Turned Off.” You may check if you’re in “Ghost Mode” without going anywhere. 

You have entered Ghost Mode if the Snapchat logo appears blue instead of yellow. To freeze where you are on Snapchat instead, follow the instructions we provided above.

  • Block Snapchat from accessing your location

We’ll now move on to a different method of freezing your position on Snapchat. By demonstrating how to stop the application from getting your location by altering a setting on your phone.

On iPhone

On an iPhone, the tutorial that follows is carried out. If your phone is an iOS device, you may do the same actions to freeze where you are on Snapchat:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone. 
  • Go down the page and click “Snapchat.” 
  • Choosing “Location.” 

In an Android

We’ll now demonstrate how to accomplish it on an Android-powered smartphone.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone. 
  • Go to the “Apps” category. 
  • Pick “Apps” once again. 
  • On the list of applications, look for “Snapchat” and click it. 
  • Now that you have selected “Permissions,” you can view the applications that Snapchat is allowed to utilize. 
  • Select “Location. 
  • After selecting “Deny,” you are done.

I hope this will be helpful for you to freeze your location on Snapchat.

Final words

In conclusion, before choosing to freeze your current location on Snapchat. It’s crucial to think about the possible downsides. Hiding your location on Snapchat can provide security as well as privacy benefits. 

As I described above, there are different ways how to freeze snap location. If you choose to freeze where you are, be sure that you comply with the instructions on this page. 

And apply the advice given to make sure it stays frozen. Thus ensuring you may continue to use the application in a way that seems safe and convenient to you. To prevent confusion, be sure to let your friends and followers know where you are.

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