How To Stop Instagram From Scrolling To The Top Android?

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Do you wish to understand how to disable Instagram’s auto-scroll feature? Need solutions for Instagram scrolling issues or are you sick of figuring out how to switch off auto scroll on Instagram? We have several options to assist you fix the “Instagram automatically scrolling” problem, so don’t worry. 

Every second, one million fresh posts are shared on Instagram. This indicates that new information is always being added to our stream. Normally, that wouldn’t be an issue. 

But occasionally Instagram scrolls for us and displays the most recent posts. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been trying to figure out how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android.

The Auto-Scrolling Feature of Instagram: An Overview

Snap scrolling, another name for Instagram’s auto-scrolling feature, allows users to stay current on the newest postings. The software updates your feed and moves you to the top when you open it. 

For individuals who wish to keep current with the latest material, this function is beneficial. For those who want to scroll at their leisure, though, it may be a cause of irritation.

 Why do you need to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling?

 Although this function is intended to keep users interested and promote spending more time on the site with a secure internet connection, there may be some downsides.

  • Time commitment

Users may find themselves continually browsing through stuff without realizing how much time has gone. Which can result in a lot of time spent on the platform. This might be unproductive and hurt everyday activities or impair productivity.

  • Diminished mindfulness

Consumers are less likely to interact critically with the material they are consuming. When they are continuously scrolling through an unending feed, which might encourage mindless surfing. This can result in a passive experience and lower the standard of interactions on the site.

  • Concerns about mental health

Instagram and other social media sites want to keep users interested, and the auto-scrolling function helps achieve this. But excessive use and a steady stream of material can be exhausting and exacerbate feelings of worry, inferiority, or comparison.

  • Span of attention

Continuous scrolling can reduce attention span. And make it harder to concentrate on work performed off the platform, which can hurt productivity and general well-being. 

  • Battery loss

Due to the constant download of fresh material, auto-scrolling can quickly deplete your phone’s battery.

Generally speaking, disabling auto scrolling on Instagram can encourage you to utilize social media with greater focus and awareness.

How to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top?

Get to the main topic now: how to prevent Instagram from scrolling to the top on Android. These are the actions:

  • Launch the Instagram application on your Android phone or tablet.
  • In the lower right side of the screen, tap on the symbol for your profile.
  • In the upper right corner, press the three-line menu symbol. Then, tap the word “Settings” at the bottom.
  • Select “Account” from the “Settings” menu, then “Cellular Data Use.”
  • Select the Data Saver option beneath Cellular data settings in addition to Using less data and turn it on.

These instructions will help you stop Instagram on the Android operating system from automatically scrolling.

Other options to do Instagram auto swipe turn off

  • Make use of a third-party app

Various third-party programs can assist you in stopping Instagram’s auto-scrolling. However, use caution while installing and utilizing third-party apps. Since they might endanger the security of your device or your private data.

  • Pressing your finger downward on the screen while scrolling will keep the app in place

Use this guidance while you read the content. Restrict Instagram’s automatic scrolling by keeping your finger on the post that you are now reading.

This may be used extensively in reels, films, and even pictures. If you want to increase the amount of time you can spend seeing a post. Hold your index finger down on it to prevent Instagram from scrolling automatically.

  • Enable Data Saving Mode

Data Saver Mode may assist you use less data while still enabling you to interact with the app. The auto-scrolling functionality can be controlled by reducing the auto-loading of content in this mode.

  • Launch the Instagram application on your Android phone or tablet.
  • In the lower right side of the screen, tap on the symbol for your profile.
  • In the upper right corner, press the three-line menu symbol. Then, tap the word “Settings” at the bottom.
  • Select “Account” from the “Settings” menu, then “Cellular Data Use.”
  • Select the Data Saver option under Cellular data settings > Use less data and turn it on.
  • The auto-scrolling functionality can be controlled by reducing the auto-loading of posts in this mode.
  • Using Instagram’s desktop application to Instagram auto scroll turn off

Moving on, one may access Instagram’s website using, say, the Chrome browser from Google or a mobile device. To use all of Instagram’s capabilities from a web browser, use the desktop edition of the Chrome browser.

This entails that you may log into the website using the same account that you use for the mobile app. While also having access to the desktop version of the website. Turning off the auto-play setting in your Instagram account will stop Instagram from scrolling for you.  

By selecting the “inspect” option on the Settings page, you may accomplish this. The good news is that while using Instagram’s desktop app on Chrome, it’s simple to disable auto-scrolling.

To prevent Instagram from automatically scrolling. Perform these instructions when using the Chrome browser and the computer’s version of the app:

  • Open a web browser and go to Instagram on your computer first.
  • Once on the website, use your right mouse button to pick “Inspect” from the drop-down menu. This will launch a window with several choices.
  • Locate the ‘body’ area under the ‘Elements’ tab. You will notice the phrase “overflow-y scroll” in that part.
  • The auto-scrolling function will be disabled. And you will be able to scroll across the page as normal after changing the scroll to ‘auto’ and pressing Enter.

Use your favorite feed instead of your home feed to make sure you never miss any information

If you are worried that you will miss any material during the auto-scrolling. Save your favorite pages so you can switch your feed to the “Favourite” area at any time. And read all that your favorite accounts have published.

You’ll be able to visit the pages you wish to avoid more easily and won’t miss any recent information by doing this.

Final words

In summary, it’s important to keep in mind that Instagram’s features and functionality are subject to change over time due to changes. And third-party applications might not always work properly or be compatible. Additionally, there may be security and privacy issues associated with utilizing third-party applications. 

As of now, you are aware of how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android? You can try alternative ways also. So proceed with caution and do extensive research before putting them on your device. Get to know what people will see or not when you are searching on instagram.  

It’s always a good idea to check for any updated official settings within the Instagram app. Or visit their help website for the most recent information if you experience auto-scrolling problems. 


Can you do Instagram auto swipe turn off immediately?

Yes, you can immediately turn off auto scrolling on Instagram. Simply turn “Auto-Advance” to “Off” under “Settings” then “Account”. This setting prohibits you from scrolling through your feed and going straight to the next post. 

Additionally, you may change this option to hold it after every image or video or to play your feed entirely before pausing. This makes it simple for you to manage how quickly you scroll across your feed and ensure that you don’t miss any changes.

How to stop auto scroll on Instagram?

The Instagram app does not have a dedicated setting to disable the auto-scroll function. On Android devices, you might be able to accomplish this by utilizing third-party applications or browser extensions. 

Due to Instagram upgrades or modifications to third-party apps/extensions. Some solutions may have restrictions or cease to function in the future.

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