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Are you interested in finding out who shared your TikTok videos? Or can you see who shared your tiktok? You can see how many times your TikTok has been shared, but not which TikTok users shared your movies.

Without a doubt, TikTok has become a centre for internet material that becomes viral. Especially in the last year, as various populations, trends, and songs have benefited from the app’s enormous user base.

In addition to discussing what to do if you are reluctant to share your TikToks with others. This article covers how to determine how many times a TikTok has been shared.

Can you see who shared your video on TikTok?

You cannot view who shared your TikTok, so no.

No alerts will be sent to you when your video is shared. The number of times your TikTok has been shared may be seen, though.

  • Utilize the Analytics option on the TikTok app to view your share count.
  • Only if your profile is public may people share your TikToks.
  • Use the Share function to share another TikTok.

 The only thing you can do right now is assess the performance of a TikTok video.

  • Launch TikTok and choose Profile.
  • The video you wish to watch is tappable.
  • A number next to an indicator at the bottom of the display indicates how many people have shared your movie.

 Why Am I Unable To See Who Shared My TikTok?

TikTok emphasizes sharing, although there are certain restrictions. Due to privacy considerations, it is not possible to view the profiles of those who have shared your movie. You can only check how many times your movie has been shared, though.

How do you see who shared your tiktok?

It is presently not possible to get a precise list of the accounts that have shared your movie, which is unfortunate.

However, you may examine your statistics, which include details like views and demographics. As well as the quantity of shares, if you switch to a TikTok Pro account.To become a TikTok Pro user, you must:

·        The ‘Me’ option may be found in the TikTok app.

·        By selecting the three dots in the top right corner, select Settings.

  • Before switching your account to a pro account, click “Manage Account” and then “Switch to Pro Account.”

This will allow you to check your analytics, albeit you might not be able to access the data right soon.

How come I can’t share my TikToks?

There may be certain settings you need to adjust if you can’t share your TikToks. To allow sharing, follow these steps.

  • Launch TikTok and choose Profile.
  • The hamburger menu symbol is located in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Go to Privacy.
  • To make your account information public, turn the switch next to Private Account on.

Can you see who shared your tik tok via analytics?

Yes, you can check shared videos via analytics:

Launch the TikTok application on your smartphone

This is the musical notation with the various colors on a black backdrop. 

You may set up TikTok if necessary

  • Both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store include TikTok for Android users.
  • If you haven’t logged in already, click Log in to do so right now or click Sign up to make an account.
  • In the lower right corner, tap Profile.
  • This will be situated beneath a person symbol.
  • A tab for your profile will appear.

 Click a video

For shares to be shown, the video must be fully viewable.

This technique may also be used to find out how many people have shared a TikTok post made by another author.

 Determine the share count

  • This number is at the bottom of the page, next to the arrow pointing to the right. The quantity of plays is also visible.
  • The share number may be seen on the right side. Just beneath the Share arrow, of a video created by another producer.

How to check the TikTok Shares for a Particular video?

You can see your overall shares on TikTok as well as the shares for each video. Let’s examine how to view shares for a particular TikTok video.

  • Launch the app, then select your profile.
  • Select Creator tools as in step one.
  • From the top menu, choose Content.

To examine the amount of shares for a given video, click on any of your videos.


  • Go to your TikTok account.
  • Pick a video from your library.
  • Press the icon with three dots in the bottom right corner. 
  • Choose Analytics.
  • The amount of shares is visible beneath the thumbnail for the video.

What is the best way to post my TikTok videos on Facebook or Instagram?

You may quickly post your TikTok movies to other social networking websites. There are two methods to do it.

  • The social media networks you wish to publish your movie on may be linked and chosen at the bottom of the posting page.
  • Choose the video from your profile that you want to share, and hit the three-dot symbol. And then select the social media platform where you want to post it.
  • The TikTok watermark will be incorporated in this shared video, so keep that in mind.

How can you share your TikTok videos?

Here is the following procedure to share your tiktoks;


  • Launch the TikTok app on your smartphone.
  • This is the musical notation with the various colors on a black backdrop.
  • If you haven’t logged in already, click Log in to do so right now or click Sign up to make an account.

Step 2

  • Go to the video.
  • By default, you’ll see your For You page. You have the option of searching for videos, going to your videos, or storing videos.

Step 3

  • Hit the arrow button.
  • The Favourites symbol will be above this. Opens a pop-up menu.
  • Under the arrow icon, you could see Share if the TikTok has been seen.

Step 4

  • Choose a platform.
  • Choose from a variety of well-liked social media, send by SMS, or copy the direct URL to publish anywhere.

Step 5

  • Publish the video.
  • You’ll be sent to the app of your choice. Within the app, choose a recipient and touch Send.
  • You will need to manually launch a messaging app if you chose Copy link. Send the mail after pasting the URL there.

Final words

In summary, TikTok provides content creators with some general metrics related to shares. But it doesn’t usually disclose the specific identities of users who have shared their videos. TikTok aims to strike a balance between empowering creators with relevant insights and safeguarding user privacy on its platform.

So if you wonder if can you see who shared your TikTok then read the post carefully. We hope you will get your answers. So, share your videos without hesitating on different platforms.


Can you see who shares your TikTok?

No, you can’t. TikTok’s platform doesn’t provide a direct feature to see a comprehensive list of users who have shared your videos. However, TikTok does offer some basic insights and engagement metrics to content creators. And allowing them to gauge the performance of their videos, including shares.

Can I see who shared my tik tok?

No, TikTok does not provide a feature that allows you to see the specific identities of users who have shared your videos.

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