How to charge elf bar 5000 without charge?

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It is said that using an e-cigarette causes the vape to abruptly stop working, which can be highly uncomfortable for vape users. When you use elf bar 5000 then you may forget the charger at home during traveling.

So, how to charge elf bar 5000 without charge? Users of vape products frequently ask this question. This article will guide the instructions about charging and also the solution to charge your vape without a charger.

So this article is perfect for you if you had faced this problem because you can find the solution in this post.

Charging elf bar procedure

Your ELF BAR is simple to charge! Simply adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Join the charging wire provided to the ELF BAR’s bottom charging connector.
  • Insert the cable’s other end into an electrical outlet.
  • The ELF BAR’s front LED light will turn on to show that it’s currently charging.
  • The LED light turning green indicates that your ELF BAR is fully charged and ready for use. 

How frequently can an ELF BAR be recharged?

Your usage frequency will determine the answer. You might be able to avoid charging it more than once if you just use it occasionally. It will require more frequent charging if you use it frequently. The good thing is that the ELF BAR is simple to charge, so maintaining a charged and ready-to-use state won’t be a problem.

Which features should an elf bar charger have?

When looking for an ELF BAR charger, there are a few things to keep in mind.  You require a charger that is compatible with your smartphone, has an adequate quantity of power, and is easy to use. 


Verify that the charger you choose is appropriate for your ELF BAR gear by checking its specifications. Both the product description and the corporate website provide this information.


The ELF BAR vape charger is compatible with both 5V/1A and 9V/2A power sources. Choose the option that best satisfies your needs. The 9V/2A option could fit you better if you intend to use your gadget for extended periods.


You need a charger that is simple to operate and comprehend. Choose a charger that has simple-to-follow instructions and an intuitive user interface.

What is elf bar charger type?

What Is Elf Bar Charger Type Techbulletin

Elf Bars charge via USB-C connectors, just like the majority of contemporary electrical products. Due to the symmetrical and oval-shaped plug, USB-C charge cables differ from conventional micro-USB cables. 

Micro-USB cables are asymmetrical in shape and feature one flat side. For some reason, always manages to be inserted backward on the first try. At first attempt, USB-C cords fit.

A visible port for USB-C that should not be mistaken for an airflow hole. It may be seen on all Elf Bar recharge disposable products, most frequently on the bottom of the item. 

However, a charging cord is not included with the Elf Bar disposables. Most individuals currently carry USB-C charging cables with them. If not, you can get one from any retailer that carries electronics, including petrol stations and pharmacies.

Next in the article, I will tell you how to charge Elf bar 5000 without charge.  

What charger does an elf bar take?

Electronic cigarettes may be divided into two categories: rechargeable and disposable. What kind of battery charges an Elfbar? Rechargeable Type-C and USB models are available in ELF BAR. If you’re unsure, you may see it beneath the bottom of the elf bar.  Making your own decisions might be helpful.

What are the other options to charge the elf bar?

It’s crucial to pick the right USB-C cable and energy source before charging your ELF bar. In this post, the top charging techniques for your ELF bar will be explored. Along with what to watch for while charging your vape equipment safely and effectively.

 Making Use of a USB-C Cable with Power-Providing Features

Using a USB-C cable with power supply capability for powering your ELF bar is one of the finest ways to do so. This kind of cable is made to transmit more power, which can speed up the charging process for your ELF bar.

Make sure the USB-C cord you choose can deliver electricity and is made exclusively for electronic devices.

Keeping away from High-Speed USB-C Chargers

While you can charge your ELF bar with any USB-C connection that can give electricity. It’s important to stay away from fast USB-C chargers made for tablets and laptops. These high-wattage chargers could overheat your ELF bar and damage it or endanger your safety.

Use your computer/laptop to charge your ELF bar

Connecting your ELF bar to your computer is an additional way to charge it. Given that you probably already own a USB-C cable, using this method to charge your device can be practical. 

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the type of computer, charging timeframes may change.  You’re using the power supply it is connected to.

So this way you can use different alternatives to charge your elf bar. But the query is here how to charge Elf bar 5000 without charge?

How to charge a elf bar without a charger?

How To Charge A Elf Bar Without A Charger Techbulletin

The majority of vape users will experience this issue. I have attached the cord to my Elf Bar, but it fails to charge. Since, as I mentioned in the fourth point above, the battery contact is weak. Here’s how you charge your Elf bar without a data wire; however, this requires a homemade cable that enables you to diagnose any issues.

  • The Elf Bar vape’s bottom cover should be removed using pliers, after which the internal components should be progressively removed.
  • It is necessary to attach the red wire to the cable’s positive end. For this method to function, the black wire must be attached to the other end. 
  • The battery should continue to charge for 1-2 minutes. After the black and red wires have been pushed into their negative and positive terminals, respectively. (Avoid going above this time limit to avoid damaging the battery.)

We must be honest. And state that while it is feasible to use this homemade charger to power the battery packs in the box. The effort is not worthwhile. So these are some ways to how to charge Elf bar without charger.

Using a USB cable to Charge an Elf Bar 

In the absence of a USB port, an Elf bar cannot be recharged.

You can find a tonne of video tutorials online that demonstrate how to recharge your disposable vapes. That is not designed to be recharged. For two main reasons, it is strongly suggested that you should not do this.

  • Because disposable vaporizers are not equipped with charging circuits, they cannot detect when the power source is fully charged. This is the reason why these devices will continue to charge, which could be dangerous. Overcharging a lithium-ion battery can cause it to grow chemically unstable, overheat, and catch fire.
  • The disposable vapes which are designed to be recharged cannot be charged, thus that is useless. The product would most likely be out of e-liquid by the time its battery is depleted for the first time.

Again, it is possible to add the e-liquid once more to a disposable vape. But you will have to put in a lot of effort at this point. If you invest in a different disposable gadget or switch to a reusable and chargeable vape kit. You’ll feel better and more at ease.

How long an elf bar bc5000 be charged?

How Long An Elf bar 5000 Be Charged Techbulletin

One of the things you’ll notice. When reading online reviews of Elf Bar disposable vapes is that several individuals have voiced confusion. Over the duration to keep charging the Elf Bar BC5000. 

You might not have spotted the blinking light on the device’s bottom if you’re feeling similarly perplexed. It could be that whenever you charge the device, the light isn’t truly turning on.  

However, there’s no need to stress if you’re charging your Elf Bar for the appropriate amount of time if it’s charging properly. When the battery is fully charged, the light goes out. It takes around an hour to complete.

The information in this post should help you understand all you need to know about charging elf bars. So read the instructions carefully.


In summary, maintaining a fully charged ELF bar disposable vape is necessary for an enjoyable vaping experience. Simply plug the gadget into a power source using a USB cord. And wait till the indicator light illuminates to complete the simple process. But if you forgot the charger then how to charge elf bar 5000 without charge? 

Don’t worry this article has a solution. Make sure the cable being used is appropriate for power delivery, and if it’s not, replace it with one that is. The charging process can also be kept clear of obstructions by routinely cleaning the charging port. 

These easy actions will help you keep your ELF bar charged and prepared for use anytime you need it.  

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