what if I don’t have a cable outlet for wifi

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If you’ve just settled into a new house and can’t find the usual coaxial plug to connect your wireless router, take heart! Regardless of the outlets in the house, you’ll find various ways to access the internet.

So what if I don’t have a cable outlet for wifi? If you’re wondering about this since you don’t have a cable plug and need to know the solutions. It’ll assist you to find it out so you can fix it.

Cable outlet for wifi working

You can use coaxial cables to link your electrical appliances to the net. A dish for satellite television, or a cell phone signal utilizing cable wiring, also referred to as coaxial outlets.

A signal travels down the coaxial cable’s metal cover and central wire made of copper. A magnetic field emanates from each of these metallic conductors. Signal interference and cancellation are prevented by the insulators. The signal is additionally shielded by the insulators from external magnetic forces.

What if I don’t have a coax outlet?

In today’s world, having access to the internet is crucial for staying connected and being productive. However, not everyone has a cable outlet for WiFi in their home. This can be a frustrating problem to have, but there are solutions available. They consist of:

  • An optical fiber link
  • Mobile hotspots
  • Wireless router 
  • Satellite links
  • DSL over phone lines
  • 5GHz Hotspot Device
  • Optical fiber link

Similar to coaxial, fiber optic requires drilling an outlet into the exterior wall of the building. And the cable to be hooked up to the device before it can be connected. Both of these possibilities differ due to how a cable is constructed. Coaxial cables are made of copper, whereas fiber optic cables are made of fiberglass.

They both transmit data and deliver the internet at comparable rates. Don’t feel bad if you use an optical outlet instead of a cable outlet because they both serve the same purpose. So you can use optical fibers if you think what if I don’t have a cable outlet for wifi?

  • Mobile Hotspot

One option is to use a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot is a device that connects to a cellular network. And it creates a WiFi signal that you can connect to with your devices. 

This option is great for people who don’t have a cable outlet but have good cellular coverage in their area. It’s also convenient for people who travel frequently. As you can take the hotspot with you and have internet access wherever you go.

  • Wireless router

Another option is to use a wireless router as a cable internet outlet. While a wireless router typically requires a cable outlet, some models are designed to work with a cellular modem. 

This means that you can connect your router to a cellular network and create a WiFi signal in your home. This option is great for people who want a more permanent solution. And don’t want to rely on a mobile hotspot.

  • Satellite links

If you don’t have good cellular coverage in your area, another option is to use a satellite internet service. Satellite internet involves using a dish to connect to a satellite in space, which provides internet access. 

While satellite internet can be expensive and slow compared to other options. It’s a viable solution for people who live in rural areas where cable and cellular coverage is limited. So, if you wonder what if I don’t have a cable outlet for wifi then you can use this as an option.

  • DSL over phone lines

DSL over the phone Digital customer line, also known as Wires DSL, is a telecommunications innovation that enables fast access to the Internet via conventional phone lines.

DSL offers high-speed internet access through the same telephone connections as your phone. You already possess telephone lines in your house or workplace, so no additional wiring is required.

Signals are sent from the internet supplier to the router across the phone line. Signals are gathered by the gadget, which then transforms them into the proper signal for an internet connection.

Because the essential connections are already in place, DSL speeds of connection are quicker and frequently more affordable. It sets up quickly and easily. So, I can use this option if I don’t have a cable wall outlet.

  • 5GHz Hotspot Device

A gadget called a 5Ghz Hotspot Box has just been released by Huawei. To function, these devices must be plugged into regular power outlets. And connected to the same network of data as cell phones. 

They will then serve as a hotspot to which all devices can join, creating a wireless internet connection across your home.

You should choose this option if you have just moved into a new home. And haven’t had the opportunity of setting up the coaxial hookup connections.


In conclusion, not having a cable outlet for WiFi is not the end of the world. So, if you are worried about what if I don’t have a cable outlet for wifi? Then you can use the several solutions mentioned above.  

There are several options available, including mobile hotspots, wireless routers with cellular modems, and satellite internet services. It’s important to evaluate your needs and choose the option that works best for you.

So, you can choose the option which suits you more and is easy to evaluate for you!

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