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Your AirPod Pro may beep if it gets wet. Feel better knowing that you are not alone. There are a variety of reasons behind beeping the airpods. We are all aware of the necessity of keeping electrical equipment as far distant from water as is practical. 

I’ll explain why is my airpod beeping after getting wet in the following guide. Along with some tips for keeping them from getting any worse.

Why are my airpods beeping?

Beeping from AirPods can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these beeps may not be defective but rather alert you to a problem with the device. Such as 

  • A low battery
  • A failed connection
  • A connection that worked, 
  • A signal that has changed from noise-canceling to transparent.

But in addition to this,

  • If the battery is fully charged and the device is still beeping. 
  • There may be a problem with battery draining caused by worn-out batteries, water that has gotten trapped, 
  • Broken air pods would indicate that the entire system is not functioning properly.

Why is my airpod pro beeping after getting wet?

Water damage is a two-word explanation for the response to this query.

To be more precise, Apple designed a warning into the gadget in this instance, which is why it is beeping. Your Airpod Pro is attempting to alert you that water has been trapped inside of it.

You must remove the water if you would like the beeping to stop. Don’t panic just yet; you don’t need to get new AirPods as a result of this. Before needing to purchase another pair, there are several alternatives you may try.

Can Water-Damaged AirPods Be Repaired?

Sadly, water damage is frequently irreparable and cannot be repaired by an Apple expert. If your AirPods have come into contact with water, it’s critical to remove them from the water right away. And allow them to air dry in a secure location. 

There is the possibility that the internal parts may have become permanently damaged. if they were immersed in water for a long time. Even if you are capable to get them operating once again after drying them out.

 It’s conceivable that their battery life or audio quality won’t be as good as it might be. The best line of action would typically be to buy a new pair of airpods.

What to do if airpods get wet?

You may drain the excess water from the AirPods you have and silence the beeping by using these repair instructions. To avoid having to buy an extremely pricey pair of new AirPods, be sure to carefully follow each step.

Fix 1: Dry out them 

You must fully dry out your AirPods if the beeping is coming from them due to retained moisture. Or because you wet them by mistake. Check for buzzer noises when the AirPods have dry. 

The AirPods must be replaced if the beeping noises continue because they have been harmed by dampness. Then, how to get water out of airpods quickly?

Since Airpods are heat-sensitive, using a blow dryer or direct heat to dry them might cause damage that results in broken Airpods. So follow these steps;

  • Keep those AirPods in a place with minimal humidity.
  • Your AirPods should not be in the charging case.
  • Keep your AirPods out of the reach of kids and dogs. 
  • Wait at least a day and a half. You should wait at least 48 hours before using your AirPods again.  

Fix 2: Use the shortcut for water ejection

I won’t delve into all the science that goes into this remedy. Just to be clear, this Siri hack is a technological miracle. To test out this approach, visit this website on your iPhone:

  • Once there, select Get Shortcut from the menu.
  • After that, click + Add Shortcut to add it to your gallery of shortcuts.
  • After tapping My Shortcut, select Water Eject.
  • To begin the procedure, tap on Begin.

This shortcut will force extra water out of our AirPods using a low-frequency bass tone. You’ll see water dripping from the speakers.

Fix 3: Make use of a dry, lint-free fabric

Try wiping the excess moisture with a dry, lint-free towel if your AirPods feel damp to the touch.

You may also use a cotton swab to remove fluids from the small speakers. Just be careful not to strain them too much. As there may probably still be liquid within the earbud that has to dry before use, it works best when combined with the initial solution.

Fix 4: Visit the Apple Store with your AirPods

It’s time to consult the experts if the sound still won’t stop. Visit an approved Apple Service Provider or the nearest Apple Store. Your earphones may be carefully inspected and fixed by them.  

At this point, continuing to attempt to repair them might result in additional harm and loss of the guarantee you have. You may check online to see whether or not your Pro AirPods are still under warranty.

Your AirPods might need to be replaced. But at least you’ll be able to sleep well knowing that you gave it your best go.

Final words

In summary, Airpods Beeping may be an annoying problem. Above you can find out why is my airpod beeping after getting wet above. Finding the root of the problem is necessary before moving on to simple fixes; this helpful advice will help. 

Go over everything carefully, find the solution to your problem, and let it be rapidly resolved, saving you time and effort. 

We hope it was beneficial to you and that the beeping problem has been resolved. Your worn-out Airpods need to be replaced if the problem persists.


Why do my airpods keep beeping?

For a variety of reasons, such as low battery, connectivity and pairing difficulties, defective internals, and more, AirPods typically produce a beeping sound.

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