What Does Call Rejected Mean? A Comprehensive Guide

what does call rejected mean

When the person you’re trying to call declines your call or cannot attend your ring due to any technical issue, such issues mean that your call is rejected. It is also possible that the person has blocked your number. If you’re still unsure about what does call rejected mean? In this ultimate guide, you will get your answers. Here we will provide you with all the detailed information you need to understand how to resolve the issue and why your calls are getting rejected.

What is the meaning of call rejected?

Call rejected means the person you’re calling has declined or rejected your call. It can be frustrating if someone is not attending your call. However, there could be many causes, such as the person you’re calling might be busy somewhere, doesn’t want to talk at that moment, or must be at some place where the recipient cannot attend your call or recognize your number. In addition, there might be technological difficulties, like network issues.

What is the meaning of call rejected

What does call rejected mean when I call someone?

When you contact someone and that person rejects the call, it simply means that the person has chosen not to pick up your call. The reason could be that they might not be interested in speaking to you right now because they are busy or they didn’t recognize your number.

What could be the reasons for a rejected call?

There are some more reasons behind the rejected call that you need to know:

  • Aeroplane mode.
  • Call blockage
  • Forwarding calls
  • The most common reason is called auto-reject.

What are the different types of call rejection?

As we have learned above, a call rejected meaning and what could be the reasons behind it. It is essential to know the types it includes. There are three types of call rejections.

1- Manual Call Rejection:

When you call someone who doesn’t receive your call, this question must have come to your mind what does it mean when it says call rejected? This type of call rejection means that the person you’re calling has declined your call manually and intentionally.

manual call rejection

2- Automatic call rejection:

This type of call rejection is when you call someone, and it automatically disconnects your call before even ringing.

automatic call rejection

3- Specific number call rejection:

This call rejection means that the person you’re calling has put your number on the call number rejection filter. It means the person wants to reject your call specifically.

specific number call rejection

What does call rejected mean on a cell phone?

Call rejected refers to when the person being contacted chooses, for personal reasons, to press the red button that appears on the screen instead of picking up the phone. However, if your phone is set to immediately reject calls from numbers that are on the black or white list as soon as they appear on the screen. The effects of having a number rejected are also comparable.

How to tell if your call has been rejected?

There are several methods to confirm if a call has been refused or if you have a doubt. 

  • You can try looking through your call logs to see if the conversation was recorded. 
  • If you have put up any filters that may have rejected the call, you can also examine your call rejection settings.
  • Finally, you can contact the other party and inquire in touch with the other party and inquire as to whether they got a missed call alert from your number.

Does call rejecting mean your number is blocked?

No, a call rejected is not the same as blocking your number. In call rejection, the person you’re calling receives your call in their phone but avoids picking up your call intentionally, and if your number is blocked your call, the recipient will not get your call.

Does call rejecting mean your number is blocked

What does it mean if your call is automatically rejected?

To instantly reject a call before it reaches the recipient’s phone number means that your call is automatically rejected. Most of the time, the contact will not get the recipient’s phone and will instead be marked as a missed call on their end. Auto-rejecting a call is essentially the same as preventing a particular number from contacting your mobile device. The conversation will end as soon as the caller dials your phone number. In contrast to an activate-blocked number, where neither the inbound call nor anything else is visible to the recipient, the person who receives an auto-rejected call will see the incoming call as a missed one.

How to fix a call-rejected issue?

As it is cleared now, what does call rejected mean? You should also know the solution to the problem you’re facing. If you’re facing this issue, you must also understand how to fix it. There are some general solutions to fix call-rejected issues.

  • In case your call is not ignored intentionally, then it is possible that it can be a signal issue. Do check your mobile signals to see if they are working. And if you do not have signals in your phone because of any area issue, try to get them in an open area.
  • First, check your block list; you may have mistakenly or intentionally blocked the recipient’s number.
  • Check your mobile settings to ensure your phone is not in Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Try restarting your phone.
  • Try to contact your network service provider if you’re facing signal issues.
  • Check if your phone is up to date. Your mobile software should be updated. 

how to fix a call rejected issue


We covered a lot of detail in this article to explain what does call rejected mean. I also addressed a variety of queries that you might have about it. I’m hoping that by now, you’ll be able to tell if someone rejects your contact quickly. There are various causes for call refusal. However, if a caller does not want to speak with you, he rejects the contact. It doesn’t imply that he has barred you. Because, as I stated above, blocking and rejecting are two different concepts.

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Q. Is the Caller Notified of the Rejected Call?

If you continue to reject the person’s calls, the person who calls will eventually find out. Especially if you do it on multiple instances. The contact is most likely being rejected by the recipient. When it rings for just ten seconds or more before coming to a stop, or if it occurs frequently. 

Q. What does a rejected contract with Samsung mean?

Calls from friends or phone numbers on the reject list are ignored and routed to voicemail.

Q. What distinguishes a missed contact from a call that was rejected?

When a phone call is made to an Agent, the phrase “Declined Call” appears on their screen. Once a representative has the option of declining or accepting a phone call, they select “Missed Call”. A notification indicating that an Agent missed a contact will then appear.

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