Rainbow Lines on Phone Screen


Are you sick of the rainbow patterns on your phone’s display? If so, you are not the only one. Many customers, especially those who have older generations of phones. They complain that their screens have pink, blue, green, red, and black lines. 

This problem usually involves the LCD and is brought on by a hardware malfunction in your device. It can be due to accidentally dropped objects or water damage.

In this post, we’ll discuss the numerous causes of rainbow lines on Phone screen, as well as several workable fixes.

Why does my phone screen have lines?

Vertical lines on your phone’s screen can be caused by both hardware damage and software issues. Before picking the appropriate course of action for correcting it, we need to know the precise origin of this problem.

In other words, hardware is the main cause of the majority of these apparent lines on phone screens. Unfortunately, a damaged or malfunctioning display is frequently to blame for this. Additionally, a defective ribbon

What causes vertical lines on phone screen?

The following is a list of potential causes my phone has lines on the screen.  You also may be observed on your phone:

  • Software problems

Problems with the software frequently result in errors, such as the rainbow line phenomenon in phones. Depending on the root of the problem, it can be serious or not. 

  • Problems with overheating

Rainbow lines appear when the gadget becomes too hot. Check to see if your phone is excessively hot or not to confirm this as the problem. 

  • Hardware issues

A rainbow-colored damaged screen could be the consequence of some loose connectors rather than an inherently defective display.

  • Liquid damage

If your phone somehow became wet, water drops may have entered the gadget and caused the rainbow lines to appear.

Fix vertical lines on phone screen android

Moving on to the solutions is necessary now. As we are fully aware of what causes horizontal lines on phone screen.

Now let’s look at how you can fix the vertical lines on phone screen. Look through them to see which one will help you to resolve the problem caused by a software bug.

  • Restart your phone

The first thing you should do whenever you see vertical lines on a mobile screen is to quickly restart your phone. A restart has the ability to resolve minor issues that arise on Android phones.

Therefore, it is best to restart your phone device and see if the error has been fixed without giving the problem any thought. If the issue persists, try the following solution.

How to restart a Phone?

A reboot menu can be accessed by holding down the volume button for a short time. Select Restart and then wait for your phone to finish the procedure.

  • Reboot in Safe mode the Android device  

Even rebooting your phone in safe mode has the potential to identify the offender. And can quickly fix vertical lines on mobile screens. This will allow you to see if the issue is being caused by any third-party applications.

How to activate safe mode is as follows:

  • The Power button should be pressed and held just like when turning off a phone.
  • Tap the Power Off symbol and hold it there for a few seconds after it displays.
  • The option will appear; select Reboot to Safe Mode. To restart the device, select OK. 

Verify that the rainbow lines on Phone screen are gone! If the answer is affirmative, a third-party program is to blame. Until the problem is resolved, remove the most recently downloaded software.    

  • Remove the Sim Card, Battery, and Case

Take off your phone’s case if you are protecting it for a while. When your phone is off, take out your SIM card and battery (if your phone has a replaceable battery).

Lie your device down on a cool surface and wait a few minutes. Put the batteries and SIM card back in. This will allow your gadget to slightly cool off if it is overheating.

  • Battery recharging

The second approach we provide is to cycle the battery of your phone.

This fix might be successful if the screen has white lines. A battery cycle occurs when a mobile device is charged to 100% and then discharged to 0% once more. Usually, as soon as you fully charge the battery, the lines on phone screen will vanish.  

  • Do factory reset on your phone 

If you refer to “Factory Reset” as the mother of all fixes, it won’t be aggregation. It resolves the majority of problems brought on by software bugs if you see rainbow lines on Phone screen

By wiping all the programs and content you’ve downloaded since buying the phone. The process resets your phone to its original factory settings. 

Factory Reset can typically be performed on phones through the Settings App. As you do the following: 

  • To access Settings, System, Backup, and Reset, click.
  • Select “Factory reset” by tapping it.
  • Click Reset Device.
  • Hit next after entering your lock screen PIN. 
  • If you select the Delete All or Erase Everything option. You will be prompted to confirm that all data would be deleted.
  • Fix lines on the phone screen, by updating your phone

Users of cell phones are experiencing a wide variety of issues and faults as a result of the outdated OS. Perhaps the issue with vertical lines on Android phone screens is related to the old phone. 

Following the instructions below will enable you to quickly check for the most recent OS update for your device:

  • Select System Update after first going to Settings.
  • To check for updates, click next.
  • The most recent Android version will now download and install on your phone.
  • Push the screen down lightly

In most cases, if your phone falls from a height. There is a chance that the LCD may have become detached from the logic board. To restore the connection if this happens, try gently pushing the screen.

You can accomplish it on your own by lightly pushing the screen with one finger. While holding the smartphone with the other. Avoid pressing too firmly since this could damage the device. 

How to fix vertical lines on phone by fixing The LCD Display?

It needs to be repaired if you have done everything to remove black lines on phone screen but nothing has helped.

You should bring your cellphone to a repair facility so that the complete phone’s display can be replaced. However, as it will cost money or take time, doing this might not be simple.

Most likely, a damaged piece of hardware needs to be fixed or replaced. Here, we advise choosing only an authorized service center. Because doing so will guarantee a perfect repair at a fair price. 

Genuine replacement parts that meet your exact specifications will be used if any of the components need to be changed.

As I have described above how to fix horizontal lines on phone screen android. So, you must apply all approaches before going to the service center. But before trying these fixes must take precautions.

Take precautions by backing up your data first

Let’s secure your phone’s data first before moving on to the solutions. Even the solutions you’re willing to try may result in irrevocable damage to these lines. It could result in some form of data loss. 

As a result, the first thing you should do is create a backup of your device’s vital files and programs. Some common methods for getting data back into Android devices include:

  • Backup your phone automatically.
  • Google one.
  • Put your data on a different phone.

It is preferable to seek assistance from a reputable repair facility if you are unsure of the procedure. Users of Infinix, Itel, and TECNO are encouraged to visit Carlcare Service. Which serves as the official service center for these companies.


In summary, this article is all about the solutions to solve the vertical lines on the phone screen listed above. However, you can recover your lost data with the Android Data Recovery program.  

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will know everything there is to know about rainbow lines on phone screen. The preceding list includes all of the main causes of this problem as well as several potential fixes. 

In contrast, it is advised that you take your phone to a specialist if none of the aforementioned fixes work for you.

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