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In the dynamic era of technological advancements, our delight in using smartphones and various gadgets is indisputable. However, we often encounter minor glitches that make us nervous and curious about their causes. 

One such frequently noticed message is “This person’s phone is currently unavailable.” This article delves into the possible reasons for such notifications and provides insights into scenarios like phone power-off or being in aeroplane mode. Read on to expand your knowledge about this technological phenomenon.

This Person’s Phone is Currently Unavailable Meaning

This phrase has several interpretations, and avoiding misunderstandings and false assumptions is critical. Contrary to your belief, this alert does not necessarily mean that the receiver has blocked your mobile number. It merely indicates that you cannot connect the call at the moment due to varied reasons. 

Our comprehensive guide walks you through these possibilities and helps you understand alternate explanations for the message “Sorry, this person can’t answer at the moment.”

The Mobile Number is Currently Unavailable: 9 Reasons

Encountering the “the person you are calling is not available” message can be perplexing. These situations arise from numerous factors influencing our calling experience. Let’s dive into the multitude of reasons causing these notifications to gain a better understanding and effectively address this challenge.

Network Problem

One of the primary reasons for receiving the notification is network-related issues. It could be due to being in an area with poor signal coverage, such as remote or mountainous regions, or when travelling to another country without an international number. 

Additionally, technical faults in the network infrastructure can also lead to this notification. Understanding these possible causes can help you better comprehend why you may face this message and alleviate any concerns regarding the unavailability of the person you are trying to reach.

The Phone Is Powered Off

Another possible reason for this is if the recipient’s smartphone is turned off. Many individuals power off their phones while charging to ensure uninterrupted charging, and others turn off their phones while sleeping for a peaceful rest, avoiding disturbances from ringtones of incoming calls. 

However, if you receive the message “The person you are calling is not available,” it indicates that the person’s voicemail service is unavailable; however, having the voicemail service, you get the exact reason. Voicemail is a feature available on the phone; however, to use this, you must set it from the voicemail service account.

You Have Been Blocked By Recipient 

It is a common assumption that we have been blocked by the recipient whenever we’ve received the “the mobile number is currently unavailable.” While this could be true in some cases.

Blocking is indeed a possibility, as many people use this feature to avoid unwanted calls. However, it’s essential to consider other reasons as well, such as technical issues or the recipient’s phone being turned off, to get a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Answering Service

Sorry this person can’t answer at the moment; it could be due to a service message. In today’s automated world, many things are handled automatically, including notifications like these. However, it’s important to note that this message may indicate service-related issues and have other underlying reasons.

  • The recipient avoids receiving the calls and enables this service.
  • It also happens when you’ve been blocked by the recipient 
  • However, they can also let white-listed numbers only

They Didn’t Pay Their Bill

The mobile number is sometimes marked as “currently unavailable” by phone service teams when the user cannot pay their bill. This serves as a discreet way for the service provider to handle the situation without causing any embarrassment to the user. The notification will continue to appear when you attempt to call the person until they have cleared their outstanding bill.

The Phone Number Is Unassigned

Another reason for receiving the notification “This person’s phone is currently unavailable” is carriers’ recycling of phone numbers. With technological advancements, phone numbers can be reassigned to new users. If you have changed your phone number and someone tries calling you using your old number, they may hear a message indicating that your phone is unavailable. 

This occurs because your old number has been assigned to a different person, and the carrier has not yet established a new phone or voicemail account for them. It’s important to be aware of this possibility and consider updating your contact information when changing phone numbers.

Failing SIM Card Error

One possible reason for receiving this notification could be a SIM card error. The SIM card in your phone carries a unique digital signature that enables the carrier to identify and associate your device with your account. 

If there is an issue with the SIM card, such as improper insertion, damage, or a problem with the carrier’s recognition, it surely faces communication disruptions. Troubleshooting the SIM card problem can help resolve this issue and ensure uninterrupted communication.

A Landline With Haven’t Phone

The notification “This person’s phone is currently unavailable” may be because you are trying to reach a landline instead of a mobile phone. Landline phone numbers are typically assigned to a specific location and don’t change frequently.

If you attempt to call a landline number and receive this message, it’s important to recognize that it may be because no mobile phone is associated with that number. Understanding this information can help avoid misconceptions and make your communication effective.

SIM Isn’t Functioning Correctly

When it comes to the notification “This person’s phone is currently unavailable meaning,” one possible reason could be a technical error or malfunction in the recipient’s SIM card. SIM cards play a crucial role in enabling phone calls and communication. 

If the recipient’s SIM card is not functioning correctly, it can lead to this notification. Considering this possibility is important as it can contribute to the unavailability of the person’s phone.

Quick Fixes

We have shared all the reasons behind this issue, but we can not leave you without solutions. So here you find some quick ways to fix this matter as soon as possible. 

Reconnect Your Mobile Network

Reconnecting to the network is a recommended solution to resolve the issue of receiving the “sorry this person can’t answer at the moment” notification. It is important to check the network connection and ensure that it is properly established to avoid this recurring error.

By ensuring a stable and strong network connection, you can avoid encountering this frustrating error and maintain seamless communication with the intended recipient.

Restart Your Service By Airplane Mode

Enabling aeroplane mode can indeed be a helpful solution to avoid receiving this notification. By turning off aeroplane mode and reactivating the mobile network, you can restore the service and make uninterrupted phone calls. 

Simply toggle the aeroplane mode button to the off position to resume normal network connectivity. 

Restart your Phone

If you receive the notification, “This person’s phone is currently unavailable,” a quick and effective solution is to restart your phone and try calling again. Restarting your phone can resolve temporary glitches or network issues that may be causing the unavailability.

It refreshes the system and can restore normal functionality, enabling you to successfully connect with the intended recipient.

Update Phone

Updating your device can be a viable solution if you’re experiencing the “the person you are calling is not available” notification on an outdated phone. To update your phone, go to the settings menu and look for the “System Update” option. 

Once you’ve accessed the System Update menu, simply follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the update process. Updating your phone to the latest software version can resolve compatibility issues and improve overall performance, ensuring a smoother calling experience without the notification as mentioned above.


We get unfortunate notifications on our devices, which surely disturb us. Finding yourself stuck with the frustrating notification of ‘This person’s phone is currently unavailable’ can be quite a hassle. 

However, the good news is that our comprehensive blog provides you with various solutions to tackle this issue effectively. By understanding the reasons behind this notification and choosing the appropriate fix for your specific device and situation, you can successfully avoid the inconvenience of being unable to reach the person you’re trying to contact.

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