Why when I call a number it automatically hangs up

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Are you worried about why when I call a number it automatically hangs up? When you call someone, and it suddenly hangs up without notifying you that the number is off, it means something extraordinary is going on. Therefore this specific problem signifies an error due to which the call hangs up or suddenly stops calling. 

I know this problem is very irritating, and it can disturb you in between something important; nowadays, we call on a number very often because we have several options to chat like WhatsApp, skype, google meet, and Google Chats, where you can enjoy chatting and get instant responses when in a hurry. I have figured out some reasons to find out what this issue is.

10 Reasons Why Your Calls Are Hanging Up Automatically

In rare cases, this problem occurs when someone blocks your number or maybe the caller you are dialing is switched off. Sometimes this issue takes place when your signals are weak. I will be sharing some reasons why when I call a number it automatically hangs up.

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1- Corrupt Sim card

The primary reason why when i call a number it immediately hangs up is a damaged sim card. If you recently from your phone or got it repaired by a technician probably, the chances of the sim card getting corrupted are high. Also, if you unintentionally put a sim card in the wrong way or bend it a little, it can cause sim issues. 

How to fix your sim card:

  1. You can generally take out the sim from your phone.
  2. Clean it; sometimes dirt and scratches can destroy a sim card too. 
  3. Again insert your sim card carefully into your phone.
  4. Check the signals to see if they are full or showing a cross sign.
  5. Call someone to see if the error is still showing.
  6. If the above steps do not solve your issue, check the sim card warranty.
  7. You need to change the sim or get your phone jacket checked.

2- Reboot Required

The mobile phone is the main gadget that we use daily. It holds so much data, pictures, videos, and information. So the phone may get unreachable or hung up too much. It can be the reason your calls are getting turned off automatically. 

Taking basic and simple steps can solve all your problems. But the issue is we get over anxious and worried instead of finding the right solution fro when i try to call someone it hangs up. According to research, 50% of people abandon their phones for awkward reasons. They need to try to find out the right reason. If you want to know why when I call a number, it automatically hangs up, the reason may be that the phone needs a soft reset. 

3- The User Blocked You

It’s a system in that if a number blocks you, your call will end up directly without letting you know. I experienced the same thing a few days back, I had a fight with my friend, and she blocked me out of anger. I kept calling to sort out the mess I had created, but when I was calling her, there was no sound of ringing a bell or some voice telling me that the number was switched off. I got confused, but later on, I realized my friend had blocked me. She unblocked me, thankfully. But I identify why when I call a number it automatically hangs up and take timely actions instead of rushing.  

4- The phone Needs Update

Our phones bear so much; they bear heavy applications, which could be why your phone hangs too much while calling or using anything. On the other hand your call doesn’t ring just ends? If you have any caller ID application that helps in easy calling and shows unknown numbers, that can also need an update. Or if you don’t have any such app, download it because it can be super convenient. The app shows multiple options that a standard phone call will not. 

5- Too Much Memory 

We are living in an era where we cannot survive without applications and other stuff in our phones because we carry our cell phones everywhere. So if you are figuring out why when I call a number it automatically hangs up, the reason can be memory full. Deleting an application, freeing up the space, and clearing the cache can solve this issue. 

6- Wrong Network Settings

Dont know why does my phone hang up when i call someone? The location may not be entered correctly if the phone is set on another sim card. When you travel, the phone fetches the data and information according to the area and stores that information in your phone, so sometimes, the wrong network settings can lead to a calling error. You can change your network settings by simply opening the locations in your phone and checking what is causing this problem. 

You can also do this by setting your phone to airplane mode and turning it off after a few minutes. I don’t know if this works best, but trying will not hurt your phone. 

7- Malware Apps

Installing and using apps seems fun, and the apps are free from bugs and errors, so we are wrong. Therefore, is your phone immediately hangs up at start of call android? Every app does contain viruses. Sometimes, while using applications, we say to unnecessary options to access the app, there we are doing wrong—the bugs and virus attacks by allowing and giving permission to the third-party app. 

How to check if the phone contains malware applications:

  • Download the software that detects this malware app and bugs.
  • Set the software settings according to the software guidance and check if the apps are showing in the menu. There is a high chance that the phone hold app that you don’t even recognize.

8- Overheated System

Every phone gets stuck or hangs if it’s overheated. The overheating issue sometimes depends on the usage of the user. Many people use their cell phones to charge, which can cause this problem, and it can hang many apps on your phone calls; sometimes, it can not process more the screen gets stuck or doesn’t move. To maintain the good health of your cellphone, you need to use it correctly. Please avoid using the phone when it’s on charge. 

9- The battery is Not Working Properly 

The battery also plays a vital role in the primary function of a smartphone. If the battery is working correctly, it might get a lot of issues that need to be fixed on an urgent basis. If you are ignoring your battery health, you are doing wrong because the battery is the main component of your phone; it keeps your phone alive, so if the battery is showing some poor signs, it’s time to get a new battery instead of damaging the phone.

10- The Number No longer exists

The number you are trying to contact is not currently in your region, or they switched their number and turned the old one off. If a person is not using a sim card for an extended period so the sim gets automatically blocked by the company, which means if you keep on calling, the user can not see or receive the call, nor will you acquire any ringtone or any update on it because the number is in more prolonged use. 


Our cellphone sometimes acts very strangely, and we cannot identify the problem because of no knowledge. You should know why this thing is happening to you and your device. Having the correct information is crucial for everything. Similarly, you have a phone, so it’s essential that you need to know why when I call a number it automatically hangs up. I have explained the possible solution to this problem. Try to implement that individually, and you can quickly get out of this error.  


Why is my call hanging too much?

Weak network signals can cause too much hanging during a call. 

Why phone hangs up when i answer?

A person can do it, or the battery is low, or there are some issues with the network connection. 

Why can’t I call a person on my number?

There may be some signal issues, or the sim card may not be inserted right.

Why does calling is failed automatically?

It is because the person blocks you. Or the other reason can be the phone is on Airplane mode or does not disturb mode. 

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