11 Ways To Fix Your Changes Could Not Be Saved Error


Are you experiencing a Plex ‘Your changes could not be saved’ error? You’ve landed in the right place if your response is YES. Before I provide you a list of solutions to the Plex your changes could not be saved cancel error.

I will let you know that you are not the only user experiencing this issue at the moment. If you are experiencing the same issue, don’t worry. We have explained a number of solutions that can assist you in fixing this Plex mistake. Let’s start with why you face this issue.

Why did you get messages on Plex your changes could not be saved?

The main issue is after it is discovered that changes made to Plex could not be stored. By clicking the pencil icon, changes can be made to the information. Your library won’t be updated as a result of this, without a doubt. The fault only happened in one library, according to many complaints, or adding a library causes the same mistake. This problem could have a variety of causes. Simply continue reading to connect the dots and find a quick solution to your issue.

When you save your modifications, the Plex software might not flex its reasons for the mistake. So you might want to check the dates saved in an invalid format. Additionally, it’s crucial to verify the OS version Plex is running on and that the permissions are configured properly.

Here are several potential causes of this Plex error:

  • Selecting an incorrect data format for storage.
  • Date format error.
  • Inadequate user authorization. 

Apply the following solutions to fix the Plex: your changes could not be saved cancel the issue. No matter what the cause may be.

How to fix the “your changes could not be saved” issue?

There are different methods to fix this issue. Now I will explain to you every method in detail.

Approach 1: User Privileges Removal

Verify that the Plex share is empty of all media. To see what kind of access it has, check. Consider removing the privileges if it is disruptive. Your log in shouldn’t be able to access the share on Plex. Full rights are only available to root.

Take the log files out by hand. Additionally, make sure Plex isn’t experiencing any networking problems that are preventing the modifications from being saved. Then restart after forcing the user to take ownership of everything in the Plex sharing.

Approach 2: Database repairing 

You should then repair your database to resolve the Plex problem that says your changes could not be saved. To be sure there are no problems with your default browser, utilize incognito or private mode.

Approach 3: Upgrade the Plex App

The Plex app should be updated to the most recent version if you haven’t done so in a while. This problem is probably caused by the out-of-date app version that has been downloaded on your device.

All tinier issues and hiccups will be totally fixed when you update Plex to the most recent version.

Approach 4: On your device, reinstall Plex

If none of the above-mentioned fixes have worked, you still have the option to reinstall Plex. This may have already been tried and failed with the previously mentioned solutions.

Without a doubt, the situation is not great. The only way out is to do it if it means losing your date and even having to start over. Your device should have the software removed. Restart your device or reboot it, then reinstall the software.

Approach 5: Save in the Appropriate Library Locations

You could make mistakes when manually entering the information for a file that you want to preserve.

Make sure you have the appropriate library selected before saving data on Plex. The “Your changes could not be saved cancel” problem is most likely to appear. If you attempt to store a podcast in a music library. Make careful to choose the correct library while saving data on Plex.

Approach 6: Correctly set permissions 

You may wish to check and configure the permissions correctly if Plex is running on the Linux operating system. Plex may flag the file as possibly dangerous if you are using Windows because of security concerns. As a result, you may determine whether the MAL plugin is restricted by looking at its file characteristics.

Check to see whether any of the permissions were skipped if you used media share in any of the ways described above. So, you can fix this issue if you don’t try to save what cannot be saved.

Approach 7: Check for a background scanning program

Wait till the scan library finishes running if you are. Scanning might not acknowledge the changes you make. And it displays a grey box when you click “save” because it does not understand the changes.

Therefore, one needs to wait until the entire scanning process is finished before refreshing and entering the changes again. And waiting for the Save box to turn orange to indicate that the changes were successfully saved.

Approach 8: Modify the Date Format

You must ensure that the date format is configured correctly, just like the data format. YYYY-MM-DD is the proper date format for Plex. Make sure the year appears first, followed by the month and the date, in the date format. 

If your Plex date layout is different from this, you should alter it to prevent Plex issues. So, fix your changes could not be saved cancel, the issue as soon as possible.

Approach 9: Verify the Internet connection

A quick and reliable internet connection is necessary for using the streaming website Plex. Such problems are inevitable if your internet connection is sluggish and unreliable.

You must resolve your internet connectivity issue by calling internet expert service provider. Or by rebooting your WiFi router in order to resolve the Plex error. Apply the next techniques if you have a quick and reliable intersection connection but the error persists.

Approach 10: Download the most recent version 

Any app’s most recent update promptly resolved bugs and other problems. App upgrades update the app’s security features and close all security gaps.

Therefore, if your app is out-of-date, there may be a problem; after updating. Restart the program and save your changes once more. 

Approach 11: Reach out to Plex Support

The only option left is to contact the Plex Support Team if you have tried all of the aforementioned fixes. But are still receiving the “Your changes could not be saved” problem on Plex. When you get in touch with them. Let them know about the difficulty you’re having and ask them to solve it as soon as possible. That is all to know at this time about resolving the Plex your changes could not be saved.

What to do if Android couldn’t save contact changes?

Now, I’m going to explain how to fix the problem where contacts on Android couldn’t save changes or add emojis. If you want to know, keep reading till the end.

You are either trying to use an emoji on the contact name. Or you are saving contacts on the cell phone’s SIM card, which is why this issue appears.

  • Save the contact’s information on Mail or iCloud in order to fix this error.
  • When you want to store a contact, simply select Store To SIM Card.
  • Select a Gmail Account after that.
  • Finally, save the contact.

Final verdict

In summary, there could be several reasons behind, your changes could not be saved cancel issue. But you don’t have to worry. I have discussed different methods which could help you to solve this issue easily.

Numerous techniques should be carefully examined in order to address any problems. That might be preventing the modifications from being stored. We have also discussed several viewpoints that may be impeding the resolution of the issue.

It will assist you in straightening the slight twists. Which can be the only one-step remedy you require to correct the mistake. Hope it’s useful.

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