Facts and Figures: How To Hit A Cart With No Battery

After long, strenuous hours of work and study, those who use vapes will feel at ease, calm, and satisfied. However, if you had any issues with the device, such as a dead vape cart. Your delight in vaping would soon fade.

These days, a lot of young people own portable vape pens. But do you know how to hit a cart with no battery? So, in this article, I will tell you some options to hit a cart with a dead battery.

Ways to hit a cart without a battery 

Let’s first accept that there may be some hazards associated with this alternative. Before we go on to discuss striking a cart without a battery. You risk electrocuting yourself or, worse, frying your cart if you make a mistake. 

Maybe just buying a new battery is the simplest and safest course of action. I would follow my advice and suggest you do the same. To hit your cart right away, though, follow these steps.

So there are several ways to hit a cart with no battery. And I will discuss this here in detail. 

How to hit a cart without a battery?

You can hit a cart with no battery by using them;

  • Android charger 
  • iPhone charger 

Using the wire of an Android charger 

We’ve put together a set of methods below. If you want to know more about how to hit cart without battery with an Android charger. Once more, we advise against trying this at home.

Step 1: Pick up a broken Android Charger to cut

A used Android charger that you don’t mind destroying should be at your disposal. Because of their straightforward wiring and user-friendliness, Android chargers are the easiest to use. 

 Step 2: Cut the cable to reveal the wires

The Android charger’s wires must be cut open to be seen. The USB side and a small portion of the remaining cord are what you should keep after cutting it. 

After that, you must strip the wire in order to expose the interior red and black wires. To do this quickly, use wire strippers. If you don’t have wire strippers, you can alternatively hold the wires over a lighter or use fingernail clippers. 

The smaller colored wires should be visible once the outer covering has been removed.  

Step 3: Remove the white and green wires

Only the black and red wires should be used for work. Completely unplug the white and green cables. The two red and black wires should be the only things sticking out. 

Step 4: Remove the Red and Black Wire

The black and red wire ends must now be stripped down. Doing so will reveal the tiny threads that go through the center of each wire. 

Give yourself a working space of between an inch and two inches of thread. You need to put these components in your cart for it to function.

Step 5: Put the black wire in the cart

You are now prepared to thread the black wire’s threads through the bottom of your cart’s center hole. The threads should only be lightly inserted into the center of the hole. 

To make the cart without battery work, you don’t need to jam anything inside or press anything up against it. 

Step 6: Connect the red wire to the external cartridge

All that’s left to do is tap the red wire’s threads to the cartridge’s exterior. The trolley is now prepared for impact when you do this. Keep the wires off the cart while you are not being hit.

Step 7: Insert USB Cable In

Your cart will be powered after you plug in the USB wire. Remove the wires from your cart by hitting it. 

Avoid leaving it plugged in or holding the cables to the cart for an extended period of time. This may overheat the coil and waste your product. 

This is the one option how to hit a cart without battery. So do this carefully!

Using the wire of the iPhone charger 

IPhone chargers, like those for Android devices, can be quite useful. If you’re wondering how to hit a cart with no battery? This procedure is more challenging, but you can accomplish the same thing by hitting a cart with an iPhone charger. 

The wiring in an iPhone is substantially more complicated, and there are additional wires to manage. The intricacy simply makes it not worthwhile.

Rather, stick to the basics and merely utilize an Android USB cord. If possible, avoid dealing with unnecessary wires.  

If the cart wire method doesn’t work, what should I do?

Even when a live wire is applied directly to the coil in your vape cart, it won’t operate. If the coil is faulty or there is another fatal error in the construction of the vape cart. The cart wire technique is typically performed incorrectly, though.

Keep in mind that you only need the wire’s positive and negative leads. Those are typically identified by the colors black and white. The red wire rests lightly on the outer metal threading. And the positive (black) wire slides neatly and comfortably within the tiny hole in the bottom of your cartridge.

Due to frequent use, thin plastic covering on red and black wires has frequently worn through farther down the chord. And causing a circuit to form lower on the cord as opposed to the intended endpoint. 

Cutting the top two or three inches of your cord and re-stripping the red and black wires should be your first line of defense. When troubleshooting to establish a new connection point.

This is the way how to use a cart without battery. I hope this guide will help you to use your cart with no battery.


In summary, you now are aware of a method for how to hit a cart with no battery. However, doing so will need you to destroy a smartphone’s Android charger, which carries some danger. 

If you must, cut the wires to the bare minimum and connect your cart to take a hit. But keep in mind, we believe you should just get a new pen and take your losses. And if you want to choose the other options then be careful while doing it!

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