How To Charge Dab Pen Without Charger

how to charge dab pen without charger

You know how frustrating it is to dab a pen with a dead battery. If you’ve ever opened your pack of smokes halfway down the road and realized you don’t have a lighter. So, running low on battery is a hassle in and of itself. What happens if your dab pen charger goes missing or gets lost? The various options you have on how to charge dab pen without charger, will all be covered in this post.

Dab pen charging

The dab pen has to be charged if, while using the device. You observe that it emits little to no vapour or that its indicator light rapidly alternates between red and green. 

So, how to charge a dab pen without a charger if I’m going somewhere or traveling? But I missed bringing the dab pen charger. For you, we have listed different solutions.

How to charge a dab pen without a proper charger?

These are some solutions to your problem;

  • Utilize a mobile power bank

People don’t need to be concerned about their phones running out of battery. When they are out and about thanks to the invention of portable power banks. A battery pack that can supply power is the foundation of the mobile power source. By attaching the charging wire, you can charge various gadgets.

However, if you plug the dab pen into the power bank for a while and discover that your dab pen isn’t getting charged. The power bank may have run out of battery. 

  • Connect to another device 

You may also utilize another access point to power a dab pen if you’re simply missing the charger. Or if you chance to have a USB charging cable that works with your vape equipment. In order to dab pen charge plugged-in electronic items with a charging port is OK. It will probably replenish your battery. 

This type of charging works well with laptops or desktops, and even a PS4 can easily recharge your dab pen. This is the simplest way how to charge dab pen without charger.

  • Replace the batteries in your mods

Charging the batteries using an external battery charger isn’t your only choice. If you’ve misplaced the charger for a mod that uses removable batteries. 

The majority of box mods run on AA batteries, although some may also use different battery types. Although the cells that come with your mod are probably of the rechargeable form. Non-rechargeable batteries will work just as well if you chance to have the proper kind on hand.

  • Connect to a computer or laptop

With the proper charging connection and a USB port. Any dab pen may be perfectly charged on a laptop, desktop, or gaming console.

 Be advised that if you use a laptop that isn’t plugged in to charge your dab pen in this manner. The laptop’s battery will deplete more quickly.

  • Utilize a cell phone charger

If you discover yourself missing a dab pen charger and you wonder how to charge a pen without a charger? You can try plugging the dab pen power wire into the phone’s micro USB port instead. 

This will make it much easier to charge your phone because there are so many Micro-USB chargers available. The unfortunate fact is that many rechargeable dab pen models lack micro-USB charging ports. Micro-USB chargers were the norm for charging phones ten years ago. 

However, many modern smartphone models have additional charging connectors. Such as USB-C ports for many newer Android devices and lightning ports for iPhones.

  • Handcrafted Charger

You must want to know how to charge a pen battery without a charger. As we all know, if you don’t have a charger, a dab pen is about as helpful as a cigarette in the rain. But things get a bit interesting when you use a DIY charger to charge a dab pen. 

Having said that, the following DIY technique is highly advised, provided you use it carefully. 

  • Find a cord that has a typical micro-USB connector.
  • With some wire cutters, cut the cord at the device end (not the brick end!). 
  • Remove the wires’ insulation coverings to reveal them.
  • You only need the red wire and the black wire, regardless of how many different wire colors there are.
  • Remove the insulating rubber covering the copper wires on the red and black wires by about half an inch.
  • For vape pens of the JUUL variety, touch the black and red wires to the outermost two contact slots. Until the indicator light turns on. This is a sign that the smartphone is charging.
  • The positive and negative terminals on a disposable e-cigarette’s battery must be accessed by breaking it open.

It’s crucial to avoid touching the two wires simultaneously with your hand or touching them together. Before plugging in the gadget, try to connect them to the slots or terminals.

So these are some ways I described above how to charge pen without charger. I hope this will be informative for you!


In conclusion, sometimes you forgot the charger of your dab pen, then what do you do? How to charge dab pen without charger? I have mentioned some options above for your convenience.

But before attempting these options take some precautionary measures. While the dab pen is charging, avoid using it. Avoid charging near flammable items. Do not overcharge. Don’t leave the dab pen charging for extended periods. So keep in mind these points!

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